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Paleo Dark Chocolate Truffles

These babies taste luscious, decadent and divine. I can't believe they’re so incredibly easy! The best dark chocolate truffles are made with pure coconut milk and 100% bakers chocolate. Creamy and dreamy inside, just like French "Truffes au chocolat", amazingly they're healthy and Paleo, free of gluten, grains, sugar, dairy, and GMO's. These won't spike your blood sugar ...

Paleo Spinach-Walnut Dip

Here's an easy dip that's bursting with flavor and nutrients. It tastes vibrant and alive, like a fresh pesto. Life force in food is not easy to measure, however we all know instinctively that fresh foods have lots of Qi and processed foods do not. So freshly harvested veggies, meats, and nuts are rich in life force. ...

My New Updated Website!

Hi everybody! You'll notice some big changes to my website. Visitor traffic has been increasing so fast we had to update to a completely new version of WordPress. Here are some of the changes you'll see: All the navigation is now on the top menu bar, using drop-downs - see photo. I hope this helps you quickly sort through hundreds of posts in Lifestyle Tips, Special Diets, and Recipes. A new Start Here Page is for newcomers to learn how to get around. There's a new Home button. The Search ...

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