Meat and Poultry


Mar 25

Paleo Chicken Enchilada Casserole

A luscious and authentic Southwest dinner – Paleo style, this tastes even better than the original Tex-Mex version. I made it for a potluck dinner, and it vanished. However no one could believe it is gluten-free, grain-free, corn-free, and cheese-free.


Mar 25

Paleo Beef Heart Stew

This simple old-fashioned stew enhances the flavor and nutrition of the heart. Organ meats have long been considered a delicacy in traditional cultures. Many people are pleasantly surprised when they taste heart, which has a firm texture, is extremely lean, with a mild flavor something like brisket. Heart is nutrient-rich,


Mar 19

Liver Venetian Style “Fegato alla Veneziana”

The Italians really know how to cook liver. That’s probably why all those Italian men are so sexy. If you normally don’t like liver, keep reading. Organ meats, including liver, have an off-the-charts nutritional profile, especially the nutrients we’re often lacking


Dec 02

Paleo Pâté

Liver is more than a seasonal delicacy. It is one of Nature’s most potent superfoods! This pate tastes rich and creamy, much like traditional pâté de foi gras. The main difference is you can make it in 15 minutes or less. I wanted a way to prepare liver with minimal cooking


Aug 31

Paleo Calzone

Calzone are a flavorful meal or healthy snack on the go. Gluten-free and grain-free, everyone loves a little taste of Italy in a pocket! And they freeze beautifully – just pull them out 20 minutes before you need them, and heat in any oven,


Jul 31

Cauliflower Fried Rice

You won’t find this yummy dish in Chinatown. There’s only one way to enjoy tasty fried rice that’s grain-free, low-carb and gmo-free, and that’s to do it yourself! Cauliflower rice is very easy to prepare in 10 minutes of less. It’s super-low in carbs, and


Jul 25

Paleo Chicken Rice Soup

OK, it’s a comfort food thing. I wanted to see if chicken soup with cauliflower rice would be as warm and satisfying as my Mom’s chicken & rice soup. And wow! It turned out truly delicious! It’s easy to do – just make the chicken soup and add riced cauliflower a few minutes before


Jun 04

Paleo Breakfast Tacos!

Everybody loves tacos! But where do you find a Paleo taco without GMO corn, cheese, beans, or sour cream? That’s why these Paleo Breakfast Tacos are truly a miracle. I promise you they taste fabulicious, and anyone can make them. Start with my easy Paleo Tortillas


May 15

Easy Paleo Quiche

Is it really possible to bake a pie with no pre-made crust? Yes it is! This is a deeeelicious, gluten-free, Paleo quiche you can make in just one step. When it bakes, there’s a magical crust on the bottom, sides, and top. The crust is created by layering the ingredients: coconut butter, cooked meat, onions, veggies, and pour the batter on top. Then bake, and presto!


May 09

Sausage & Kidney Casserole with Spices

I’m rediscovering the benefits of organ meats, as they offer great health benefits, besides being economical. This is a warming and satisfying breakfast, lunch, or dinner with sausage and kidney. It’s like an old-world kidney pie with no crust and rich Middle Eastern spices.


May 01

Paleo Biscuits & Gravy

Hot biscuits with creamy sausage gravy make a hearty Southern breakfast. For this Paleo version I used Mulay’s breakfast sausage which tastes delicious, and has no nitrites, MSG, sugar or soy. Coconut milk and arrowroot powder make a thick, creamy gravy, that’s dairy-free, or you can use your favorite alternative milk. I added a bit of lemon juice to cover the coconut flavor, and it worked! This is a satisfying meal that can be ready in 20 minutes. Enjoy over fresh Paleo Baking Powder Biscuits.  Serves 4 Print Paleo Biscuits and Gravy Rating: 51 Ingredients 1 Recipe Paleo Baking Powder

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Apr 19

Sweet Potato Hash

I’ll get excited about waking up any morning to Sweet Potato Hash! This is a comfort food for me, and it’s the best I’ve ever tasted. Easy to make, check the step-by step photo instructions below. A great recipe for vegetarian hash is hard to find, and you can also add meat to


Apr 18

Paleo Paella

Today I was in the mood for authentic Paella with rich spices and exotic saffron sauce! This cauliflower version is easy, Paleo, grain-free, and extremely low in carbs. Traditional Spanish Paella is usually made with rice, chicken, meat, seafood, and saffron. It makes a fantastic special dinner – see my step by step photos below. I slow-baked it in the oven before serving, or you can also cook it on the stove top. If your pan isn’t oven-proof, just transfer it to a large baking pan. Many Paella recipes use shrimp. However I prefer fresh wild scallops, since farmed shellfish

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Mar 26

Paleo Bone Broth

When you’re feeling weak and tired, bone broth is the #1 best cure. Real broth tastes delicious and is easy to simmer for hours or overnight while you’re doing other things. I learned this traditional Italian recipe in Venice. It is different from American bone broths in that it uses plenty of vegetables, and focuses on the flavorful tail bone


Mar 21

Spaghetti Carbonara

I love authentic “carbonara”, but carbs in the pasta cause me to gain weight. THIS delicious Paleo version is super-low-carb! Zucchini noodles are the key to an easy meal. I left the table feeling satisfied, not stuffed. Traditional Italian “carbonara” is made with raw eggs cooked on contact by boiling hot


Mar 07

Paleo Meatloaf

This is by far the best meatloaf I’ve ever tasted! My Mom’s meatloaf holds a place near and dear to my heart. But this tastes even better! Plus it’s Paleo, gluten-free and grain-free, made without the usual fillers and prepared sauces. This recipe works equally well with ground beef, lamb, buffalo, or turkey.


Feb 01

Paleo Chicken Soup

This is a simple, old fashioned chicken soup that warms the body and soul. My family and friends adore it – perhaps because of the rich broth, satisfying flavors, and spices. Maybe the real key is a healthy, happy chicken! I look for organic pasture-raised hens when possible. The optional spice mix and coconut milk add richness and a subtle hint of curry like a thai chicken soup. Or you can use your favorite spices. It is easy to thicken with a bit of arrowroot powder. What makes it Paleo? It is low-carb and grain-free – there are no noodles,

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Jan 26

Lemon Chicken with Ginger & Garlic

The best lemon chicken recipe is not too lemony, just the right flavor, with garlic, ginger, lemon and herbs! This Paleo-style lemon chicken is super easy to make – just stir the marinade, lightly coat with an almond flour mix, and bake. Of course it’s gluten-free and grain-free. There’s no fuss, no mess, and it’s ready in 45 minutes. Serves 4. Print Lemon Chicken with Ginger & Garlic Rating: 51 Ingredients Marinade: 3 tablespoons coconut oil 1 inch fresh ginger root, peeled and diced, or crushed in a garlic press 1 cloves garlic, crushed 1 tablespoon minced herbs: thyme, rosemary,

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Jan 18

Paleo Lamb Stew with Thai Spices

It’s cold outside today, and I’m in the mood for a hearty winter stew. This savory lamb stew is warm and deeply satisfying. I used grass-fed, grass-finished lamb, and a tantalizing curry spice mix with hints of Thailand. The spices are free of nightshades, common allergens including peppers, tomatoes, white potatoes and eggplant. Coconut milk adds a creamy richness to the stew. Sweet potato gives the broth a lovely flavor, and it is optional.  Serves 6 Print Paleo Lamb Stew Rating: 51 Ingredients Sauté: 3 – 4 tablespoons olive or coconut oil 3 cloves garlic, crushed 1 onion, sliced in

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Jan 11

Chicken Parmesan

I used to love my Mom’s baked chicken parmesan because it was crispy, flavorful, and the whole house filled with delicious aromas. This easy recipe is Paleo-adapted, free of gluten, grains, dairy, and I promise you’ll love every bite. Instead of cheese, it uses lemon, coconut butter, nutritional yeast and


Dec 21

Paleo Turkey Tetrazzini

This is my favorite turkey recipe in the world! BTW, Turkey Tetrazzini is NOT Italian. It was invented by the famous soprano Luisa Tetrazzini. She asked for creamed turkey over spaghetti with Parmeggiano Reggiano, and she got it! She lived at the Palace Hotel in San Francisco, where the chef prepared it for her.


Nov 20

Turkey Curry Stew with Pumpkin

This is a rich and satisfying stew with an exotic twist. It is inspired by Asian peanut-curry, but instead of peanuts it uses almond butter and toasted almonds as a garnish – Yummy! (Peanuts are legumes high in molds and not on the Paleo diet.) I served it in bowls without rice or noodles, so it is a high nutrient meal that’s also lower in carbs. This is a very flexible recipe that you can change as you like. It is also delicious with chicken or your choice of meat. Serves 6. Print Turkey Curry Stew with Pumpkin Rating: 51

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Nov 20

Paleo Chicken Pot Pie

Chicken Pot Pie has been my favorite since I was a little girl. This is an easy Paleo Pie baked in a skillet with a top crust only. The delicious crispy crust is gluten-free, grain-free, and low-carb. However it rolls out so easily and tastes so rich, you’d never guess it’s “alternative”.


Nov 10

Paleo Shepherd’s Pie

How shall I describe this pie? It has a rich, satisfying flavor that is zesty with “cheese” and garlic crust. It is chock full of vegetables in a luscious meat gravy. Shepherd’s Pie is a traditional Irish meat pie with mashed potatoes.

warm chicken-salad-2

Nov 07

Paleo Chicken Salad with Herbs

This is a quick and hearty main-dish chicken salad that’s great any time of year. The creamy avocado-herb dressing contains no mayo or eggs. This means you can serve it warm with no worries for bag lunches, picnics, or travel. Blended avocado gives the dressing a thick, smooth texture. I ate the chicken salad on top and then finished it as a lettuce wrap – both were fantastic flavors! This dressing is easiest with a blender, or you can also whisk it together in a bowl by hand. Best of all, you can enjoy this in 20 minutes! Serves 4. Print Warm Chicken Salad with

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Aug 01

Paleo Chicken Curry

Coconut Chicken Curry is a favorite Asian dish, and every chef has a personal version. The traditional Thai recipe uses peanut sauce. However peanuts are a common allergen, and as a legume they are not part of the Paleo diet. Instead, this recipe uses sunflower butter, which gives it an exotic


Jul 09

Paleo Chicken Satay

Authentic Thai Chicken Satay is a succulent dish of spicy chicken on skewers. An easy meal, appetizer or party treat, this traditional recipe is Paleo-adapted, so it is free of refined sugars, gluten and peanuts. Asian spices add an exotic flavor. Plus it’s nightshade-free, meaning it contains no tomatoes, peppers, or cayenne, which are common allergens. Oven baking is quicker and avoids carcinogens of charcoal grilling. It’s so easy to make, just mix the marinade and soak the chicken pieces. Thread them on skewers and bake. This is really delicious with Thai No-Peanut Sauce.  Serves 6 Print Paleo Chicken Satay Rating:

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Barbeque chicken

Jul 04

Paleo Barbequed Chicken

This Paleo barbecue sauce will knock your socks off! Sweet, savory, spicy and loaded with real food flavor, it enhances anything you put it on. It tastes delicious just like traditional barbecue sauce, the thick texture and rich flavor will satisfy the most avid barbecue fan. Instead of high-carb sugars, it uses zero-calorie Just Like Sugar Table Top natural chicory root sweetener, to give your blood sugar a break. Or use your favorite sweetener. The sauce is also free of tomatoes and peppers, which are nightshades and common allergens. Instead of tomatoes and peppers, it uses a surprising combination of

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