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Apr 13

Paleo Hot Chocolate Mochaccino

If you’re a chocoholic that loves the taste of coffee, this rich blend is guaranteed to satisfy your cravings. An instant, Paleo version of Hot Chocolate Mochaccino, it won’t give you caffeine jitters. And if you use the zero-carb sweeteners recommended, it won’t raise blood sugar or de-stablize insulin levels. You can mix all the ingredients in a mug and add boiling water. It’s also possible to prepare it to-go, adding boiling water later when you’re ready for a hot chocolate treat. To serve 1, use a large 16-ounce mug. To serve 2, use two small 8-ounce coffee cups. Print

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Mar 26

Blackberry Superfood Frappe

Oh my, I had this for breakfast today! It’s also a fantastic 1-minute snack. Blackberries are refreshing and loaded with anti-oxidant compounds. Protein powder gives this treat the holding power of a full meal. It was such a pretty color that I enhanced it with beet.


Mar 23

Zucchini Mint Energizer

About 3:47 this afternoon, I seriously needed a pick-me-up. This was the perfect solution and it took less than a minute to make. Zucchini is rich in anti-oxidant vitamins C, A, magnesium and potassium, plus being low in calories and high in fiber. Besides being lusciously divine, avocados are


Mar 12

Paleo Caffe Latte

If you secretly desire a Starbuck’s double latte with whipped cream, be deprived no more! Quick to make and 100% free of caffeine, dairy, soy, sugar, and gmo’s – this Paleo caffè latte tastes way more satisfying than store-bought. Brew it just like coffee. Roasted chicory root has a rich, satisfying flavor


Jan 26

Blue Mousse!

That’s right, it’s blue! Once in a blue mousse, you discover something so fabulous that it jump-starts your day in 2 minutes! This creamy blueberry mousse gives you everything you need – smooth texture and great flavor for vital health. It’s instant – just blend and enjoy immediately! Use it as an afternoon pick-me-up or easy dessert. The thick texture comes from natural pectin in blueberries; and the rich creaminess comes from blended avocado. Blueberries are loaded with healthy polyphenols known as anthocyanins, powerful antioxidants that neutralize free radicals in the body. Anthocyanins are what makes blueberries blue in color.

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Dec 17

Spiced Chai Tea Latte

Do you crave the warm spices of a steamy Starbucks Chai Tea Latte? Do you long for the authentic flavor of old-fashioned Himalayan tea? Whatever you desire, this delectable brew will warm your body and soul. Instead of black tea, it uses Tulsi tea, also called Holy Basil, which tastes like black tea and is naturally caffeine-free. Instead of a high-carb sweetener like sugar, it is sweetened with zero-carb natural chicory root Just Like Sugar Table Top, so it gives your blood sugar a break. Hooray! Or use your favorite sweetener. Find Tulsi Tea in any whole foods store. Equipment

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Nov 25

Addicted to coffee? A delicious subsititute.

85% of Americans use caffeine on a daily basis, and our passionate obsession with coffee is a roaring $30 billion industry. We drink an estimated 400 million cups of Joe per day. If you’re one of those daring souls that truly want to be both healthy AND Paleo, here’s a delicious brew you’ll love! The recipe is below. Are you addicted to coffee? Do you drink more than 4 cups of coffee, soft drinks, or caffeinated tea per day? When you don’t have your usual dose, do you feel tired, irritable, depressed, disoriented, irritable or headaches? If you answered YES

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green smoothie

Jul 15

Sunrise Green Smoothie

Go green with a delicious healthy smoothie for breakfast. My day begins with a big tall one. Every morning it’s a bit different, and I drink it before a workout, yoga or qigong. This basic recipe is loaded with vital nutrition and whole food flavor. I make sure I use tart fruits, which are low in sugars and carbs. It’s important to avoid sweet fruits (those high in fructose), because who needs a blood sugar roller-coaster to start the day? The recipe is simple – you can vary it any way you like. The optional superfoods are highly recommended. Serves

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Jul 09

Paleo Pink Lemonade

Luscious, refreshing and sensual, Paleo Pink Lemonade is my favorite summertime drink. This recipe is low in carbs, made with zero-calorie Just Like Sugar Table Top natural chicory root sweetener, to keep your mood and blood sugar in balance. Or use your favorite sweetener. There are lots of ways to make lemonade pink. Since I love beets, I always have one on hand. However you can also make it pink by blending it with a few raspberries, strawberries, or unsweetened Açaí berry puree. Print Paleo Pink Lemonade Rating: 51 Ingredients 6 lemons 4 cups filtered water 1 3/4 cups Just

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Jul 09

Kiwi Lime Cooler

This cool, refreshing drink is a quick snack or tantalizing treat. Kiwi-Lime is a delicious combination, and tastes even better than Key Lime Pie! Mild avocado gives it an irresistibly rich, smooth texture. Just blend and enjoy immediately. Or you can blend it in advance, chill for 30 minutes, and serve it for dessert. So Delicious!  Serves 4. Print Kiwi Lime Cooler Rating: 51 Ingredients 2 limes 1 can thick, unsweetened coconut milk, such as Thai Kitchen brand (1 3/4 cups) 1 3/4 cups Just Like Sugar Table Top natural chicory root sweetener (not Baking.) 2 kiwis, peeled and cut in chunks 1/2

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