Mar 26

Zoodle Soup with Mushrooms & Seaweed

Classic Asian noodles with a Paleo twist, this dish is loaded with real nutrition from broth, meat, seaweed, and veggies. Zoodles are zucchini noodles, easy to make spiral vegetable slicer, mandoline, or julienne peeler. Today I used my new Paderno World Cuisine


Mar 25

Authentic Miso Soup is alive!

Simple and satisfying – this soup is prepared in the old-fashioned way. One of the major benefits of miso is that it is alive with friendly bacteria for optimum digestion. I created the recipe as a last-minute side dish for a tasting party, because it’s an traditional living food with a mild taste. Well, to my surprise, it was alive with flavor, and was the favorite item on the menu!


Mar 25

Paleo Beef Heart Stew

This simple old-fashioned stew enhances the flavor and nutrition of the heart. Organ meats have long been considered a delicacy in traditional cultures. Many people are pleasantly surprised when they taste heart, which has a firm texture, is extremely lean, with a mild flavor something like brisket. Heart is nutrient-rich,


Feb 10

Vegan Meatballs

You don’t have to be Vegan to love these meatballs. Everyone goes crazy for them. Call them “no meatballs”, with a taste so much like meat, you won’t miss it. They’re Paleo, Vegan, free of eggs, beans, soy, flour, grains, and breadcrumbs. They’ve got that “Mamma Mia” Italian flavor,


Jul 25

Paleo Chicken Rice Soup

OK, it’s a comfort food thing. I wanted to see if chicken soup with cauliflower rice would be as warm and satisfying as my Mom’s chicken & rice soup. And wow! It turned out truly delicious! It’s easy to do – just make the chicken soup and add riced cauliflower a few minutes before


Mar 26

Paleo Bone Broth

When you’re feeling weak and tired, bone broth is the #1 best cure. Real broth tastes delicious and is easy to simmer for hours or overnight while you’re doing other things. I learned this traditional Italian recipe in Venice. It is different from American bone broths in that it uses plenty of vegetables, and focuses on the flavorful tail bone


Feb 01

Paleo Chicken Soup

This is a simple, old fashioned chicken soup that warms the body and soul. My family and friends adore it – perhaps because of the rich broth, satisfying flavors, and spices. Maybe the real key is a healthy, happy chicken! I look for organic pasture-raised hens when possible. The optional spice mix and coconut milk add richness and a subtle hint of curry like a thai chicken soup. Or you can use your favorite spices. It is easy to thicken with a bit of arrowroot powder. What makes it Paleo? It is low-carb and grain-free – there are no noodles,

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Jan 18

Paleo Lamb Stew with Thai Spices

It’s cold outside today, and I’m in the mood for a hearty winter stew. This savory lamb stew is warm and deeply satisfying. I used grass-fed, grass-finished lamb, and a tantalizing curry spice mix with hints of Thailand. The spices are free of nightshades, common allergens including peppers, tomatoes, white potatoes and eggplant. Coconut milk adds a creamy richness to the stew. Sweet potato gives the broth a lovely flavor, and it is optional.  Serves 6 Print Paleo Lamb Stew Rating: 51 Ingredients Sauté: 3 – 4 tablespoons olive or coconut oil 3 cloves garlic, crushed 1 onion, sliced in

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Paleo-Cream-of-Mushroom Soup

Jan 08

Paleo Cream of Mushroom Soup

Cream of Mushroom soup is one of my favorite comfort foods. This easy Paleo version takes just 15 minutes to make, and it tastes even yummier than my Mom’s — rich, dreamy, creamy, and full of mushroom flavor! Of course the recipe is dairy-free, made with coconut or almond milk. If you can get your hands on some wild mushrooms, you’re in for a treat. I used shitake and crimini mushrooms, or use any fresh organic store-bought variety. Alternative milk varies in thickness, so follow the guidance below to add just the right amount of arrowroot thickener. If you need

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Nov 20

Turkey Curry Stew with Pumpkin

This is a rich and satisfying stew with an exotic twist. It is inspired by Asian peanut-curry, but instead of peanuts it uses almond butter and toasted almonds as a garnish – Yummy! (Peanuts are legumes high in molds and not on the Paleo diet.) I served it in bowls without rice or noodles, so it is a high nutrient meal that’s also lower in carbs. This is a very flexible recipe that you can change as you like. It is also delicious with chicken or your choice of meat. Serves 6. Print Turkey Curry Stew with Pumpkin Rating: 51

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Oct 11

Egg Drop Soup with Seaweed

Authentic Egg Drop Soup is hard to find. It’s often full of gluten, MSG, preservatives, GMO soy and cornstarch. How healthy is that? Here’s a delicious authentic Chinese recipe that you can make in minutes, with all natural (and Paleo) ingredients. Make it Vegan, or add chicken or shrimp. Traditional optional ingredients are peas, chard, and seaweed. Hijiki or Wakame seaweeds are my favorites, as they add rich flavor and nutrition. Old-fashioned, homemade stock is best, however any broth will work. Whether it’s for an appetizer, lunch or dinner, this is a satisfying meal I can enjoy in 10 minutes flat. Serves 4. Print Egg Drop Soup with Seaweed Total Time: 10 minutes

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Jul 18

Paleo Butternut Squash Soup with Toasted Seeds

Everybody loves this smooth, savory soup, especially kids. The mellow flavor of butternut squash, onion and creamy coconut make it a rich, satisfying meal. When I’m short of time, this is my #1 quickest soup recipe. I can use pre-cubed squash from the market, bring it to a boil, blend with the immersion blender and serve in 5 minutes! When I have time, I use whole squash and toast the seeds, because it doesn’t make sense to throw them away. The seeds are easy to toast, high in protein and Omega 3 oils. Plus they’re hypoallergenic, as they’re not a tree

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