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My recipes are all original. Every one! Food should bring you energy, clarity and JOY! Perhaps my biggest discovery is how to make sweets that don’t elevate blood sugar or cause weight gain. We believe desserts are BAD for us (and most of them are)! However sweets can be HEALTHY! In an epidemic of sugar-related diseases like diabetes, heart disease and cancer, THIS is the solution: Use low-carb, original, unprocessed ingredients. There’s no need for deprivation. Here are some of my recipes. Try them and send me your comments!  Jane



Paleo Butternut Squash Soup with Toasted Seeds

Everybody loves this smooth, savory soup, especially kids. The mellow flavor of butternut squash, onion and creamy coconut make it a rich, satisfying meal. When I’m short of time, this is my #1 quickest soup recipe. I can use pre-cubed squash, cook, blend with an immersion blender and serve in 5 minutes!

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green smoothie

Sunrise Green Smoothie

Go green with a delicious healthy smoothie for breakfast. My day begins with a big tall one. Every morning it's a bit different, and I drink it before a workout, yoga or qigong. This basic recipe is loaded with vital nutrition and whole food flavor. I make sure I use tart fruits, which are low in sugars and carbs.

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Sunny Eggs with Greens and Mushrooms

This easy breakfast, brunch or lunch is super-delicious and nourishing. Pasture-raised organic eggs taste great with fresh greens and crumbled Vegan Cream Cheese (or use soft goat cheese). I make this for special occasions and guests because it has an epicurian flavor, and it's incredibly quick to make.

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Steamed Okra & Lime Calypso Dip

This is the most delicious way to cook okra. And the quickest - it takes just 10 minutes to prepare. Many people dislike okra’s slimy quality. But I recently found the most beautiful fresh okra in the market, and now my mind is changed forever. Okra offers so many unique health benefits: it helps heal intestinal walls,

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Gluten-free Granola

Granola is a delicious breakfast or a healthy snack. But where can you find granola that's fresh and doesn't send your blood sugar through the roof? This granola is tastier than anything you can buy in a store. If you use the suggested zero-carb natural sweeteners, it will go easy on your blood sugar.

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Paleo Empanadas with Avocado Sauce

These tasty empanadas make a fantastic appetizer, a snack or a meal. Kids love them and they’re a great party food, because you can eat them with your hands. This recipe is very unusual because it is gluten-free, grain-free, and 100% Paleo. The dough is made with pure coconut flakes, almond meal and

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Kiwi Lime Cooler

This cool, refreshing drink is a quick snack or tantalizing treat. Kiwi-Lime is a delicious combination, and tastes even better than Key Lime Pie! Mild avocado gives it an irresistibly rich, smooth texture. Just blend and enjoy immediately.

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Paleo No Peanut Sauce

This is a Thai Peanut Sauce with no peanuts! Instead it uses almond, cashew, or sunflower butter. Whisk it together in less than a minute. Tasty, sweet, and slightly spicy, it makes an incredibly delicious sauce for Chicken Satay, sautéed veggies, spring rolls, or a raw vegetable dip. Use it as a marinade or dressing for chicken and meats. Unlike most peanut sauces, it's free of sugar and nightshades!

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Artichokes di Campagna, Tarragon Dip

In the Italian countryside, or “campagna”, everybody knows how to cook artichokes. This is the quickest and one of the most delicious ways to prepare them. When I have only 15 minutes, this is my favorite vegetable. Artichokes are one of the best foods for liver health and to balance blood sugar.

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Paleo Chicken Satay

Authentic Thai Chicken Satay on skewers is is a succulent rainbow of exotic flavors. It's so easy to make, just mix the marinade, soak the chicken, thread them on skewers, and bake. For a tasty dip, try them with Thai No-Peanut Sauce

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Paleo Egg Salad

This easy, classic egg salad tastes something like my mom's - except oh my, it's so much more flavorful! Maybe that's because the eggs are pasture-raised and organic, with bright orange yolks! Even better, it contains no mayo, so you have no more worries

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Paleo Caesar Salad

I can't keep my finger out of this Caesar dressing – it’s that good! We know there’s something magical about 100% natural ingredients like olive oil, lemon and garlic that make Caesar dressing irresistible. But this Paleo dressing is also Vegan, free of anchovies, eggs and dairy! It tastes just like authentic Parmigiano

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Paleo Barbequed Chicken

This Paleo barbecue sauce will knock your socks off! Sweet, savory, spicy and loaded with real food flavor, it enhances anything you put it on. Commercial barbecue sauce is loaded with sugar and stabilizers.

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AVOID! Aluminum: Dangerous Neuro-toxin Linked to Autism & Alzheimer’s

Aluminum has been long known to be neurotoxic, with mounting evidence that chronic exposure and gradual bio-accumulation is a factor in many neurological diseases including Alzheimer's, Autism, ADHD, and Parkinson's disease. The best way to protect yourself is to be careful about your choices in food and personal

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Avoiding GMO’s? Here’s a Guide.

By Jane Barthelemy. Our health movement is now mainstream! So what is step #1 for your health? Well, I'd say taking care of the food you eat is pretty high. With so many processed ingredients, one of the easiest things to slip through the cracks is GMO's! You're thinking of a chicken salad for lunch? Think again – the chicken will be GMO-fed, and the dressing has GMO canola or soy oil. How about a beef burrito? Nope, the beef is from a CAFO with antibiotics, GMO-feed, and the tortilla is raised with Glyphosate. Okay, so you choose a shrimp wrap. But uh oh! 

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Coconut Milk

Coconut Milk is a delicious creamy blend of coconut meat and coconut water. This is my favorite alternative non-dairy milk. There are many types of coconut milk, and no industry standard for it. Some coconut milk is thick and creamy, while other brands are thin and watery.

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AVOID! Free-Range & Cage-Free Eggs

Sadly, free-range and cage-free chickens are routinely fed GMO-grains with Monsanto's toxic glyphosate. To find non-GMO eggs, we must first ask what the hens eat. Healthy Solution: To avoid eggs with GMO-glyphosate, buy them certified organic, buy from a local farm you know, or raise them yourself.

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AVOID! BPA-free Plastics Labeled “BPS”

Yikes! University of Calgary scientists say BPS (bisphenol-S), the new alternative ingredient labeled “BPA-free”, disrupts normal brain-cell growth and leads to hyper-activity in children. Source: Washington Post, By Pulitzer Prizewinning Journalist Amy Ellis Nutt.

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