Jane’s Recipes

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My recipes are all original. Every one! Food should bring you energy, clarity and JOY! Perhaps my biggest discovery is how to make sweets that don’t elevate blood sugar or cause weight gain. We believe desserts are BAD for us (and most of them are)! However sweets can be HEALTHY! In an epidemic of sugar-related diseases like diabetes, heart disease and cancer, THIS is the solution: Use low-carb, original, unprocessed ingredients. There’s no need for deprivation. Here are some of my recipes. Try them and send me your comments!  Jane


AVOID! Free-Range & Cage-Free Eggs

Sadly, free-range and cage-free chickens are routinely fed GMO-grains with Monsanto's toxic glyphosate. To find non-GMO eggs, we must first ask what the hens eat. Healthy Solution: To avoid eggs with GMO-glyphosate, buy them certified organic, buy from a local farm you know, or raise them yourself.

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AVOID! BPA-free Plastics Labeled “BPS”

Yikes! University of Calgary scientists say BPS (bisphenol-S), the new alternative ingredient labeled “BPA-free”, disrupts normal brain-cell growth and leads to hyper-activity in children. Source: Washington Post, By Pulitzer Prizewinning Journalist Amy Ellis Nutt.

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