How to Balance Your Meridians Every Day with Acupressure and Walking!

Step 1: Massage these top 12 points for 10 seconds each.
Step 2: Go for a walk in nature to reset your Qiao Mai Meridians.
Step 3: Study these links to learn diet and lifestyle solutions to strengthen all organs.

Step 1: Massage These 12 Points. 

Amazingly, the simple act of pressing these TOP 12 POINTS will reset your body’s subtle energy system to allow Qi, health, and wellbeing to flow more easily. These essential points are almost universally needed by EVERYONE on EARTH to balance and harmonize the energies we now feel. Do this on yourself each day. Every human being on the planet can benefit from massaging these 12 points. Just a few minutes of self-pressure on these key body points unblocks your meridians.

Use gentle, firm pressure with either middle finger or thumb on each point, as you breathe deeply. Massage in a circular motion for 10 seconds, feel the Qi energy penetrating into your body. As you press, your brain releases endorphins, the chemicals that calm pain and invite a pleasurable release, so your muscles can relax and blood flow more freely. As tension recedes, the body finds balance, and you’ll feel better. These are my 12 top priority points for general health for most people every day.

  1. KD-1, Kidney 1 or YongquanGushing Spring on the bottom of the foot.
  2. BL-1, Bladder 1 or Jingming, Bright Eyes, the inner corner of the eyes.
  3. SP-21, Spleen 21 or Dabao, Great Embracement, on the sides of the ribs.
  4. SP-6, Spleen 6, or Sanyinjiao, Three Yin Intersection on the inside of the lower legs.
  5. LI-4, Large Intestine 4, or He Gu, Joining Valley, on the back of the hand just above the thumb.
  6. LU-1, Lung 1, or Zhong Fu, Central Treasury, on the sides of the upper chest, under the collar bone.
  7. HT-1, Heart 1, or Ji Quan, Supreme Spring, in the front underarm just under the shoulder joint.
  8. GB20, Gallbladder 20, or Fengchi, Wind Pool, on the upper back of the neck, under the occipital ridge.
  9. SI4, Small Intestine 4, or Wangu, Wrist Bone, on the outer edge of the palm, on the heel of the hand.
  10. ST36, Stomach 36, or Zusanli, Leg Three Miles, at the outside of lower leg diagonally under the knee.
  11. LV3, Liver 3, or Tai Chong, Great Surge, on the top of foot between 1st and 2nd tendons.
  12. Ren-1 is called DU-1 or Huiyin. Sometimes called perineum, CV-1, or GV-1. This is actually the most important point in the body, the origin of the DuMai and the RenMai Extraordinary meridians. (Conception and Governing Vessels) That’s because it’s the origin of ALL the meridians. Make sure yours is soft and pliable.

The Top 12 Points:

  1. KD1-acupuressure-pointKD-1, Kidney 1 or YongquanGushing Spring on the bottom of the foot. It’s about one third of the way down your foot, a slight depression at the base of the metatarsal.Massage deeply with your thumb or middle finger for about 10 seconds. Breathe! If you feel pain, drink it in and say thank you!Kidney 1 point is the beginning of the Kidney meridian and the foundation of your Jing, your energy resources. This is critical to your energy level, as the Kidneys provide Qi to all your other meridians. Massaging KD-1 can help to heal poor memory, reduce agitation, anxiety, worry, and even madness.


  2. BL-1, Bladder 1 or Jingming, Bright Eyes, the inner corner of the eyes. Massage both sides with your middle fingers for about 10 seconds. Breathe! The BL-1 inner canthus of the eyes affects the health of your eyes. the brain, the pineal and pituitary glands. As a meeting point for many meridians, this point is highly beneficial effect on the Qi of the entire  body, physically and mentally.BL-1 is also an intersection point on the Qio Mai extraordinary meridians it is also the activating point of protective Wei Qi, the first point you move on waking from sleep. These channels affect how your eyes adjust to light, your blood-sugar level, body temperature, blood pressure, hormones, etc. The Yang Qiao Mai – Yang Heel Vessel rules how we stand up to the world, extend ourselves, interact with and experience the world. It represents the internalization of our interactions and how we express it back out to the world (eyes). The Yin Qiao Mai – Yin Heel Vessel rules how we stand up to ourselves. It is about taking on roles with clear vision, understanding the vast potential of life. Our eyes both take in the world, and express out to the world who we are. We realize that the greatest gift we can offer is our true self.

  3. SP21-acupressure-pointSP-21, Spleen 21 or Dabao, Great Embracement, just in front of the arm about a hand below the armpit on the sides of the ribs. It is usually tender, and exacerbated by bra under-wires. Massage with the middle fingers for 10 seconds on both sides. SP-21 helps to strengthen and balance left-right sides of the body and brain. It connects to the pancreas, liver, and digestive system, so it helps stabilize blood sugar levels, digestion and PMS symptoms. SP-21 also relates to our ability to receive unconditional love from our mother as a child, and to receive love from the universe as an adult.Caffeine and coffee cause damage to SP-21, acting like False Qi in the body, which stagnates the SP-21 nerve periphery, leading to high blood pressure, agitation, depression, heart palpitations. Slow damage from just 1 cup of coffee per day may take years for the negative effects to show up.

  4. SP-6-Acupressure pointSP-6, Spleen 6, or Sanyinjiao, Three Yin Intersection is located on the inside of the lower leg, one hand up from the ankle bone protrusion. Massage with the middle finger for 10 seconds.This is one of the most versatile and effective points for balancing the whole body, because it crosses the Spleen, Kidney and Liver meridians.Massaging this point can relieve pain and improve many conditions associated with all three organs. It’s an important point in the treatment of any digestive, emotional, or gynecological issue. Stimulating SP-6 strengthens the Spleen and Stomach, dissolves dampness, harmonizes the Liver, strengthens the Kidneys, nourishes Blood and Yin, regulates menstruation, cools and invigorates the Blood, vitalizes the urinary system, and calms the Shen – Spirit.

hoku5.  LI-4, Large Intestine 4, or He Gu, Joining Valley, on the back of the hand in the web above and between index and thumb.

Pinch this point with your thumb and middle finger of the opposite hand and massage for 10 seconds. Reverse hands and repeat.

Massaging LI-4 relieves pain and clears stagnation, by strongly increasing the flow of Qi through all meridians, especially the Large Intestine meridian. It can resolve pain anywhere in the body and release many issues including headaches, neck-aches, toothaches, eye pain, sore throat, nasal obstruction, abdominal pain, and constipation.

gambar-lu-1-zhongfu6.  LU-1, Lung 1, or Zhong Fu, Central Treasury, on the upper chest, under the clavicle. This is a collecting point for all the energy of the lungs. Massage both sides with the middle finger for 10 seconds, breathing deeply. Massaging Lu-1 nourishes the respiratory passages, heart, spleen, and brain. This point supports the lungs, dissolves grief and sadness, helps lung energy to move down into the body to the kidneys, which distribute Qi throughout the body. This point also relieves tightness in the lungs, bronchia, shoulders and upper back. It goes directly to opening the spirit, bringing security and inspiration, restoring connection with God and Nature. It is also good for anyone overcome with grief, this point goes directly to the source of grief, helping to move through the tears.



acupuncture-meridian-heart7. HT-1, Heart 1, or Ji Quan, Supreme Spring, is located in the front underarm under the shoulder joint. On a physical level, this point can free the chest, activate the meridian, ease chest congestion, improve breathing, treat apoplexy, hemiplegia, and relieve sadness. On a psycho-spiritual level, this point is wonderful as it touches the supreme controller, the emperor within us. That emperor understands that the energy inside us is the same as that outside us. So touching this point unites you with the universal oneness, and invites cohesion among all of the organs. When you feel alone, separated, traumatized, or unloved, feel no warmth or joy, HT-1 connects you to the deepest source. It is like the polestar supporting the center of the universe. Hence this point is extremely helpful for karmic confusion and spiritual disconnection. Massage for 10 seconds and breathe deeply.

Heart 1 point is called “Supreme Spring” or Utmost Source”, the Supreme Controller akin to the emperor, heaven’s representative on earth. The emperor represents all the finest: Divine wisdom, radiance, fairness, enlightenment, unselfishness, and love for all. Within us, there exists such a “being”. When the Supreme Controller falls sick, the connection between the “Divine” in us and the “Divine” that created and sustains us may be damaged. What greater despair could there than being alienated from the Source? We feel alone, isolated, spiritually cut off, uninspired, intensely anxious, fearful, empty, severed from life. The point “Utmost Source”, used at the right time, can reestablish this connection and awaken us to the flow of life and love, that permeates all existence. What greater joy and relief could there be than this?

gb-20-meridian-point8. GB20, Gallbladder 20, or Fengchi, Wind Pool, on the back of the upper neck, in the depression under the occiput bone. This is an important crossing point of the Gall Bladder Meridian and the Yang Wei Extraordinary Vessel. On a physical level it is primarily helpful for dissolving wind invasion, as the back of the neck is particularly vulnerable to wind. It can help avoid or treat a common cold, nasal congestion, headache, redness, swelling and pain of the eye, nosebleeds, painful neck, stiff shoulder, dizziness, vertigo. On a psycho-spiritual level, it’s great to relieve stress from too much studying, mental focus, or sensory input. Hence it is really good for most humans on the planet! Hold your head gently with both hands as shown in the photo, with your thumbs in GB20 point. Massage for 10 seconds while breathing deeply.

Another useful technique for GB20 is to “thump” on the points by snapping forefingers and middle fingers together so that your forefingers “thump” on the points. Do this 36 times simultaneously on both sides. The thump will resonate in your ears!


si-4 meridian point9. SI4, Small Intestine 4, or Wangu, Wrist Bone, is located  outer edge of the palm, above the little finger, at the meeting line of the red and white skin. This is a significant energy source point of the small intestine meridian, meaning it supports all your body functions and all the other organs. It is excellent for promoting good digestion and a healthy micro-biome. It also eases diabetes or congestion caused by overeating and too many sweets. (Yes, a worldwide epidemic.) It can treat pain in shoulder, arm, and, wrist.  lumbar and jaundice (yellow coloring). Massage with the middle finger of the opposite hand for 10 seconds, breathing deeply. Then do the other side.


10. ST36, Stomach 36, or Zusanli, Leg Three Miles, at the outside of lower leg diagonally to the outside under the knee. ST 36 is one of the most important and commonly used acupressure points. Ancient Chinese doctors believed that stimulating this point could treat all diseases. It is called “Leg Three Miles” because Chinese foot soldiers used to stop every three miles and massage ST36 point for renewed energy to walk another 3 miles.

This point helps all issues involving the stomach and/or spleen, improve digestion, relieve digestive disturbances including gas, bloating, nausea, diarrhea, GERD, Hiccups, vomiting, and constipation. It also alleviates abdominal pain, distention, coldness and numbness in the legs. On a psychological – emotional level it helps PMS, depression, nervousness, insomnia. A great point to remember!

Massage with the middle finger for 10 seconds while breathing deeply. After a few days you may notice a slight pulse at the point. This is a good sign that circulation has increased. Do not use this point during pregnancy.

lv3-taichong meridian point11. LV3, Liver 3, or Tai Chong, Great Surge, is located on the top of the foot above the toes between 1st and 2nd tendons, in a depression. This super-point has an amazingly vast range of benefits, generally dissolving stagnation and uplifting all Liver functions. It’s the best point for hypertension, insomnia, diabetes, PMS, and painful breasts. It is a calming and grounding point for headaches, anger, irritability, insomnia, depression, and anxiety. This point balances Liver Qi, reduces body stagnation, congestion, headaches, drowsiness, dizziness, canker sores, eye issues, blurred vision, and PMS. It can treat digestive problems such as constipation, nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea. It even helps treat abdominal pain, sexual issues and genital diseases.

It is also an important point to help ground descending energy into the body, after qi gong exercises and energy healing sessions. Helps to avoid running fire sickness after intense Qogong practice, where energy is stuck in the upper part of the head/body causing issues shortness of breath, anxiety, or headache,

Press firmly with the thumb and massage for 10 seconds, while breathing deeply.

12. Ren-1, DU-1, or Huiyin at the bottom of the torso, at the pelvic floor. Yep, it’s down under there in the sweet spot. This is the first and most important point to massage! It’s at the perineum, a band of muscles between the sex and anus. It is also the root of life, the meeting of two sacred polarities in the body, and the starting point for three extraordinary meridians, the Du Mai, Ren Mai, and Chong Mai. That’s why it’s so important to keep it relaxed.

Massage it with your middle finger deeply and you’ll feel it soften. It may take a few days or weeks to teach it to release. Massage it in the shower or bath every day until it releases. Then you’ll be a different person! Massaging this point calms the mind and stimulates the root of your energy. This point can help insomnia, some kinds of headaches, dissolve sexual trauma, and revive sexual vitality. This is NOT a popular point to massage, but I guarantee it will help you in unseen ways! I should have made it #1 on the list! Best wishes for your total health!

Step 2: Walk for 30 minutes

As the legs move in walking, this stimulates the vertical meridians, and balances the organs. This ancient movement where the legs move in opposition to the arms, called the “cross-crawl”, activates the brain. I’m telling you, simple walking balances the left and right brain hemispheres. This in turn benefits every organ and every function in the mind and body.

Two important extraordinary meridians are the vertical walking meridians Yin Qiao Mai and Yang Qiao Mai. They play a critical role in the flow of Qi up from the Earth into the body. These meridians are said to separate humans from animals, as humans walk upright.


How does this work? Earth energy enters at the heel, travels up the sides of the body to the inner canthus (inner corner) of the eyes (BL-1), around the cranium and enters the brain at the Fengfu point (DU-16) in the center of the back of the cranium. Walking fills these meridians with nourishing Qi from the Earth. This sets your body biorhythms, builds strong protective Wei Qi, and balances the nervous system.

Step 3: Study the Meridians that Need Support

Read about any of the 12 meridians below. Where are your weak points? Where do you find a weakness, or any question? Click on that link to study your meridian and discover how to fix it. It’s a way to heal yourself. Each meridian link gives a wealth of information. Each meridian offers hints on lifestyle, diet, and mental changes to adjust. Work with this information and bring yourself to optimal health. Maybe you know instinctively which meridians are your strongest and weakest. Or you can ask any acupuncturist to guide you. Here we go!

The Lung Meridian, How to Strengthen and Clear it

What is the Function of the Lungs? The Lungs regulate Qi that we absorb from the natural world and distribute it through the body. The Lungs control breathing, distributing oxygen to the blood, helping circulate blood and Wei Qi. The Lungs are a detox organ, eliminating stale Qi. Lungs help Qi and fluids descend into intestines, so with Kidneys they regulate water metabolism. The lung meridian rules the skin and sweat glands, which are all important detox organs. The Lung system also regulates protective Wei Qi, sinuses, bronchia, nose, throat, voice, the ability to smell and to speak with a clear voice. Read More…

The Large Intestine Channel, Letting Go of What’s Not Needed

What are the Functions of Large Intestine Meridian? The Large Intestine is the Yang organ paired with the Yin Lungs in the Metal Element. According to the Huangdi Neijing medical text written in 2,700 BCE, its function is to “Transport all turbidity. All waste products go through it”. The Large Intestine is closely associated with the lungs and skin, which are other important detox organs. It absorbs liquid and releases anything that is no longer needed in the way of food, toxins, emotions, thereby cleansing the body, mind, and spirit. The Source Point of the LI meridian is LI-4, Hegu, in the web of the hand. Read More…

The Stomach Meridian, Receiving New Ideas, Nurturing the Self

The stomach meridian is associated with our ability to assimilate new ideas, absorb information, as well as honoring and nurturing the self. The stomach is one of the longest meridians, with 45 points. The Stomach is the Yang partner of the Yin Spleen. The stomach is called the ‘Minister of the Mill’, the ‘Sea of Nourishment’, and the ‘Root of Postnatal Life’, because it is responsible for providing the entire body with energy from the digestion of food and fluids. Read More…


The Spleen Meridian, Sweet Flavors and Balanced BioRhythms

The Spleen has a wide range of functions, from digestion to muscle tone to sensuality. The Spleen manufactures Qi from our food. The Spleen’s role is to transform and move foods, liquids, and thoughts in the body (i.e. digestion). For this reason the Spleen is called the source of postnatal energy (acquired Qi). It has a primary role in the lymphatic and immune systems. It keeps our tissues, muscles, and thoughts moist, supple, adaptable. The Spleen governs taste and true nourishment. It regulates bio-rhythms including menstruation. The Spleen stores Yi, consciousness of potentials, the ability to focus the mind sharply and keenly. Read More…

The Heart Meridian, The Emperor Over All Organs

To quote from the ancient Chinese text, the Huang Di Nei Jing written 4,700 years ago: “The heart is the sovereign of all organs and represents the consciousness of one’s being. It is responsible for intelligence, wisdom, and spiritual transformation.” Functions of the Heart: The Heart is the Emperor of all organs, ruling over the entire being, physical, emotional, mental, and subtle. It is responsible for blood and circulating it through the vessels to nourish the cells. The Heart houses the Shen, or Spirit of the Heart, which radiates and shines from a person’s eyes and face. Read More…

The Small Intestine Channel: Discernment, Sorting, Mental Clarity

The Small Intestine is the Fire-Element Yang organ paired with the Yin Heart. The human small intestine is about 6 meters or 20 feet long. A semi-permeable barrier that sorts solids and liquids into useful nutrients or waste to be eliminated, the small intestine absorbs nutrients from food into the blood. Its surface is a mucous layer containing beneficial bacteria and essential parts of the immune system. Mental & Emotional Functions of the Small Intestine: In modern times a common pathology that weighs heavily on the small intestine is excessive sorting of poor-nutrient foods. Read More…

The Bladder Meridian: Fear and Sensuality

The bladder channel is intimately related to the autonomous nervous system. That’s because the bladder meridian runs along the back of the body from eyes to little toe, with two parallel branches flowing along each side of the spine. These four branches of the bladder meridian directly influence the sympathetic and parasympathetic trunks of the autonomous nervous system, which regulates our fight-flight response and in turn all the body’s basic vital functions. Read More…






The Kidney Meridian – Harmonizing Fluids and the Autonomic Nervous System

The Kidney system supplies essence or Jing to all organs. It stores Jing, our congenital & acquired essence. It houses the Yang will & Yin will. Generosity, creativity, desire, and libido are all generated by the Kidneys. The Kidney rules the bones, spine, and bone marrow. It rules the ear and hearing. The Kidney provides digestive fire for the Spleen and warmth to the Heart. It generates the brain and nervous system. The Kidney controls hair and graying of hair. It rules the knees. Low Kidney qi can lead to low creativity, libido, and incontinence. The Kidney generates fear, and an awareness when there is danger. Read More…

The Pericardium Channel, Self Love and Relationships

The name Pericardium comes from Latin Peri (around) and Cardium (heart). Often translated from Chinese as “Heart Protector”, “Spirit Protector”, or “Circulation/Sex” the Pericardium is associated with the Fire element and the Heart. The Pericardium protects the Heart from emotional trauma, constricts the chest to protect the Heart, and helps to express the Joy of the Heart. One could say the function of the Pericardium is primarily psychological, as it rules our relationships and the emotional issues around them. Emotionally, pericardium energy is related to the loving feelings associated with sex, thereby linking the physical and emotional aspects of sexual activity. It does this by moderating the raw sexual energy of the kidneys with the all embracing love generated by the heart. Read More…

The Triple Burner, Your Crystalline Communication Matrix

The Triple Burner rules body liquids to keep them moving. It aids in transforming body fluids and balances Qi between the upper, middle, and lower areas. The Triple Burner plays an important role in coordinating digestion, communicating with the Spleen and Stomach. Most importantly, the Triple Burner delivers Original Qi to all organs.One could also say the triple burner provides a passageway along the primary Yin Yang vertical axis between the fire of the kidney and of the heart, sometimes called ministerial fire. The triple burner is not a physical organ, but can be seen as a matrix of connective tissue, or membranes that envelop every organ, muscle and bone, and that communicate via crystalline liquids and play a role in keeping open the flow of Qi, and communication between organs. Read More…

The Gallbladder Meridian, Discernment and Decision Making

The Gallbladder rules choosing between options, decision making, and good judgement. What course is right for me? It helps us find our life direction anytime we are wallowing in procrastination or indecision. On a physical level, the Gallbladder assists digestion to keep it moving, controls sinews, body flexibility, and tendon strength. It carries out the plans of the Liver, providing courage and initiative to keep our life moving, including emotions. The Gall Bladder influences the sides of head and body. It transforms Kidney vitality into action. The Gallbladder rules sleep, as it is associated with the deep sleep point from 11 pm to 1 am. Read More…

The Liver Meridian – Springtime, Rising Emotions, New Ideas

The Liver stores blood and regulates blood volume. The Liver is responsible for planning, and oversees our path in life. The Liver relates to emotions. It generates anger, a clearing force, to keep things moving and flowing. When anger dissolves, this energy transforms into faith, optimism, and wisdom.

The Liver is responsible for spreading Qi smoothly in the blood, body, organs, and psyche. It controls the sinews and muscle tone. The Liver rules the health of nails, vision, and the eyes. Liver stagnation or hyper-activity can lead to extreme emotional states. A healthy Liver transforms potentially repressed emotions into true, reliable emotions. The Liver’s emotion is Anger. Read More…


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