Monsanto-Free Kitchen

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Is Your Kitchen Monsanto-Free?

Personal Consultation via Web or In Person

Are Monsanto foods slipping into your kitchen? Many of us unknowingly consume GMO’s, Glyphosate and other toxins in our food every day. More and more people suffer brain fog, weight gain, poor digestion, or even a serious diagnosis, without connecting it to the toxins in foods they eat. Finally, here’s help to make healthy food choices easier. In this program you will learn how to avoid GMO’s, Glyphosate and toxins in your food.

Research shows that smart shopping can reduce your risk of serious health issues associated with Monsanto foods, including Weight Gain, Diabetes, Autism, Depression, Celiac disease, Alzheimer’s, Hypertension, Infertility, Cancer, ADHD, MS, Autoimmune diseases, Heart disease, Kidney disease, IBS, and Parkinson’s.

Program Includes

  • • 1-hour personal consultation with Jane
  • • Why GMO-free doesn’t protect you.
  • • What foods contain Glyphosate?
  • • The Monsanto “family” of companies.
  • • How to decipher food labels.
  • • How to eat Monsanto-free on a budget.
  • • Shopping tips and apps to guide you.
  • • Easy Monsanto-free recipes.
  • • Which brands to trust and to avoid
  • • How to eat out Monsanto-free.

Your Monsanto-Free Kitchen

Myths and truths about what’s in your food,
and how to keep your own kitchen healthy!

There is a vast body of new research coming to light, of enormous importance to your health. As the powerful corporate interests dominate our society, many people are coming together to take control or our own health and wellbeing. The grass-roots movement is building steam, and at the same time scientific studies reveal clear health trends in the age of industrial food, facts which food and chemical giants have kept hidden for decades.

After more than 20 years of GMO’s, we find Monsanto foods in the majority of our grocery and restaurant foods. Now is the time to take back the reins, to learn how to protect our health and that of our families. Why are GMO’s and many toxins banned in other countries, yet still allowed in North America? Who are the powerful food and chemical giants that represent GMO’s and industrial food? What food companies can we trust? Which brands should we avoid? How can we speed-read the labels to make food shopping fun again?

Knowledge is Power and Freedom

Perhaps you’ve come to my website Jane’s Healthy Kitchen because you or someone in your family has special diet, or a dietary intolerance. Many people come to me to overcome a sugar habit. Some of us come to eating healthy after a diagnosis of a serious illness that might have been avoided if we had made different food choices along the way. Maybe you’re here to learn about healthy substitutions for processed foods. With over 950 original Monsanto-free recipes on my website, plus my two books Paleo Desserts and Good Morning Paleo, you’ll never EVER run out of delicious options.

Whether you’re eating Paleo, gluten-free, vegan, or still looking for the best personal diet, I’m here to help. It’s never too late to make a change. When I was gravely ill with cancer, chronic fatigue, adrenal failure, frozen shoulders, and digestive collapse, I began to make one small change every week. Soon it became a habit, a game. Change was in the air – not too fast, not too stressful, and it really adds up. Now a few years later, my health is stronger than ever.

This Monsanto-free consultation program is a ground-breaking protocol that will help you take stock of what’s in your kitchen, how you prepare foods, where and how you shop. You’ll even observe how your mind and your desires function as you make food choices. I’ll never criticize, judge, or push. I’ll just place the information and the choices in your hands, and give you the best suggestions I can. I’m here as a resource. And the rest is up to you.

I’ve been through the battle, and I came back healthy and happy. Yay! I’m ready and fired up to help you do that too. Please sign up for the program and schedule your consultation session.

I’m looking forward to meeting and consulting with you!



“After doing the Monsanto-free kitchen program, I learned so much! There’s a lot more to the food industry than I knew before. I thought I was doing pretty well, however Jane showed me how Glyphosate was slipping into my kitchen. Now I am armed with knowledge. I can navigate through groceries with confidence and ease. My mom’s digestive problems are better and I feel mentally clearer. Jane’s delicious Monsanto-free recipes are my health-saver!” —Carol W.