Dietary Testing

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“When diet is wrong medicine is of no use.
When diet is correct medicine is of no need.”
~Ayurvedic Proverb

Jane Barthelemy offers individual dietary testing and coaching for weight loss and general health. She is the developer of the DRM, Dietary Reset Method, comprehensive testing for digestive wellness. For more details, see Jane’s healing website: Five Seasons Medicine.

What is YOUR personal optimum diet? Is it a Gluten-free diet? Is it an Anti-Inflammatory diet? How about the Paleo Diet? Or is it something in-between? Does your body tolerate dairy or eggs? What are the best oils for your consititution, and what’s your ideal carbohydrate consumption per day?

Every person’s digestion is unique. Even though we may wish it were different, there is no single diet that’s best for every person. When a digestive imbalance occurs, it is essential for health to address its underlying roots. These roots are often myriad factors such as specific foods, microbes, chemicals, toxins, deficiencies, stress, emotions, intolerances, hormones, enzymes, electro-magnetic fields, past traumas, genetics, and environmental factors.  Furthermore, in order to re-establish balance we must address these factors in the appropriate sequence for the system to respond.

Dietary Reset Method (DRM) Comprehensive Testing

Dietary Reset Method (DRM) is an effective, non-invasive system for testing the body using vials to determine your best personal diet. What are your best and worst foods for optimum health? Do you have any deficiencies? How much protein should you eat per day? What are your top priorities for dietary health? DRM is an advanced system for nutritional evaluation that uses applied kinesiology (muscle response testing). DRM is a highly efficient and practical approach to nutrition that recognizes and respects the unique biochemical nature of each patient.

Comprehensive DRM testing can provide highly useful information. It can indicate your optimum personal diet. DRM testing can indicate your best and worst foods, deficiencies, and daily nutritional requirements at a given time. While the results are astonishingly effective, it is important to realize that this is a subjective field. Test results may vary over time, and are not always 100% exact. The DRM method can be helpful in pinpointing underlying health issues and blocks that other modalities are unable to find, hence it is especially useful in chronic undiagnosed issues. Jane is an intuitive practitioner of energy medicine. She is not a dietitian, nutritionist, or a medical doctor. She does not diagnose, prescribe medications, or recommend supplements. Jane recommends whole foods for natural healing.

vials-imageDRM uses electronically imprinted vials to test for immune response.

DRM Comprehensive Dietary Testing and Evaluation – $85

Jane will test your body’s immune response using vials for hundreds of foods, vitamins, and supplements, with gentle kinesiology (muscle testing). You’ll receive a complete list of foods to eat freely, foods to avoid, any deficiencies, and general dietary guidelines. For an appointment contact Blue Lotus Integrative Healing Arts, Santa Fe, NM (505) 986-9109

Follow-up Dietary Coaching Session – $85.00

A follow-up coaching is designed to give you support for your new diet and greater insight into new ways of eating. It can give you:

  • New ideas you can explore to improve your health and diet
  • Tips for healthy grocery shopping, eating out, avoiding toxins.
  • Help prioritizing your lifestyle changes to make them comfortable and easier to accomplish.
  • A sounding board for refining your current diet and lifestyle.
  • Other non-clinical, non-treatment opinions and dialogue.
  • A dietary coaching does not replace the advice of your primary health care professional. It does not diagnose, prescribe, review your medical history, or order tests.

You are ultimately responsible for your health. If you’re passionate about being truly healthy, it is your own personal commitment that will give you the ability to achieve your goals. Improving your health requires perseverance and a willingness to overcome old habits, as you step into a new way of living. How will your healthy lifestyle be different? Jane may suggest that you eliminate addictive substances such as smoking, drugs, caffeine, sugar, or alcohol. Many people are not willing or able to cross these first hurdles toward total health. We think we want health, but we don’t yet know how to break free of cultural norms and family expectations. We may not be ready to make the sacrifices to achieve it. What are your goals? Are you prepared to step into a new way of living? For an appointment, contact Blue Lotus Integrative Healing Arts, Santa Fe, NM (505) 986-9109

Jane does not diagnose, prescribe medications, or recommend supplements. She recommends only whole foods for healing.

dietary-counseling“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” Hippocrates, Greek physician, considered the father of Western medicine. 460 BCE – 370 BCE