Jane’s research shows that all sugars are toxic and addictive. Even popular Paleo sweeteners (maple, coconut sugar, honey, agave) are habit-forming, causing increased risk of diabetes, accelerated aging, heart disease, arthritis, and Alzheimer’s disease. Most so-called “healthy” sweeteners are hardly different from table sugar (glucose & fructose). Shall we eliminate desserts? Not at all! Jane discovered how to make healthy sweets that don’t raise blood sugar, invoke no insulin response, and do not cause weight gain, such as Brownies and Chocolate Chip Cookies! There’s no deprivation here! Click to view ALL her recipes for Sweets without Sugar Rush or Weight Gain. Jane doesn’t sell sweeteners, she just researches and writes about them. Learn about the real meaning of glycemic index, which omits fructose, a huge loophole and marketing ploy for high-fructose foods. Check out Jane’s articles on the best and worst sweeteners for your health. You can do this! You can kick the sugar habit forever and be free.