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Lifestyle is your creative way of living. It’s your way to create balance in body, mind, and soul.
You deserve to live your most authentic sensual life! Here are some of my lifestyle tips. –Jane


Top Ten Recipes for Fermented Foods

One of the easiest and most economical ways to boost your health is FERMENTING! In stressful times when your digestion is under attack from processed food, undisclosed additives, and GMO's, these old-fashioned fermented foods like sauerkraut and yogurt can offer your gut a life-saving break. Fermented foods contain far more beneficial bacteria than most probiotic supplements, and they're cheaper than store-bought pills. Made easily in a variety of flavors, just 2 tablespoons of fermented food at a meal can help restore your internal ...
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How Much Life Force is in Your Food?

Is your food glowing with life force? Or is it lifeless? When a food has just been picked, it's ALIVE with life force and nutrients! Life force is vital energy or Qi. After harvesting, the life force gradually declines. At the very last stage of decline, microbes take over, it disintegrates, dies and gets recycled back into the earth. When food is processed at high heat, it loses life force, so high temperature baking, frying, and irradiation cause a loss in nutrients. When raw foods are dried ...
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Just Like Sugar Sweetener – Temporarily Out of Stock

Hello friends. Many of you are having trouble getting your orders of Just Like Sugar Tabletop Chicory Root Sweetener. I wanted to let you know that the company is temporarily out of stock, and will be back in production soon. I met the owner, Mike Sylver, when I went to visit his factory. I had to check it out, as I was in disbelief that it was even remotely possible to find a healthy sweetener in the USA. I am ...
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25 Ways to Increase Your Oxygenation

I'm posting this article once again because oxygenation is so important to the immune system. Oxygenation is a top key to maintaining resilient immunity - right after having a healthy attitude. In a perfect world our cells are rich in oxygen, rejuvenated every night as we sleep. Optimum oxygen levels give you more energy, enhance brain function, and lower stress. You can overcome fatigue easily, you look and feel younger. A low oxygen environment deprives the cells of essential nutrients needed for energy to clean and rebuild. As a result our ...
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7 Most Addictive Foods, How to be free in 2021

By Jane Barthelemy. 2021 is a Whole New Year, a perfect chance to start anew. We can start by questioning our old patterns, physical habits and especially thoughts. When stress is high, there's greater need to be vigilant about our health and balance. If 2020 found you wanting "comfort foods" like cookies, energy bars, or chips, you recognize that strange appeal that makes you always want more - we choose a momentary joy that destroys our long-term health. This is ...
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Prevent a Virus with Anti-viral Herbs

By Jane Barthelemy. With coronavirus and and other flu viruses floating around, you need to know these natural anti-viral herbs and supplements. Whether it’s a cold, flu, mumps, or ANY virus, the rules for kicking it are the same. These safe plant-based medicines have an important place in your tool chest for basic self-care. I've used this system many times. These are my everyday go-to remedies before doing pharmaceuticals or tests, which may have repercussions. My Top 5 most effective supplements are: Coconut Oil, Schizandra Berries, Astragalus Root, Garlic ...
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The Last Forgotten Pandemic: Suicide

When suicides exceed virus deaths, I am concerned. Shall we turn to look at this topic in a gentle and compassionate way? The World Health Organization has estimated that 2.5 million people would take their own lives in 2020. However, it is almost impossible to measure. As suicide is taboo in many cultures, I expect their numbers are understated. Rising suicide underlines the loneliness and spiritual emptiness that many people feel. People who carry traumatic memories or have PTSD are ...
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What’s Electro-Magnetic Hypersensitivity?

Electro-magnetic Hypersensitivity is affected by all the electronic gadgets around us such as cell phones and 5G. EMF's are a threat to DNA, and children are especially vulnerable, since young tissues absorb radiation more than adults. This modern ailment is linked to stress and is tricky to diagnose or measure, affecting more people than we know. As the symptoms of EMF poisoning are the same as Covid-19 or the flu, it’s hard to tell the difference ...
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Alzheimer’s and Cancer: A Common Cause?

Alzheimer’s Disease affects 50 million people in the world.  This is projected to more than double to 131 million people by 2050. Scientists are calling Alzheimer's Disease "Type 3 Diabetes" because of its link to blood sugar. Let's cut to the chase. Amazingly, we can prevent and even reverse AD if we cut out sugar, refined carbs, add healthy fats, and move the body! The underlying deterioration of the brain in Alzheimer's Disease begins many years earlier with too much sugar, unhealthy ...
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Sweet Rose Hibiscus Honey Bath – A Calm Detox Treat!

Life these days can be a wild ride. This magical pink bath is 100% natural, created for you and everyone you love, an invitation to relax and release all cares. In ancient Greece, bathing was regarded as a healing gift from the gods. Now is definitely the time to revive this timeless tradition of sacred baths. Conscious soaking helps to relax the mind, balance the emotions, and detox the body. Add a few candles and some music! This sweet rose bath will immerse your cares, uplift your energy, improve clarity, ...
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A Forgotten Pandemic: Body Toxicity

The 8th Forgotten Pandemic to Eradicate is Body Toxicity. These inflammatory and auto-immune diseases are primarily caused by exposure to toxins. The Body Toxicity Pandemic is where stress and chemical imbalance hit the wall. After years of slow DNA damage from constant minute exposure to toxins like chemicals and heavy metals, the body systems begin to function unpredictably. Symptoms may appear suddenly, but they've been years in the making. Body toxicity diseases are tricky to diagnose, as they are called ...
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Vanquish Obesity & Diabetes, 6 Steps

Like two sides of the same problem, Obesity and Diabetes have similar roots. The six primary culprits work together to perpetuate a cycle that's tough to break. This article outlines the six culprits, and how to break them. These are the 6 roots of Obesity and Diabetes: Low fiber diet, High blood sugar causing glucose addiction, Refined grains (simple carbs = sugar), Empty foods, Mineral deficiencies from packaged industrial foods, Mental exhaustion, Emotional craving for sweetness and love. These are ...
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Hypertension & COPD Lung Disease, The Forgotten Pandemics

Hello friends, here is my brief video on how to conquer Hypertension and COPD, two top Covid comorbidities. I challenge a few myths, clarify the mystery cause of hypertension and explain how to reverse it. Comorbidity diseases increase the severity and risk of Covid. I'm featuring this 9-part video series to highlight the importance of taking responsibility for our own health and building your immune system. Hypertension, or high blood pressure, affects 1.2 billion people in the world! It is ...
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Healing the Forgotten Pandemics: Osteoarthritis and Osteoporosis

This is part four of my video series on how to eliminate the Forgotten Pandemics (which are also the top Covid comorbidities.) This article is about Osteoarthritis and Osteoporosis which affect 550 million worldwide. This is all about flour, sweets and sugar. Bone diseases are a major health threat worldwide. Osteoarthritis, means "joint inflammation". Osteoporosis means "porous bones", or low bone density affecting many women. Ancient medicine regards the bones as the root of life-energy in the spine, our genetic ...
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When is a Search Engine NOT a Search Engine?

I value my personal thoughts. The process by which I form conclusions is unique and intelligent. I'd like my thoughts to be independent, unsullied by commercial goals. I use the internet as a library for factual health research. Sometimes I find subjective, opinion-based "science", when my searches for medical information are "guided" or skewed by pharmaceutical interests. "Seeding" ideas is manipulative and dangerous. It goes contrary to my belief that we think independently and are responsible to heal our own ...
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The TOP Forgotten Pandemic: Low Nutrients, Mineral Deficiencies

Hello friends! I'm featuring the TOP Forgotten Pandemic from my video series. Enjoy! Pandemic #1 is so invisible we almost missed it, yet it harms 7.5 billion people, everyone on Earth. Low Nutrient Food and Poor immunity, from eating food that has been processed, but loses nutrients each step along the way. We start with original food, but by the time we eat it, we’ve lost 70 to 90% of the nutrients. DNA modification, Farming chemicals, heat, milling, transport, storage, ...
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Did you know there are more Suicides than Covid deaths in the world?

Greetings to you all from Bali, where all is well. I'm so excited to unveil my new video series. I'm a peaceful person, however when backed into a corner, as we all are now, I take action. In researching the world health situation, I suddenly noticed that suicides are more than double Covid deaths this year. WHAT? It seemed unbelievable, but I checked and re-checked the figures on the W.H.O. website, and they're as clear as day. Check it out ...
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Winner! Best Healthy Food & Lifestyle Blog – North America!

Hooray! I just received confirmation from Corp Today Magazine, that this blog JanesHealthyKitchen has been selected in the 2021 Global Business Awards for "BEST HEALTHY FOOD & LIFESTYLE BLOG - NORTH AMERICA".  This is a joy and honor. I thank you all for your suggestions, subscriptions, your follows, and especially for taking deliciously good care of yourselves every day! Jane ...
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How did Ancient Red Rice become Modern White Rice?

Rice is the #1 primary staple food for over half the people in the world – more than 3.5 billion people depend on it for nutrition. So maybe it's important. Researchers have discovered that the earliest prehistoric ancestor of modern rice was found in China. It was wild, dark red in color, and highly nutritious. Archeologists have found evidence that Paleolithic people gathered wild grasses and pounded them with stones in many parts of the world. Then about 10,000 years ago Oryza ...
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History of Breakfast, What Happened to Our Food?

By Jane Barthelemy.  In times of total uncertainty, we need to have a good laugh. What if you could trace our worst chronic diseases (and COVID-19 comorbidities) back to the discovery of the New World and industrialized food? Tongue in cheek, I'm not joking. This article examines the undeniable history of our beloved first meal, in light of world money and food addictions. Yep. Especially sugar. For sure, breakfast wasn’t always corn flakes or toast with jam. Nowadays, what we eat ...
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