Just Like Sugar Sweetener – Temporarily Out of Stock

Hello friends. Many of you are having trouble getting your orders of Just Like Sugar Tabletop Chicory Root Sweetener. I wanted to let you know that the company is temporarily out of stock, and will be back in production soon. I met the owner, Mike Sylver, when I went to visit his factory. I had to check it out, as I was in disbelief that it was even remotely possible to find a healthy sweetener in the USA. I am highly allergic to glucose-fructose sweeteners. I was pleasantly surprised that I liked the taste, and doubly amazed that I did not react negatively to any of his delicious samples.

Just Like Sugar Table Top is a blend of crystal chicory root that is 96% dietary fiber, mixed with calcium, vitamin C, and its sweetness comes from orange peel! Chicory root is high in sweet carbohydrate dietary fiber called inulin (IN-you-lin) not to be confused with insulin. Because of the structure of the inulin molecule, it is not digested in the human body, and does not metabolize as a carbohydrate. This means effectively that although it tastes sweet, it does not affect blood sugar levels, and it does not cause weight gain. It is made without pesticides or chemicals. And it has zero net carbs. Very unique.

My recommendations for other alternative sweeteners are right here on my website.
Here’s the main section on sweeteners.
And here’s an article about possible alternatives you can buy in the meantime.
So sorry for this news. I hope it can change soon!

I admire Mike Sylver as a brilliant inventor and a talented businessman of high integrity. It’s a good thing he’s a resilient guy, because I don’t know anyone who could endure so much grief in the course of doing the wonderful things he does. I won’t go into details. Suffice it to say the company has been blackballed by the Grocery Association, most distributors, and all the big box grocery stores starting with Whole Foods Markets for the past 15 years. Even the EU and UK permits have been blocked by the sugar cartel. That’s not even half the betrayals, then Covid arrived. Of course, the big box scoundrels would love to keep us all addicted to their toxic glycemic GMO sweeteners. I was one of the lucky ones who got smart and ordered non-glycemic sweeteners online. And I put the information here on my website for you.

Mike just keeps on trucking and doing the right thing.

Now that Covid is here, the full story is coming out more and more about the careful big business planning that has created much profit for a few companies selling poor food, sickness and addiction all over the world. I believe the tide is turning. Mike will soon have Just Like Sugar Tabletop available. In the meantime, I’m suggesting it would greatly facilitate his turnaround, and a breakthrough in global health, for us to help him in some way. Please don’t tell him I told you. He needs five million dollars to make a perfect comeback. But he could do it with two million, or nothing. I don’t have what he needs and deserves, but you might know someone who does. Mike’s email is CEO [at] justlikesugar [dot] com. Let’s give him a hand. You’ll be helping yourself and everybody. There, I said it.

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  • comment-avatar
    Jennifer February 2, 2024 (10:47 am)

    I miss this product so much! I’ve been in marketing for 30 years and would love to invest and get this product going again ??

    • comment-avatar
      Jane Barthelemy April 12, 2024 (11:59 pm)

      Hi Jennifer,
      Sorry for the delay. Yes, this is a project that must happen. I would like to be on the team to invest and remarked a healthy chicory root sweetener similar to Just Like Sugar. Please email me at janebar108 [at] live [dot] com, and let’s pull together an interest group. I have a few ideas, however I can’t head up the team. I nominate you, if you like. I’m here and ready to do all I can to help bring a healthy sweetener to the world, in a way that it can be accepted, marketed, and be successful. Best wishes to us! Jane

  • comment-avatar
    John H January 31, 2024 (1:03 pm)

    Is there any news on keeping Just Like Sugar alive? It’s by far the best sugar substitute. I tried straight Inulin and it has no flavor or sweetness and all the others have a nasty aftertaste. Keeping my fingers crossed!

    • comment-avatar
      Jane Barthelemy April 13, 2024 (12:01 am)

      Hi John H. Thanks for your message. Yes, this is a project that needs to happen. Kindly email me at janebar108 [at] live [dot] com, and let’s pull togther a group to make a healthy sweetener successful. Best wishes, Jane

  • comment-avatar
    Michael Magee July 15, 2023 (5:47 pm)

    Dear Jane,
    I did not realize that Just Like sugar had been pulled from the market. I have been searching for it everywhere! I just came across a product called “Good Balance, Chicory Root Syrup”. How does it compare to Just Like Sugar? I know that it is a syrup, not a powder, but can it be used in a similar fashion? For now I’ll just have to wait until Just Like Sugar returns. Fingers crossed!

    • comment-avatar
      Jane Barthelemy August 10, 2023 (5:40 pm)

      Hi Michael, Thank you for your question. I’ll check out Good Balance and let you know. thanks for the tip! Jane

  • comment-avatar
    Karen Kendell June 25, 2023 (4:56 pm)

    A lot of your frosting recipies call for just like sugar and u state to not sub.. What is your advice for the frosting recipies

    • comment-avatar
      Jane Barthelemy June 25, 2023 (5:07 pm)

      Hi Karen, Thanks for your comment. As I recall, in many of the frosting recipes I spun the JLS in a food processor to grind it to a fine powder. You can probably use ANY sweetener for these frostings. I suggest you make sure they are a very fine powder. And I can’t guarantee another sweetener will come out with the perfect texture. You’ll need to test it. but I believe it will very likely work fine. Good luck. Best wises for your delicious health! Jane

  • comment-avatar
    Christine October 14, 2022 (3:59 pm)

    is there any new info on Just Like Sugar?

    • comment-avatar
      Jane Barthelemy October 14, 2022 (6:16 pm)

      Hello Christine,
      Zero info on JLS. Mike Sylver, the inventor and president has left the earth plane. There are a few who know how to produce it, however I have not heard from them in over a year. We carry on without it. Best wishes for your delicious health! Jane

      • comment-avatar
        Mary Ann March 30, 2023 (4:25 pm)

        Dear Jane,
        Am I to understand that you mean he passed away? OMG!
        That is tragic news! I went online to buy some of his brown sugar style and can’t find it anywhere. I am devastated! It was the only one I could stomach because real sugar and I am pre-diabetic so I need to really cut back on that.

        I am hoping he left the manufacturing recipe with someone that is going to do something with it. I would be interested in investing in a start-up of this product.
        Please update us on what can be done and/or who can be contacted in that regard.
        Sincerely, Mary Ann

        • comment-avatar
          Jane Barthelemy April 1, 2023 (12:53 am)

          Hello Mary Ann,
          Thank you again for your message. Yes, this is tragic news. And tragic also is what the grocery association did to ruin Just Like Sugar.
          I am sorry to hear that you are pre-diabetic. So many people in the world are in the same predicament as pre-diabetic!
          Mike Sylver’s partner has the manufacturing recipe and last I heard, trying to do another start-up. I would be happy to participate in an effort to fund and support a healthy sweetener that is so greatly needed in the world.
          Shall we get together and discuss it? Kindly email me at janebar108 [at] live [dot] com. Or we can talk via WhatsApp or Zoom. Let’s see what we can accomplish.
          Thank you so much for you message.

      • comment-avatar
        Kathy January 24, 2024 (12:45 pm)

        I called JLS once to ask about production problems and mentioned he was being harassed by the Grocery Industry. He denied it?? Very strange that no one would pick up the production of such a great product. It was so much better than any other sugar sub except xylitol.

        • comment-avatar
          Jane Barthelemy April 13, 2024 (12:04 am)

          Hi Kathy,
          It’s a complex story. I have some ideas to help bring a truly healthy sweetener to the world. If you’d like to be part of the group, kindly email me at janebar108 [at] live [dot] com. Best wishes for your delicious health. Jane

  • comment-avatar
    Neci December 8, 2021 (10:23 am)

    Hi, I can’t believe it. I use to buy this all the time and absolutely loved it. I have been searching for years. I am so happy to see this information but so depressed about it. Why would they go after this, there are so many products out there that are horrible and this one was amazing, and it did taste “Just Like Sugar” without that nasty taste that is so sweet it is hard to even swallow. I am so sorry, I wonder what happened?

    • comment-avatar
      Jane Barthelemy December 8, 2021 (3:48 pm)

      Yes, Thanks for your comment. We need to help Mike Sylver. He is a great inventor of Just Like Sugar. The world needs a healthy non-toxic sweetener. Jane

  • comment-avatar
    Mary November 3, 2021 (2:30 pm)

    Who does BBB get information from to form theirs ratings? Maybe we need to flood the internet with praises for them. I thought the FDA had guidelines that are healthy eating for the citizens of our country. Just Like Sugar is the best sub for sugar I have ever used.

    • comment-avatar
      Jane Barthelemy November 17, 2021 (1:05 am)

      Hi Mary, Thanks for your comment. There are many trolls around, minions of the Grocery Association. I wish the story ended right there, but sadly it is deep and dark. Yep, Just Like Sugar is the best sub for sugar known to man. And a healthy prebiotic to boot! Don’t worry. It’s not over until the fat lady sings. Be well, carry on, and THANK YOU!! Jane

  • comment-avatar
    Diane September 21, 2021 (4:44 pm)

    Does anyone know what’s going on right now? I have been trying to get my hands on this product and finally found this site. Do they have a website with updates?

    • comment-avatar
      Jane Barthelemy September 24, 2021 (6:58 pm)

      Hi Diane, Thanks for your message. They’re not responding to my phone calls or emails these days so I don’t know. See my “SWEETENER” top web navigation for a few healthy alternatives you can try. At the moment I can’t find an alternative sweetener I like, so I’ve just stopped eating sweets to stay healthy! Best wishes for your delicious health! Jane

  • comment-avatar
    Gayla September 20, 2021 (9:48 pm)

    How can I get Just like Sugar? What stores carry it? Thank you for any help?

  • comment-avatar
    Robi August 10, 2021 (7:34 am)

    Maybe the powers that be-giant sugar companies-didn’t want him “sweetening” (pun intended) his bank account with a completely healthy sweetener. Hence the F rating with the BBB. Just speculation.

    • comment-avatar
      Jane Barthelemy August 12, 2021 (3:59 am)

      Hi Robi, Ha Ha! Yes. You’re right. That’s why I don’t speculate much. I know the owner of JSL and he is AMAZING. Just bless him. And if you can rustle up a few million dollars for him, he’ll know how to use it for a wonderful purpose. Wish we could all do a go-fund-me for the owner of JLS. Ha Ha! Thanks again!

  • comment-avatar
    Diana August 9, 2021 (8:55 pm)

    FYI the company currently has an “F” rating with the Better Business Bureau.

    • comment-avatar
      Jane Barthelemy August 10, 2021 (7:04 am)

      Thanks. Well, mistakes can happen. Have patience. These are not normal times. Even the phoenix can rise again!

  • comment-avatar
    Denise July 29, 2021 (10:41 am)

    Swerve is the next best thing. Dr. Stephen Gundry, who wrote the book, The Plant Paradox, suggests using Just Like Sugar. He also suggests using Swerve.

    Sigh….big box banning the inventor of Just Like Sugar. It never ends.

    • comment-avatar
      Jane Barthelemy July 29, 2021 (6:09 pm)

      Yes, I do like Swerve, made of Erythritol and “natural flavors”. I don’t know what the “natural flavors” are. Hopefully it’s ok. Thank you, Denise.

    • comment-avatar
      Jaye November 15, 2021 (11:20 am)

      I’m using Swerve since I can no longer get Just Like Sugar, but in my opinion it’s not nearly as good or good for you. I have to be so careful not to use much, or I get the stomach problems that happen with all sugar alcohols. Maybe if someone (who is good at doing that) starts a GoFundMe on Facebook and explains why it’s needed and how much better and safer Just Like Sugar is for people who can’t eat sugar, we can help Mike start making and selling it again. I will certainly be willing to contribute what I can. I miss it so much!

      • comment-avatar
        Jane Barthelemy November 17, 2021 (12:22 am)

        Thank you, Jaye. I agree with you 100%. Mike Sylver, the inventor and president of Just Like Sugar is a genius. And he’s generous beyond measure. It’s been a tough road bucking the Grocery Association! I’d go to the ends of the earth to help him. It would be good if he could return my calls. Ha Ha! Maybe we can ask him to consult on our new sweetener production company after the pandemic settles down. His technical expertise would be invaluable. Addictions are the scourge of humanity. Alas we are so gullible, we quickly becomes slaves to our own metabolism. I don’t eat sweets anymore at all, and I am fine. I do recommend Swerve and Lakanto, both are fine sweeteners, although Erythritol leaves a lot to be desired. We are ready to hear about a collection for Mike. We need to set up world production of chicory root sweetener! Keep all doors open to a bright future for health! Thanks! Jane

  • comment-avatar
    tony July 5, 2021 (4:53 pm)

    is anyone can tell us where to buy it????

    • comment-avatar
      Jane Barthelemy July 6, 2021 (8:00 am)

      I don’t know. Wish I could tell you. Please be well and above all, stay away from sugar! Ha Ha!

  • comment-avatar
    tony July 5, 2021 (4:52 pm)

    i have the same question !!!!!
    (I tried to go to their website and was unsuccessful. Is ‘Just Like Sugar’ still in business?)

  • comment-avatar
    Pam June 28, 2021 (11:42 am)

    I tried to go to their website and was unsuccessful. Is ‘Just Like Sugar’ still in business?

    • comment-avatar
      Lynn carbone March 1, 2023 (11:50 pm)

      It appears they filed for bankruptcy I hope a company will purchase the formula and start making it again..

      • comment-avatar
        Jane Barthelemy April 1, 2023 (1:14 am)

        Hi Lynn, Just Like Sugar had several companies. Mike Sylver, their president told me that one of them had filed for bankruptcy. It’s a very long story. Now there are so many people in the world who want a healthy sweetener. Positive things will happen in the future. Best wishes for your delicious health!

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