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My recipes are all original. Every one! Food should bring you energy, clarity and JOY! Perhaps my biggest discovery is how to make sweets that don’t elevate blood sugar or cause weight gain. We believe desserts are BAD for us (and most of them are)! However sweets can be HEALTHY! In an epidemic of sugar-related diseases like diabetes, heart disease and cancer, THIS is the solution: Use low-carb, original, unprocessed ingredients. There’s no need for deprivation. Here are some of my recipes. Try them and send me your comments!  Jane


Black Sesame Seed Brownies – My Favorite Superfood!

Today I needed an intense black leather stiletto heels radical chocolate fix. Yep! These flourless brownies really did the trick! I got a nice endorphin lift from the chocolate without disturbing my blood sugar. Yay! And black sesame seeds are a boost for for longevity and libido! Whoa! a real nutrition-buster treat. Even better, I got a big serving of phyto-nutrients. Yep. Fresh vegetables - beets, carrots, and kale make these bars VERY dark, almost black.  And they taste AMAZING!  ...
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Pumpkin Seed Basil Pesto, Vegan

Inspired by Italian Pesto alla Genovese, this easy pesto tastes just like the authentic original. A snap to make in a food processor or small blender, no one will ever guess it's Paleo, Vegan, free of common allergens like dairy, cheese, and GMO's. It tastes wonderful over Zoodles, salads, stir-fries, or as a dip with veggies. Basil is not only tasty, it is an anti-oxidant rich in vitamin K, flavonoids, and natural oils that protect from harmful bacteria. Pumpkin seeds are a true superfood with 3 key ingredients for sexual health ...
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Creamy Mint Matcha Green Tea Avocado Milkshake with Young Coconut!

It's a Green Bliss Smoothie! Imagine a creamy young coconut milkshake. Now add smooth avocado and uplifting matcha green tea. Then put in a handful of refreshing mint leaves and some lemon or lime juice. Now add a few Chlor-Oxygen green drops for energy. And blend. The result is indescribable green bliss! Did you know that fresh coconut water contains more electrolytes than most sports drinks? That's why it's great for athletes, men, women, and people of all ages. Even better, young coconut water is unprocessed, toxin-free, and similar to blood plasma. Young coconuts ...
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Curried Vegetable Dal, Nightshade-free!

Eat beans and live a long life! I especially love curried red lentils and confess that this dish is my comfort food. Yes, I know they're not officially Paleo. However it turns out that beans have been discovered at Paleolithic fossil sites all over the world, and in some areas were found to be their primary plant food. What about the anti-nutrients? Aha! Some people say they can't eat beans. Well, you have to soak them first! To destroy those pesky lectins and make beans highly digestible, soak well for 8-12 hours ...
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Omega-3 Italian Fish Stew with Garlic and Saffron

This recipe is inspired by an amazing day on the Southern Adriatic coast. After teaching a Qigong workshop in Italy, I spent a few magical days in the charming beach town of Sirolo. Of course there's nothing to do but relax and eat fish! The sky and sea were calm and brilliant blue. We lounged under umbrellas all day, while the aroma of roasted garlic, olives, and the freshest fish beckoned us from the restaurant.  ...
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Best Depression Med? 100% Chocolate!

Pure 100% chocolate is my favorite food in the world. And for good reason. Pure unsweetened cacao gives me a lift! It is higher in antioxidants than grapes, blueberries, or green tea. Maybe that’s why ancient cultures called it “Food of the Gods.” Who needs meds when we have the REAL STUFF? But there's a catch! If it has sugar added, it's partly toxic. Why ruin the healthiest food by mixing it with the most unhealthy toxin? Sugar acidifies the body ...
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green smoothie

Sunrise Green Smoothie in 1-Minute

Go green with a delicious healthy smoothie for breakfast. My day begins with a big tall one. Every morning it's a bit different, and I drink it before a workout, yoga or qigong. This basic recipe is loaded with vital nutrition and whole food flavor. I make sure I use tart fruits, which are low in sugars and carbs ...
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Zoodles with No-Tomato Sauce

I love Italian food, especially pasta with tomato sauce. However it's tough on my body, which prefers this amazing recipe with Zoodles and No-Tomato Sauce (or your favorite pasta sauce), and Vegan Parmesan Cheese. Why eat spaghetti that's high in carbs and nutritionally empty? I react to the acidity in tomatoes, a nightshade, like many other Caucasians. And nightshades are tough for some members of my family that have arthritis inflammation. If this isn't an issue, just use your favorite tomato sauce over the zoodles. Zucchini ...
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Fermented Mango Carrot Relish

This refreshing relish adds zingy flavor and vibrant color to any meal. It takes 5 minutes to prepare and 1-2 weeks to ferment. When it's ready, every bite feeds your healthy micro-biome. Carrot, mango, and fresh ginger root combine well with many dishes, like Sweet Potato Hash for breakfast, lunch or dinner! Store your fermented veggies in the refrigerator up to 4 weeks, and serve with any meal to boost to your intestinal health! ...
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Paleo Egg Muffins with “Cheese”

Lunch box finger food! If you can eat eggs, but are staying away from dairy, here's an easy "Paleo" meal everyone loves. It’s a flexible one-dish meal, bag lunch, or finger food. Like an omelet in a muffin, it's chock full of vegetables, and high in protein too. Kids love to eat them with their hands - no need for a fork. These are delicious hot, cold or at room temperature. I use my amazing dairy-free Vegan Parmesan Cheese. It's quick to make and store in the ...
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Sprouted Quinoa Salad with Avocado

This is my favorite way to eat quinoa, because it is delicious, nutritious and super-quick! Quinoa is a gluten-free, celiac-safe complete protein, which makes it an ideal nourishing vegetarian meal. Quinoa is an ancient Incan plant related to beet and chard. Since it's not a grass or a grain, I guess it sort-of qualifies as "Paleo". Quinoa has countless health benefits: It is high in magnesium, fiber, minerals, and it acts as a natural pro-biotic to promote intestinal health. Sprouted ...
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Paleo Grilled No-Cheese on Rosemary Bread

Dairy-free grilled cheese? YESSS! Grilled cheese used to be a comfort food for me. But sadly, I've been missing it for years... until now! Yep, today I finally figured it out. I'm thrilled! This grilled dairy-free cheese sandwich is high in protein, without any gluten, or grain - and it's very low in carbs. Yay! When you use my Dairy-free Cheddar Cheese with any of my bread recipes, such as Rosemary Bread, this sandwich is a snap. Oh Yum! Tip: Do not overmelt ...
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Greek Egg Eyes-cropped

Greek Eggs

If you live in Athens or the Greek Islands, you’ll find this easy everyday breakfast on the street corners. My friend Kalpita in Athens says it will stave off a big fat Greek hunger all morning. The name Avgá Mátia means “egg eyes,” like two eggs looking up at you, with a side of Kalamata olives and tomatoes. Good quality Greek oregano adds a high-nutrition punch to this breakfast, as it is packed with anti-oxidants, vitamin K, iron, manganese, and antibacterial benefits. If ...
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Old-Fashioned Bali Fried Rice

Delicious! Did you know that the original ancient rice in the world was dark red in color? This nutrient-dense, low-carb meal was common in Bali before colonial times, called "nasi goreng".  For me it was an eye-opening discovery that red rice has over 5X more nutrients than white rice. Yikes! That's because polished rice is stripped of its nutritious outer layer of vitamins and minerals during processing, which makes it white. Red rice is so filling, you'll eat less and be more ...
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5-Minute Sprouted Buddha Bowl

Breakfast, lunch or dinner, this is a great way to use leftovers. If you have leftover brown rice and a few veggies on hand, it's a nutritious 5-minute meal. Start with 2 cups brown rice, preferably soaked or sprouted. Add a few sautéed veggies, and top with avocado. Egg and meat are optional. "Brown rice" is just unpolished rice, so it is fully nutrient dense, and tastier. If you pre-soak it, then it starts to sprout, so it is supercharged with living nutrients. As a ...
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How Much Sugar Does Your Body Need?

There are just two kinds of food. NUTRITIOUS food and EMPTY food. The simple story this: Nutritious Food has vitamins and minerals directly from nature. Real food gives you a long healthy life. Empty Food is high in sugar. It gives you FAST energy, but soon makes you more tired. What's your metabolic lifestyle? This is a choice we make every day between Fast or Slow energy. Our brain and all our body cells need a bit of sugar to ...
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Hi-Protein Carrot Cake Goji Muffins

I created these muffins as a high-protein breakfast for my friend Marion who is diabetic. She asked for a high-protein breakfast muffin. These taste just like carrot cake, however they're extremely high in protein from pastured eggs, protein powder, and almond meal which is 27% protein! Like all my muffins these are low in carbs. Goji berries, also called wolfberries, are a nutritional powerhouse, and a respectable source of protein. Goji berries have been used to treat diabetes, hypertension, and inflammation. Traditional Chinese medicine ...
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My 1-Minute Turmeric Shot!

When I need an instant energy boost, I stir together this tasty mixture. These 4 ingredients in combination are SO uplifting! Mix together in a glass: 6 oz hot water, 1 teaspoon turmeric powder, 1 teaspoon ginger powder, 1/2 teaspoon black pepper, 1 teaspoon honey, Stir and enjoy! Turmeric could be the most powerful herb on the planet for building a strong immune system. Turmeric and its active ingredient curcumin are the main spice in Indian curries. The health benefits ...
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Paleo Thai Chicken Nuggets

Easy, succulent and irresistible finger-licking morsels of spicy chicken with a crispy lemon-ginger coating. These are quick to make and indescribably luscious with green chili dip. Who needs barbecue sauce with this kind of flavor? Look for pasture-raised organic, or non-gmo chicken if possible. I baked these, but you may also fry them if you prefer. You can slice the chicken breast into nuggets, or use pre-cut chicken tenders. Makes about 30 nuggets. Serves 4 ...
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Bangkok Meal in a Leaf

Here's your 5-minute lunch in a kale or chard leaf! My favorite Thai appetizer is called Mieng Kum, a symphony of flavors that tantalize the taste buds. Every known flavor is hidden in each bite: sweet, pungent, sour, salty, and spicy. Easy to prepare, this Paleo version makes a healthy lunch or snack. Vary the recipe according to your taste, your diet, and ingredients you have on hand. The basic idea is to wrap foods in a leaf, with an amazing Asian sauce. If ...
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