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My recipes are all original. Every one! Food should bring you energy, clarity and JOY! Perhaps my biggest discovery is how to make sweets that don’t elevate blood sugar or cause weight gain. We believe desserts are BAD for us (and most of them are)! However sweets can be HEALTHY! In an epidemic of sugar-related diseases like diabetes, heart disease and cancer, THIS is the solution: Use low-carb, original, unprocessed ingredients. There’s no need for deprivation. Here are some of my recipes. Try them and send me your comments!  Jane



Roasted Garlic, Aluminum-free

Toasting gives garlic a deep, rich, yet delicate flavor. Raw garlic is crunchy, pungent, and fiery. However once roasted, it transforms magically into a golden soft buttery spread. Roasted garlic is delicious on meats, veggies, breads, and it tastes divine in my Virus-Busting Garlic Soup! Roasting garlic is super-easy, and you don't need aluminum foil. BTW my kitchen is 100% aluminum free. Warning: Roasting garlic will fill your entire home with indescribably tantalizing and irresistible aromas that may uplift your mental state to pure joy and happiness! Garlic's healing powers have been known for millenniums, at least since biblical times. Its superfood ...
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Bye-bye Colds and Flu, Virus-Busting Garlic Soup

Say hello to wellness, say good-bye to any virus with this powerful immune-boosting soup. My personal favorite high-potency cold and flu buster ingredients are: Garlic, Coconut oil, Ginger, Reishi, Astralagus, Calendula, Oregano, and Schizandra. This recipe uses the first six, however feel free to make your own variation, as it's very flexible. If you don't have any one ingredient, just skip it and the soup will still be divine. Read more about how to use all these virus-busting herbs in ...
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Dissolve stress with Chocolate Golden Milk and MCT Oil

You can dissolve stress with Chocolate Golden Milk. Turmeric is an uplifting, anti-inflammatory supplement. But it is not easily absorbed in the body, and many people drink golden milk but totally miss the health benefits. This recipe includes ALL the essential ingredients to help you to get the greatest benefits from your turmeric. Make sure your Golden Milk is hot. It should contain some fat - such as MCT oil or coconut oil. Black pepper boosts assimilation or curcumin. Cocoa ...
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My Favorite Breakfast Parfait

Healthy food can be easy and delicious. Just layer in a glass and enjoy! Yep, this quick breakfast is from Dr. Johana Budwig's famous anti-cancer protocol. However, it's a favorite meal or snack anytime! Dr. Budwig was a brilliant German doctor with a 95% success rate healing cancer. Wow! Nominated for the Nobel Prize seven times, she discovered that when unsaturated fats and protein are exposed to sunlight, it activates vital healing solar electrons in the body. Hmmm... tell me more. The food ...
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Best Gluten-free Focaccia

Happy New Year! Cheer up with my favorite authentic Italian Flat Bread, an easy comfort food for everybody, including any alternative diet. This quick gluten-free, grain-free Paleo Pizza is so satisfying that it transports me to Tuscany. A great crust recipe for your favorite topping, this is delicious with onions, veggies, or even plain. I like to enjoy warm focaccia instead of bread as a quick snack or side dish. The subtle flavors of toasted onion and olive oil were a hit! No ...
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Grapefruit, Greens, Ginger Smoothie

Delicious, refreshing, detoxifying for breakfast or snack, grapefruit makes a great anti-oxidant smoothie. Even better, it's low-glycemic and tastes yummy with ginger. I like the mild flavor of baby spinach, however any greens will do such as kale, chard, collards, dandelion, arugula, watercress, etc. Imagination and variety are my keys to making breakfast interesting, and this smoothie is a great way to start the day! Serves 2 ...
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Paleo Chicken (or Turkey) Enchilada Casserole

Try this authentic Tex-Mex dinner with turkey leftovers! Everyone loves its satisfying and slightly spicy flavor. I made it for a Santa Fe potluck dinner. It vanished and they were begging for more! No one could believe it's gluten-free, grain-free, corn-free, GMO-free, organic, and dairy-free. Ha Ha! It's easy to layer together in four parts: 1) spicy chicken, 2) grated veggies, 3) tomato sauce, and 4) blended coconut crust on top. Try it with my yummy Paleo Sour Cream, which is ...
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Flourless Green Smoothie Pancakes in a Jiffy

I woke up hungry, craving a high-protein nutritious breakfast. In the fridge I found berries, eggs, spinach, an apple. 15-minutes later I was eating a short stack of green flapjacks loaded with protein. They're gluten-free, grain-free, low-carb, and bright green! Other pancake recipes use high-carb ingredients like refined flour and sugary bananas. However this recipe will cause no sugar spike or weight gain! The quick berry sauce is so delicious it will make your eyes roll ...
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Top Herbs for Kidney Health

Your kidneys are a remarkable organ that deserves loving care. Kidneys have many essential functions in the body, including filtering the blood, detox, controlling metabolism, water balance, ruling sexuality and libido. The kidneys are intimately linked to the brain, nervous system, hearing, and the ears. Thick beautiful hair and graying of hair are ruled by the kidneys. The adrenals are part of the kidney system, providing high energy when needed, however they often get overworked and tired. In Chinese medicine, the Kidneys are the ...
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Sweet Rose Hibiscus Honey Bath – A Calm Detox Treat!

Life is a wild ride. And a hot bath is a winter joy! This magical pink bath is 100% natural, designed for you and anyone you love. Oh, please accept this invitation to relax and release all cares. This bath will make a warm loving care package for your favorite people this holiday. In ancient Greece, bathing was regarded as a healing gift from the gods. NOW is DEFINITELY the time to revive this timeless tradition of sacred baths. Conscious soaking helps ...
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Natural Food Coloring Made Easy!

Amazing! Are you ready to have fun decorating? You can make brilliant food colorings from everyday fruits and vegetables like beet, red cabbage, goji berries, and turmeric. We don't need toxic chemicals to create intense colorful decorations for frostings, cakes, and candies. First mix the color concentrates. Then make your white icing and add a few drops of your concentrate. Then freeze any leftover concentrates in ice cube containers for easy storage. Here's how to make the liquid color concentrates. These ...
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Paleo Sweet Potato Latkes with Cranberry Applesauce

You don't have to be Jewish to love potato latkes! And these delicious babies are different. These latkes are free of gluten, grain, dairy, sugar and nightshades! Hooray! The old-world recipe used white potato (a nightshade) and matzo meal (wheat grain with gluten). Instead this Paleo-adapted version uses sweet potato and almond meal. EASY! Top your latkes with my Instant Cranberry Applesauce and dairy-free Coconut Sour Cream, recipes below! Yum Yum!  ...
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Sparkling Virgin Pomegranate Punch

Like spiced wine, this zingy raspberry pomegranate punch is quick to make and perfect for any holiday gathering. The flavor is deep and refreshing. Just blend, add sparkling water, and serve. It's filled with with vitamins and anti-oxidant nutrients from berries, pomegranate, and cherries. Even better, it's sugar free and won't cause a holiday sugar spike, ...
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Zoodles in 1-minute flat

How to make zucchini noodles? Zoodles are a guilt-free, no-weight-gain solution to authentic Italian dishes like Pasta Alfredo. Way better than rice, corn, quinoa, and other high-carb, processed noodles, nothing beats fresh vegetable spaghetti! Once you try zoodles you'll never go back!  ...
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Chocolate Banana Nut Pile-Up

This healthy breakfast-in-a-glass consists of bananas and nuts piled up together with an easy chocolate ganache. It’s super quick to stir together, pile up in a glass and eat! Non-glycemic sweetener won't spike blood sugar or cause weight gain. Almonds are high in protein and fiber. Unsweetened chocolate contains anti-oxidants and theobromine,  ...
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Paleo Turkey Pot Pies in a Cup

With so many holiday leftovers I just HAD to make turkey pot pies in a cup! These pies are designed to use ALL your leftovers, including veggies, gravy, and meat. I made a pot of turkey broth, and used it in the pies - or use your favorite broth. The Paleo crust is made of coconut butter and chia seeds!  ...
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Paleo Turkey Tetrazzini

My favorite turkey leftover recipe in the world! Turkey Tetrazzini is NOT Italian. Yes, it was invented by the famous soprano Luisa Tetrazzini. She asked for creamed turkey over spaghetti with Parmeggiano Reggiano, and she got it! Like a true diva, she lived at the Palace Hotel in San Francisco, where the chef prepared all her meals. Madame Tetrazzini was 100% Italian, and a feisty lady too! Read a bit of her story below. This holiday, I am CRAVING Turkey ...
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Maple Syrup NOT Healthy! The devil is in the details.

By Jane Barthelemy. We LOVE drizzling tons of maple syrup on our gluten-free pancakes! After all, it's pure sap from maple trees. Right? Sorry, the answer is NO!  But maple syrup is unprocessed? Right? The answer is NO!  But maple syrup low in sugar? Right? NO NO NO! But maple won't acidify my body like sugar, right?  SORRY, IT ACIDIFIES EXACTLY THE SAME AS SUGAR!  Oh dear! As usual, the devil is in the details. This won't be my most popular post. Ha ...
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Detox Spinach Avocado Walnut Dip

This 5-minute dip is bursting with flavor and nutrients. Like a fresh pesto, it tastes zingy and alive. We can't measure LIFE FORCE in food. However we know instinctively that fresh alkaline foods have lots of healthy Qi, and processed foods do NOT. So garden-fresh foods are far higher in life force. This delicious spinach pesto is exploding with life! To make the dip, just put everything in the food processor, whiz, and it's ready in moments! I love crunchy chips, but these days I'm into colorful sliced veggies, ...
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Alkaline Watercress Salad

Today I found organic watercress at the local grocery! So I made this super-easy salad with all high-alkaline veggies, like cucumber, sprouts, kelp, and avocado. Watercress, with its pleasantly pungent flavor, is helpful in reversing acidity and purifying the blood. It has been used as a healing food for thousands of years. Watercress is especially high in anti-oxidants and Vitamin K (that’s the one most of us are lacking). Dr. Mercola says watercress contains over 15 essential vitamins and minerals, more ...
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