Energy Medicine

It is so important for your physical body and your spirit (your deeper essence) to be aligned. When these are out of balance you may feel tired, get sick, or not live to your full potential. Discover the power of your body’s own healing system through Energy Medicine.  Jane


Jane Barthelemy,  MBA, CBP, CRM, DRM, owner of Five Seasons Medicine, practices a number of healing modalities to align your body to spirit. Jane is a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner, licensed Accunect provider, EFT trainer, Certified MogaDao Qigong Guide, Certified MogaDao Sacred Sexuality Instructor, and 3rd degree Reiki Master. Jane is the originator of the DRM Dietary Reset Method, a system of comprehensive dietary tests, guidance, and coaching. She practices at the Blue Lotus Integrative Healing Arts Center, and Santa Fe Soul, in Santa Fe, NM. For more details, see Jane’s healing website: Five Seasons Medicine.

Energy Medicine is a way of aligning your physical body to your deeper essence – your spirit. When these two aspects of a human being are out of balance, health is quite impossible. Energy Medicine begins at the deepest levels, to synchronize the body to spirit, so that your body wisdom can find its way. Energy Medicine is the most powerful healing system, because it addresses the deepest layers of your cellular subconscious, instead of a complicated tangle of superficial symptoms. Energy Medicine healings are complete and permanent, not just a temporary remission of symptoms. Most importantly, your intention, or your wish to heal does all the work. Jane’s responsibility is to listen. Your job is simply to open and powerfully wish to heal.

Jane uses several astonishingly effective therapies combined with muscular bio-feedback to find compromised energy flow. This helps the body’s energy systems to re-align, so they can operate as nature intended. Energy Medicine can profoundly improve your health very quickly without needles, drugs, or machines. It uses gentle tapping of specific energy points in certain sequences to re-connect organ function and stimulate innate body wisdom. Energy Medicine is deeply relaxing. It boosts your inner healing process by balancing your tissues on a deep cellular level. Energy Medicine can be used as a total healing system, or in addition to other healing methods, therefore it can compliment any other type of therapy. Jane does not diagnose, prescribe medication, or sell supplements. The power of this healing lies in its ability to find the body’s highest priority, and with gentle tapping it can re-balance cell function, brain hemispheres, energetic patterns and thoughts, releasing any tensions and blocks to help you live your optimum life.  Click for more information about the BodyTalk system.

Reiki is a gentle tool for deep healing.  It is a safe and non-invasive form of hands-on healing that channels the unseen life force flowing through each of us in order to promote balance in mind, body and spirit.

Accunect is a powerful energy healing system that uses Chinese 5-element theory to balance the 12 meridians, remove blocks in the body, and re-balance the body-mind-spirit.

EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique is a simple and potent tapping system that uses acupuncture meridian points to release stress, trauma, thinking habits and beliefs that no longer serve you. Jane can train you to use these techniques on your own. EFT is a highly useful personal healing tool when the source of the stress or trauma is known by the client.

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