How’s Your Drinking Water Quality?

By Jane Barthelemy. I believe that body fluid clarity and lymphatic drainage are synonomous to health. That’s a strong statement. If true, it would follow that the quantity and quality of your drinking water are essential to health. Tap water has its problems – we can sense a melange of toxins. However today, instead of that age old topic, I will outline the two most important aspects of water for it to truly clean and benefit your body tissues. Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.

Two Main Aspects of Water Quality: Physical and Energetic. 

  1. Physical: Water should be free of toxins. If you’re starting with tap water, it is important to remove as many toxins as possible. This can be done with various systems such as carbon filters, reverse osmosis, etc. There are a growing number of products available that may or may not do a decent job.
  2. Energetic: Activating the water is the second and often fortotten aspect to beneficial water. There are a growing number of systems or methods available to raise the quality of your water energetically. This can make the water more palatable, harmonious, healthier for your body cells, and for the earth.

Since the human body is 70 – 90% water, and water has an energetic memory, both of these aspects are critically important. 1) The physical toxic level of the water must be very low, and 2) the energetic level must be high. These physical and energetic aspects go hand in hand to hydrate your body and make your cells happy and healthy. For example, if your water is physically toxic, your body just won’t like it, your cells may not absorb it, and you may be dehyderated no matter how much water you drink. On the other hand, if your water is free of toxins but energetically messed up, it will not hydrate your sacred body cells and cannot benefit your health.

I. Physical: What’s the least toxic water source?
Here is a VERY short list of possible water sources from the point of view of physical toxins. Please let me know if you have others.

  1. Carbon filter systemshave improved greatly over time. I’ve used the Multipure Aquaversa carbon filter system for over 15 years and consider it pretty good. Multipure filtersrange from $170 – $1,000. I replace the carbon filter every 6 months for about $65. I’m always looking for better quality, economical systems.
  2. Reverse Osmosis systemsvary in price and quality. I’ve noticed the name “Reverse Osmosis” does not always insure that the water is pure. My readings on so-called R/O water vary tremendously. Reverse Osmosis is said to be the only way to remove fluoride. It also reduces arsenic, trivalent and hexavalent chromium, radon and other contaminants that regular carbon block filters do not reduce. Although R/O water may be very pure, it is also devoid of essential minerals.
  3. Carrying bottled wateris a good solution for many people. In Santa Fe, I’ve found that the Water Man on Rufina carries a very good R/O water that measures 6/10 on my intutive scale. This is in contrast to the Montanita Coop bottled water, where all three types measure a 4/10 for me. Whole Foods Market comes in at 3/10.
  4. Countertop Pitchers – Commercial countertop solutions abound, such as Brita, Maeva, and PUR. These have improved a lot over time and are the most economical solution. I’m getting they range from 2/10 to 3/10 at best, provided that the filter is replaced often.
  5. AquaTrue is a R/O countertop filter– This one gets a 6/10 in my view. It is highly recommended by Dr. Mark Hyman, of the Blood Sugar Solutionbook and the Broken Brainvideo series. Check it out.
  6. Pristina wateris available in some stores as bottled water. It is also available as a concentrateto add to your water. One 12-bottle case of concentrate for $120 will make up to 120 gallons, which is enough to fill 908 half-liter bottles of pH balanced, structured water.

II. Energetic: How Can I Activate My Water?
After your water is free of toxins, the next step is to energize it. Yes, activate it. Water has a memory. I wonder what memories and what energy your water is carrying today? Water gets around – so we might ask: Where has it been?

I don’t need to repeat the mounds of evidence showing how the evergy of your water makes a huge difference in your state of mind and health. That has already been done. There are so many approaches to energizing water. You could make this a lifetime research project. The methods you’ll discover will range from strange to bizarre to wonderful. So I’ll keep this very simple.

Here’s my simple way of energizing my water. I use my personal intuitive scale which measures water quality from 1-10. I use a Multipure Aquaversa, bless it verbally while vortexing with a stir wand, put it out in the sunlight and moonlight for 24 hours, add a bit of Pristina concentrate, and bless it again when I bring it in. To vortex the water, just stir it rather vigorously so it makes a deep spiral. You can vortex your water with a stainless steel spoon or a stir wand. Here are my personal energizing steps. Yours may be even better:

  1. Start with tap water: I’m getting that water in Santa Fe is about 1.0
  2. Multipure Aquaversa carbon filter  + 7.5. to 8.5
  3. Vortex with a Grander Pennergizer, or a Quantum Stir Wand  +0.5  to 9.0
  4. Place it outside in Sunlight and Moonlight 24 hours. + 0.4  to 9.4
  5. Add a bit of Pristina concentrate.  + 0.3 to 9.7
  6. Vortex and bless it again with a daily verbal intention. + o.3 to 10.0
  7. Drink!

What’s your favorite water energizing system? This process takes me just a few minutes a day, and is fairly economical. Since I started doing it my health has improved. I now enjoy the pure taste of my energized water. However I’m still consuming fluoride, a known neuro-toxin, because my carbon filter doesn’t eliminate it. Are there other methods you like? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Vortexing your water can increase it’s health benefits many-fold.

BTW I consider Structured waterand Kangen water to be cutting edge, truly wonderful systems, and a partial solution to our total energetic needs. That’s a big yes. I suspect Alkaline water may be a myth. I find the best water may be a neutral pH of 7.0. This study is obviously a work in progress. I’ll be in touch as more information comes my way. What are your thoughts?

The BIG question: Are you drinking enough water? Probably NOT.

Most humans need 72 – 80 ounces of water a day. That’s 9 to 10 8-oz glasses. Any less than that will cause slow dehyration over time. This is why older people are often extremely dehydrated. Yep – they’ve been slowly dehydrating day after day for decades. The Mayo Clinic recently reported that on average an adult loses about ten cups of water every day. This means not only are people not drinking enough water, they are drinking dirty, non-energized, unstructured water in drinks such as coffees and sodas that cause acidification of the internal organs.

Long term dehydration can damage all the organs, and especially the skin. The skin is the largest excretory organ in the body and removes toxins through its pores when we sweat. When the body has chronic internal dehydration, our digestion slows down and toxins build up in the system. When we do not eliminate the waste fast enough, it builds up in our system and allows inflammation to occur in the skin. It can also cause wrinkles, psoriasis, spots, and other skin problems. Even cancer is related to dehydration, as the system has not been able to flush toxins from the tissues through the lymphatic system. Dehydration should simply be called “premature aging” due to toxic build-up.

If you are drinking 72 – 80 ounces of water a day but still feel dry or dehydrated, it is likely that the water you drink is not being properly absorbed into your cells. Maybe you’re just peeing it out. Please check this article written especially for you: Do You Drink Enough Water? How to Absorb it. The article includes a tapping protocol that can resolve this problem, by teaching the water how to return to nourish the cells.

Who are the Real Water Experts?
Water is much more important than we ever dreamed. Are you ready? Here are two guys that eally have the scoop on water. Look for Kacper Maciej Postawski or the Ever Tribe on FaceBook. To sign up for their online class and learn the real secrets of water, click here:

Oh, and best wishes for your delicious health!


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