Paleo Pink Lemonade

It’s sweltering hot here in Santa Fe, we’re all living on pink lemonade. My mom’s lemonade was sugary-sweet, however this refreshing recipe is sugar-free, using a natural zero carb sweetener. I don’t use stevia after learning (what the Grocery Association doesn’t want you to know) that it is is highly refined and toxic, processed with chemicals such as methanol, kerosene, alcohol, chlorine, acids, and titanium dioxide. Stevia is no more natural than Aspartame, Splenda, NutraSweet, Equal, Sweet N Low, and other artificial sweeteners, although its marketing would like you to believe their “natural” hype. For details, see my research The Toxic Truth About Stevia. Anyway, the most important question here is – how to make your lemonade pink? You have options! Since I love beets, I always have a few slices on hand. Or you can blend it with a few fresh raspberries, strawberries, or Pure Açaí berry puree. Makes 4 cups pink lemonade.

Paleo Pink Lemonade




  1. The quickest way to juice a lemon, and keep ALL the nutritious pulp is to peel, seed and blend it. Use a sharp serrated knife to peel the lemons. Slice and seed the slices with the tip of the knife.
  2. Add lemon slices and water to any blender and blend. Sweeten to taste a little at a time and blend again. Add the beet (or berries) slowly until it is your perfect color of pink. Blend well. Let the mixture sit for a minute to allow foam to rise to the top, and the lemonade settle to the bottom.
  3. Pour lemonade into a pitcher or into serving glasses over ice cubes. The pulp is the best part. However if you prefer your lemonade clear, strain it through a mesh strainer. Enjoy!

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