Royal Icing, Non-Glycemic

If you like to decorate cookies, but thought you’d have to give it up, think again! I loved holiday cookies as a child – it was an annual family tradition. A new concept in healthier cookies, these are free of gluten, grains, dairy, and sugar. I used my Paleo Holiday No-Sugar Cookies with Non-toxic Paleo Food Colors, and the Royal Icing recipe below. If you use the suggested non-glycemic chicory sweetener, then these are far superior to the usual sugary holiday treats. While these cookies are tasty and non-toxic, I can’t claim they have any nutritional value. Ha Ha! I’m offering a “healthier” non-glycemic alternative to keep a rich family tradition alive.

Royal Icing is easy with Just Like Sugar Table Top natural chicory root sweetener. There’s no cooking required. Just stir with water and it’s ready! This sweetener causes no glycemic rush, and with zero carbs does not cause weight gain. The recipe might work with regular confectioners’ sugar or Swerve confectioners’ sweetener, however I have not tested either one, so I’m not sure. Decorating can be done with a squeeze bottle, a spoon, decorating bags and various tips. But these are all optional. As you can see in the photo, I don’t have any fancy equipment – I just used toothpicks, spoon, and a small squeeze bottle. This recipe makes about 1 1/2 cups Royal Icing, which will decorate a whole lot of cookies. Enjoy! Oh, and leave your comments below!

Click to see my recipe for Non-toxic Paleo Food Colors, made with ChlorOxygen, beet, goji berry, turmeric, and red cabbage. I used an ice cube tray to hold the colors, stirring a bit into white icing for each shade. You can create any color imaginable by mixing these simple homemade food dyes.

Royal Icing Recipe - non glycemic



  • 2 cups [Just Like Sugar Table Top natural chicory root sweetener]
  • 1/2 cup lukewarm water


  1. In a mixing bowl, stir together the sweetener and water until it is smooth and the sweetener is completely dissolved. That's it! Use the white icing as-is.
  2. Choose the colors you wish to use. Get out white cups to hold them. Put 3-4 tablespoons of white Royal Icing in each cup. Stir in a few drops of the non-toxic color liquid in a cup, adding more bit at a time until it reaches your desired intensity of color.
  3. You can lighten the color by adding more sweetener. If any of the color cups become too runny, you can stir in a bit more chicory sweetener to thicken.

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