Paleo Strawberry Rose Panna Cotta for Lovers

A healthy way to say “I love you”. This sensual dessert is made with coconut, strawberries and rose water. It’s very easy to prepare, Vegan and Paleo. Inspired by a treat I tasted in Italy, Panna Cotta means ‘cooked cream’ in Italian, served like a custard or pudding. The flavor is rich and romantic, while being dairy-free. It won’t even spike blood sugar if you use one of the suggested natural non-glycemic sweeteners. Coconut cream is thick, luxurious coconut milk. For this dessert I suggest either Edward & Sons Organic Coconut Cream Premium in a small 5.4 oz can, or their Heavy Coconut Cream. I like these products as they’re beautifully smooth, organic and BPA-free.

Strawberries are superfoods loaded with antioxidants and vitamins. But look for organic strawberries, as they’re on EWG’s famous “dirty dozen” list of foods that absorb large quantities of pesticides, and you want to trust it will be a Monsanto-free recipe. This Paleo-adapted recipe is quick to heat, just whisk coconut milk with a bit of agar. Find agar flakes or powder in the seaweed section of any healthy grocery. Rose water adds a romantic touch, and is optional. If you use one of the non-glycemic sweeteners suggested, this dessert won’t spike blood sugar or cause weight gain. 

How do you want to serve your panna cotta? You have 3 options: Do you want to serve it in cups? Or stem glasses? Or do you want to mold it and serve it on dessert plates? Cups and stem glasses are super easy – just pour, wait to thicken and serve, as there’s no need to un-mold it. If you choose to serve on plates, you can use a silicon mold. Since I don’t have one, I found small glass dessert bowls make a perfect mold. (Don’t use muffin tins – I tried and they stuck badly.) To mold, pour the warm mixture into 2 small glass bowls and chill 30 – 60 minutes until it is very cold and firm. To remove from the mold, scoop it out gently with a rubber scraper, and turn it over onto a dessert plate. Serve with a drizzle of strawberry sauce, and garnish with a strawberry or two. I prefer these delicate flavors at room temperature, rather than cold. However this is YOUR special treat, so you decide. Serves 2.

I used two small glass dessert bowls as a mold, and it worked perfectly. Or you can use a silicon mold. Don’t try a metal cupcake pan, as it will stick. Allow to thicken 30 – 60 minutes in the refrigerator. When it is nice and thick, use a rubber spatula to scoop it out onto a dessert plate.

A splash of Rose Water adds a touch of sensuality. And the flavor is fabulous with panna cotta. Buy rose water in the spice section of many healthy groceries or online.

Paleo Strawberry Rose Panna Cotta for Lovers




    For the Panna Cotta:
  1. In a small saucepan, add the coconut cream, sweetener, vanilla, agar, and stir until smooth over little or no heat.
  2. Begin to heat slowly while stirring gently. Heat until the mixture is steaming, the agar has dissolved, and it is about to boil, or you see a few bubbles. Do not allow to come to a rolling boil or the coconut milk may separate. If the agar flakes don't dissolve, you can hurry it up by immersion blending the mixture in the pan.
  3. When coconut milk mixture is steaming and the agar is dissolved, remove from heat and stir in the diced strawberries and rose water, if using. Do not cook them. Pour the mixture into 2 bowls, or stem glasses, or molds. Allow to thicken for 30 minutes without disturbing.
  4. Strawberry Sauce:
  5. In a small blender, blend the strawberries and sweetener until liquefied.
  6. Serve Panna Cotta with sauce drizzled generously on top. Oh, and enjoy!!

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