3 Techniques for Self-Balance Under Duress

How to be calm in a storm. Whew!  THIS is a skill everybody needs! Here are my three favorite self-balancing tools. I don’t know about you, but my moods swing like a pendulum every day. The WHY doesn’t even matter. If I’m upset, angry, afraid, or worried, I am off-kilter and I cannot be my best self. So, every day BALANCE is PRIORITY ONE. Perhaps our single-most important responsibility is to be present in the moment to uplift our physical-mental-spiritual frequency. HEALTH is never a mystery of supplements and medicines. HEALTH what you create in your mind every day.

Energy frequencies shift constantly INSIDE us and OUTSIDE, like ever-changing weather. Some days are stormy, some muggy, some heavy, some chaotic, some filled with miracles. We live in a fast-changing world of beauty and wonder quite beyond our comprehension. And we are here for a very good reason. Maybe our purpose is to FEEL these shifting frequencies and old experiences in ourselves as they release and heal permanently.

Every moment in existence has prepared us for this moment. When we are balanced, we can accept that every struggle has a hidden purpose to sharpen our senses, wit, and understanding. We are being tempered by every difficulty. In order to navigate our way through this puzzle, we must have compassion for our body. If we can find balance and respect for that, there is hope.  Life is short, and by the time we figure out the actual rules of the game, it is soon over. Ha Ha!

That’s why I am offering you – Um – REMINDING YOU – that these easy balancing tools are yours every day. And they are FREE! They are highly advanced techniques to self-balance your physical body to higher dimensions in order to uplift your life and and navigate new energies. They’re free. and they WORK. Or would you rather hire a therapist to comfort you every day? Ha Ha! Best wishes for your highest clarity and joy!

1. Brain-Balancing for Mental Clarity – 2 min

Brain-balancing immediately boosts brain function and calms your nervous system without any medication. Tapping synchronizes left and right sides of the brain for better concentration. Backed by cutting-edge research, this integrates your WHOLE BRAIN. Immediately boosts brain function, calms emotions, resets the nervous system.

  • Merge big-picture awareness on the right hemisphere with precise logic on the left.
  • Balancing the dual polarities, we experience higher intelligence and ease.
  • Precise tapping gently optimizes body functions in all organs.
  • Do this 2-min exercise anytime – before an important meeting, an athletic event, or a performance.
  • Whenever you feel “off”, do not hesitate! Do this tapping exercise!
  • Do it every day for cumulative health benefits!


2. Reclaim Your Personal Sovereignty: A Frequency Balancing – 15 min

To Raise Your Vibration, Adapt to New Energies, and Find Your Human Heart. This 15-minute self-care practice will help you reset your nervous system and be at ease in in the middle of what seems to be total chaos. We live in a wild world of continually shifting energies.

Living in the midst of the storm, every day feels different, because it IS DIFFERENT. Many of the new frequencies you will meet are beneficial. And some are not. These are 6 Steps to help your body-mind-spirit activate the HEART.

1. Balance the Brain hemispheres. 3:30
2. Alternate Nostril Breathing to Calm the Mind. 6:10
3. Learn how to Release Stress. 8:40
4. Loving Kindness Meditation. 10:42
5. Create a Bubble of Protection around you. 13:35
6. Finish with Blessing and gratitude. 15:50


3. Retrain Your Vagus Nerve – Fear to Freedom in 6 Easy Steps – 30 min

How many years have you been under stress? Intense stress over time creates fixed patterns of tension in your body, which can build up to insane levels, causing all types of mental and physical ailments. Intense stress such as a pandemic, lockdown, loss of a job, hospitalization, can strain the entire nervous system so that it cannot function.

Six Steps:
1. Baking Soda to Reverse brain acidity
2. Alternate Nostril Breathing to Calm Nerves
3. Cat Cow Yoga – Soften Diaphragm
4. Kidney Meridian – Release Fear
5. Vagus Nerve – Reset Entire Nervous System
6. Total Body Relaxation.


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  • comment-avatar
    Gerri February 11, 2023 (12:00 am)

    Thank you!

    • comment-avatar
      Jane Barthelemy February 11, 2023 (12:59 am)

      Hey Gerri, Thanks for your kind words. These techniques WORK! I’ve been doing them for a long time, and I benefit from them every day. Blessings to you! Jane

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