Arrowroot Powder

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Arrowroot powder comes from a tropical tuber root. It is a fine, tasteless white powder used to thicken sauces and soups. I use it as a gluten-free binder in baked goods, such as cakes, cupcakes and even pancakes. It is an excellent substitute for cornstarch, which is usually GMO. Or potato starch, which is a nightshade. Since both these are common allergens, arrowroot has the distinct advantage that it is neither a GMO grain nor a nightshade plant.

Arrowroot must be heated to thicken. To use it in baked goods, add it into the dry ingredients like a flour. To thicken soups or sauces with arrowroot, stir a teaspoon or two first into a small amount of cool liquid (water, alternative milk, or broth). Then add that mixture to the soup or sauce and heat while stirring.

Also called arrowroot starch, find it in any good whole foods market,, or click to order below.

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