Chocolate Nut Butters

I’m flipped over homemade nut butters! They save money, I can make lots of flavors, and I can choose my own healthy sweeteners. High in protein and other nutrients, flavored nut butters make a great snack! Start with my simple Homemade Nut Butter recipe and then come back to this page for chocolate and flavorings. Store-bought flavored nut butters are expensive and filled with added sugars. If you have a super-blender, you can enjoy homemade flavored nut butters in minutes. A food processor will also work, if you have time and patience. Today I made this amazing Chocolate Cashew Butter, which tastes as smooth as velvet, and yummier than candy. Check out the flavorings below such as Mayan Chocolate, Mocha, and Maple. I keep my nut butters in the refrigerator as a precaution. Makes 1 cup.


Chocolate Cashew butter with Granny Smith slices!

Chocolate Nut Butters




  1. First make your simple nut butter. See Homemade Nut Butters in Minutes.
  2. After your simple nut butter is smooth, place the above flavoring ingredients into your small blender, food processor, or mixing bowl and mix well.

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