Sweet Potato Noodle Kugel

With Rosh Hashanah just around the corner, my inner child is already craving Noodle Kugel, that irresistible comfort food. I wondered, can sweet potatoes and coconut milk create that delirious joy of traditional kugel? The answer is YES and NO. Yes, my taste testers agreed this Kugel re-made healthy is deliriously delicious. However no, it bears little resemblance to the mouth feel of authentic noodle kugel, which requires forbidden ingredients like wheat noodles, cottage cheese and sour cream. If your wish like mine is to celebrate New Year with healthy sweets, I highly recommend you try this recipe!

Sweet potato noodles are easy to make. Shall we call them Poodles or Spoodles? Anyway, I used a Paderno 3-blade Vegetable Spiralizer available for $29.95, with the large attachment. You could also use a regular size noodle attachment, or even grate the sweet potatoes, but in both cases they’ll bake into mush, and I prefer the illusion of real noodles in my kugel. A hand-held spiralizer would not work on the firm potatoes, so I had to get out the large Paderno spiralizer.

And oh! The flavor. IMHO chocolate and sweet potato are pure heaven together. The 4 parts to this kugel are sweet potato noodles, coconut custard filling, a layer of chocolate sauce, and streusel topping. I skipped traditional raisins as they’re loaded with sugar. In fact this recipe won’t spike your blood sugar at all if you use one of the suggested non-glycemic sweeteners. For those who prefer a Paleo recipe, just use almond meal or chopped nuts instead of oatmeal in the streusel. Serve with or without Instant Coconut Whipped Cream. Freeze leftovers up to 3 months. Makes a 9 x 13 inch pan, because I guarantee your guests will consume it ALL! Serves 12.

Sweet Potato Noodle Kugel




  1. Preheat oven to 350º F. Grease a 9 x 13-inch baking dish with coconut oil.
  2. Spiralize or grate the sweet potatoes into the baking dish.
  3. Sprinkle walnuts and apple into the sweet potatoes.
  4. Custard:
  5. In a mixing bowl or blender, mix all custard ingredients. Pour evenly over the noodles.
  6. Chocolate Sauce:
  7. In a small blender, add all the chocolate sauce ingredients except the cacao. Blend. Add cacao last and blend again until smooth. Pour evenly over the noodles.
  8. Streusel Topping:
  9. Combine topping ingredients and sprinkle over noodle mixture.
  10. Bake until set and top is golden brown, about 1 hour.
  11. Cool on a rack 15 minutes. Enjoy!


I used a Paderno 3-blade Vegetable Spiralizer, $29.95 from Paderno. They also have a new 4-blade model. Sadly, my inexpensive hand-held cone spiralzer didn’t work at all on the hard sweet potatoes. You need the big spiralizer.


Spiralize the sweet potatoes (use the large noodle attachment) into a greased baking pan.


Sprinkle in chopped walnuts and apple.


Pour the custard mixture evenly over the noodles.


Pour a layer of chocolate sauce over the noodles.


A chocolate layer makes it oooohey gooooey and luscious!


Sprinkle streusel on top. I used organic oat flakes. You can make this Paleo and grain-free by using chopped nuts or almond meal in the streusel instead or oats. Bake 1 hour.

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