A Forgotten Pandemic: Body Toxicity

The 8th Forgotten Pandemic to Eradicate is Body Toxicity. These inflammatory and auto-immune diseases are primarily caused by exposure to toxins.



The Body Toxicity Pandemic is where stress and chemical imbalance hit the wall. After years of slow DNA damage from constant minute exposure to toxins like chemicals and heavy metals, the body systems begin to function unpredictably. Symptoms may appear suddenly, but they’ve been years in the making. Body toxicity diseases are tricky to diagnose, as they are called many names. Hence, this is not a specific diagnosis and we don’t measure it as-such.

Are we slowly poisoning ourselves? How many times do we accept a minute dose of toxin to get what we want in the moment? That easy sugar fix, that easy acquiescence, when we WANT to believe someone we’d like to trust but know in our heart we cannot. When we take the easy solution, it allows us to postpone a reckoning in the moment, while we slowly give up our mental and physical vitality to invasion.

The problem is, Body Toxicity, is a complex set of interrelated issues accumulated over time, that are difficult to reverse, and then Covid-19 can be extremely dangerous. Of course, the solution is to avoid toxic accumulation, and to DETOX every day. Detox means we control our environment of clean food, pure water, active lifestyle, and healthy thoughts, to live a happy life.

Accumulated Inflammation has many sources: Heavy Metals, Stress, Industrial Chemicals, Pesticides, Herbicides, Food Toxins, Microbes, Auto-Immune Diseases, Pharmaceuticals.

Body Toxicity includes: Inflammatory diseases such as Asthma, Rheumatoid arthritis, Multiple sclerosis, Fibromyalgia, Peptic ulcer, Lupus, Periodontal Disease, Colitis, Crohn’s disease, Hepatitis, and Parasites. It includes wildly diverse idiopathic diseases of unknown causes, some from long-term exposure, including Parkinson’s, Infertility, Depression, Neuropathy, Schizophrenia, ADHD, and bi-polar disorder.

We are constantly exposed to dangerous Heavy Metals.
Aluminum, Mercury, Cadmium, Lead, & Arsenic can accumulate in the body tissues.

For example, Parkinson’s disease is said to be related to accumulated toxins from farming chemicals that cause nerve degeneration.

Autism affects over 5 million adults and 1.5 million children in the US. Scientists speculate it may be caused by multiple factors: chemicals in food, vaccines, microbiome imbalance, and lack of sunlight.

A major cause of cause of Body toxicity is simple dehydration. When the tissues are dehydrated, or if you don’t move the liquids, your lymph system cannot eliminate toxins, and they build up like sludgy sea water in your body. Please drink 2 1/2 liters of clean water per day and exercise.

Processed foods may be infused with flavorings and additives. Small Nano particles in drinking water, food, and snacks are so tiny they are not declared, but they WILL have unknown long- term effects. How does that work?
Your body is exceedingly intelligent. The body can substitute on a molecular level, like fitting a perfect puzzle together for your health. But when we take in manipulated food, altered DNA or chemicals, your body can substitute with a fake or incomplete molecule that’s similar, if it can’t find the real ingredient. This is where over time body toxicity gets very strange.

If food DNA is manipulated, the body can get confused. Like opening a nutritional Pandora’s Box, we create a metabolic time bomb that can have a very unhappy ending.

Processed foods, snacks, and vaccines contain tiny electronic bots, smart dust and rfid chips as small as nano particles, that accumulate in the body, act as sensors-receivers, and are very difficult to remove. Do you really want to eat bot-infused snacks with microscopic nano particles? Stop that right now! These tiny information cells can influence your brain, your thoughts, and can be controlled from the cloud. They are DESIGNED to interact with your body functions, your cell phone health app, 5G internet, global data collection.

Poor Food leads to DNA Damage to Body Toxicity to Co-morbidity to Covid-19 to Death

Countless animal studies show that low-nutrient foods and radiation combine to make each generation weaker, weaker, and finally sterile. Human fertility is also declining. Low sperm count in men and difficulty conceiving in women is closely related to food and environment. Hence, we hold more than our own health in our hands. All future generations will bear the costs of our choices.

Disciplined awareness means we think about the Future Costs of what we do Today. While there’s nothing wrong with making a living or doing what we like, we will not steal from our children to satisfy our greed today. Let’s clean up our bodies, our kitchens, our soil, and our food. Let’s pay the full price now. Then we can leave this earth when it is our time, knowing we’ve done our best.

So, How do we eradicate Pandemic #8: Body Toxicity? You guessed it! High-fiber, Low-Sugar, Alkaline diet, Test Heavy Metals. Reduce exposure, Drink 2.5 quarts of clean water every day.
Detox with chlorella, cilantro

Do your inner practice to balance body and mind. Relax and enjoy life.


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