Time-Restricted Eating for Longevity and DNA Evolution

What is Time Restricted Eating?
Exciting new research suggests that Time-Restricted-Eating helps us painlessly eat less food to boost our immune system and extend longevity. When we attune our body to its natural circadian clock, our biological rhythms regulate our sleep-wake cycles through the day. If our sleep – eating patterns work against our natural inborn biorhythms, this leads to illness. When we stay up late, lose sleep, skip meals, eat too much, or eat late at night, this disrupts the natural rhythm, and we increase our risk of common diseases like diabetes, heart disease, obesity, hypertension, and cancer.

We live in a world of huge transition and challenge. Our bodies and minds must continually adapt to changing circumstances and new frequencies. In this era of enhanced microbial diseases and designer viruses, it’s critical to make an important personal commitment to detox, build our immune system, and optimize our health.


Time-Restricted-Eating means we adapt our eating schedule to a smaller window of time, to allow our body more hours to rest deeply. We can choose a schedule of WHAT TIMES to EAT, and WHAT TIMES to NOT EAT during a 24-hour day. For example, a 10-hour window for eating gives us 14 hours to heal in the remaining time of a 24-hour day. Another option is an 8-hour eating window, which gives you 16 hours to rebuild all your cells. If we use this knowledge, we can rapidly make our bodies stronger, and live healthy longer. See the options below and you can choose your favorite.

Benefits of Time Restricted Eating: 

  • Increased Longevity. You will live longer healthier.
  • Strengthens Immune System.
  • Purification of body, mind, and spirit.
  • Reduces insomnia, improves sleep, as the body focuses on repair, not digestion.
  • Increases brain clarity.
  • Gives you more energy during the day.
  • Removes Spike Protein and stops its proliferation.
  • When done with Ivermectin in a body cleanse, the benefits of Time-Restricted-Eating are multiplied many-fold.
  • Improves chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease, cancer.
  • Increases DNA stem cell activity in bone marrow and bloodstream, to make you youthful.
  • Improves removal of dead cells and toxins at night during sleep.
  • Maintains optimum weight for many years with no weight gain.
  • Reduces risk of disease.
  • Cleanses the brain and pineal gland for connection to spirit source
  • Reduces emotional swings for more stable moods.
  • Treats addictions such as alcohol, sugar, processed foods, drugs.

In our modern world it’s considered normal to eat three meals and additional snacks every day. In fact, most of us are eating all the waking day. Maybe the idea of fasting sounds outrageous and even dangerous. We are afraid of being hungry. However, often what we think is hunger is not really hunger, but just low blood sugar. See the two videos below, which describe the amazing scientific research findings.

The detox benefits of fasting are based on the process of “autophagy”. Autophagy recycles, processes, and removes damaged cellular components like dysfunctional proteins, damaged DNA, and other debris. In 2016, Japanese biologist Yoshinori Ohsumi was awarded the Nobel Prize for his discoveries on how cells recycle themselves through the cellular process of autophagy. This strengthens the immune system by clearing out old and damaged cells and replaces them with new, vibrant cells from their stem cell precursors.

Fasting is for Spiritual Purification and Ascension
Fasting is not only for weight loss. It is a preparation for spiritual growth and ascension. Fasting is a purification of body and mind, clearing out unneeded waste, excess accumulated toxins, and debris which cause disease. When you are not eating all the time, your body can focus attention on cell repair and tissue rejuvenation, instead of digesting food. An intelligent timing of regular meals for example in an 8-hour window, with no food for the remaining 16 hours can really increase your quality of life, without feeling deprived or hungry. You will feel higher energy levels and happy moods. When we understand what our body is capable of, we can regenerate a high level of health and longevity.

Fasting has always been an important part of spiritual purification in Hindu, Christian, Buddhist, and Muslim religions. The Buddha fasted before his enlightenment, Jesus Christ went into the desert for 40 days, Mohammed, and many Hindu saints such as Mahatma Gandhi fasted for a period to purify themselves. Fasting is an essential part of devotion worship and respect. Symbolically, fasting is a sacrifice to God as a mark of reverence and surrender. This is part of dedicating yourself to a powerful cosmic wish for spiritual ascension. Fasting purifies the mind, controls passion, restrains the senses, and holds the emotions in check. Holy books in every religion state that fasting creates an attunement with God by harmonizing body and soul. Maybe THIS was meant to prepare us for a life of wellbeing, moksha, ascension, and enlightenment.

Our digestion uses about 70% of our energy. Most of us tend to overeat. In fact, we could survive very well, even better, with far less food. If you overeat, or if you eat before bed, your body will be busy digesting, and not repairing your body. You will not sleep as deeply. Even worse, if we are eating empty food, we force our body to work much harder to sort through all that processed junk to look for useful nutrition. If you are sleep deprived, then your immune system will be weak, and it cannot protect you from disease. You will crave sugar, coffee, and you cannot improve your health. When we stop eating 3-4 hours before bed, we allow the body to rest and repair instead of always working to digest food.

So, what are the true benefits of fasting?
When you look at the research on fasting, it’s like a miracle cure for severe autoimmune diseases to cancer to all inflammation. You could say fasting is one of the original health interventions.

Fasting clears out old, damaged cells. Fasting is especially beneficial for the immune system, which resides in your bone marrow, the producer of DNA and stem cells. In fasting, the entire bone marrow function is transformed to a more youthful state. This slows aging and reduces your risk for diabetes, cardiovascular disease, or cancer.

Fasting promotes deep SLEEP, so your body can rest and recover.
What really happens during sleep? Your body can quietly go to work to send healing new cells wherever they are needed. Every seven years, every cell or of your body has been recycled, and created anew from their source in your bone marrow. But this repair can only happen in deep sleep. So, sleep is perhaps the healthiest activity you can do. Most people don’t get enough because they believe they are wasting time. Not true. Sleep is the best medicine, and it is FREE.  However, if your sleep is disturbed by loud music, noise, WiFi, or accumulated stress from your day, this essential repair process will be reduced.

Fasting Awakens the Pineal Gland
Your Pineal Gland rules the sleep-wake cycles. This amazing gland in the center of the brain contains sensitive crystals which can perceive light and spiritual frequencies that we don’t normally see with our eyes. Intermittent fasting helps to sensitize the pineal gland to its role in ascension and bring us closer to spiritual realization or enlightenment. So, SLEEP is essential because it is a magical night-time process of physical repair and divine attunement beyond our mind. That is why it is important to choose harmonious mealtimes that promote our spiritual awakening.

Fasting Helps Kick Sugar and Other Addictions
Fasting can help you eliminate any addiction, such as sugar, carbs, drugs, or alcohol. Fasting and avoiding sugar will powerfully boost immunity and promote your body’s ability to regenerate new healthy DNA for new cells. Sugar accelerates aging, so avoiding it will increase longevity.

Avoid Overeating, Excess Meat, and Late Night Eating
If you eat late, eat a lot of meat, or a lot of food in general, then your healing pathways will be shut down. But when you are fasting, your bone marrow stem cells are turned on. Stem cells are the generic baby cells born in the bone marrow. These special young cells travel from the bone marrow to heal all parts of your body while you sleep. A period of deprivation clears out old, damaged cells. Then when you STOP the fast, your body receives a major surge of regeneration and rejuvenation. This is why intermittent fasting or limiting mealtimes is even better for longevity than long periods of fasting.

During fasting it is important to drink lots of purified water.
Fasting is not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women, children, or for people who are very thin or ill. You may feel a little discomfort and cravings at first, and that is normal.

How to Do Intermittent Fasting

Check out the 5 options below. Which one is most comfortable for you? What’s your ideal eating window? My personal favorite is 5A. Create your own schedule. Just remember to eat your last meal 3-4 hours before bed, and do not eat again until the following morning. There are many types of fasting. These are just some possible options you can choose.




Time-Restricted Eating is also called “Intermittent Fasting”. Recent scientific research tells us that eating in a small window of time every day, up to a several days water fast, can bring HUGE benefits to the blood, immune system, brain clarity, and DNA connection to source.

Now that we are in the Covid period of time, where our DNA is under attack, there are even greater risks, and increased public awareness in true health. Through intermittent or periodic fasting we can greatly reduce our risk of chronic diseases such as diabetes, obesity, heart disease, cancer, and Alzheimer’s. It’s not difficult to do, and it can bring us huge health benefits. Best wishes for your highest health and freedom!

Thanks for showing up!

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