Did you get to WALK and LISTEN in NATURE today?

Some days require extraordinary patience. We each have our own journey in this fast-changing world. As you know, I tend to push to “accomplish” stuff. But some days, nothing works. Nothing feels right. So, maybe it’s telling me to chill out. Maybe it’s ok to plan the day. But then we have to LISTEN to see what is needed in the moment, what is appropriate in the circumstances. Following a plan rigidly can make everything get tied up in knots.

To take a walk in nature and just sit there listening, doing nothing – this usually straightens things out. That’s today. We can take one day at a time.

Some days we have to keep it simple. Even my thoughts, which seemed so important, now seem silly and superficial. I can let them go. I don’t feel like speaking. How do I know what’s real? Who am I anyway? OK – a human being. What are we supposed to do? So we breathe in oxygen. We eat food nourished by the earth and light from the sun. We exhale carbon dioxide. We excrete water and poop. Oh WOW! If I can do that really well, maybe it’s a pretty good accomplishment. Ha Ha!

Breathing is the container of JOY in the body. The breath is a threshold between the lungs inside me and the air outside. Just a thin membrane between me and my environment. The breath connects us all. Even our mental, emotional, and physical are all connected through the breath. The thoughts that come and the emotions that pass through influence and change our breathing patterns. The calmer the mind and the more secure we feel, the slower and deeper our breathing. Then our thoughts are not confused. We can feel clarity. Maybe we can observe our breath to heal our whole being.

Walking stimulates all the meridians. My body knows how to do it and enjoys walking. It gets the blood flowing, moves the lymphatic fluids and the breath. All my body functions begin to re-balance when I walk. As you gaze around while walking, your eyes adjust to the light, which regulates all senses and the brain. We feel the light from the sun, which provides Vitamin D and regulates our body bio-rhythms.

Listening is just doing nothing and staying open. We might feel like all our doors and windows are open, yet we don’t need to focus on any thoughts. Yeah! We can do absolutely NOTHING. WOW! Isn’t that a FUN GAME? Maybe listening is just a simple word for mindfulness, for meditation. These are just fancy words we toss around as if we know what they mean. We like to make them complicated with bizarre techniques. Ha Ha!

Nature is the great equalizer. We can’t fight it. We HAVE to love it. Can you really rebel against your mother? Against your own NATURE? Nope. I tried. We can only harmonize ourselves to her. If we TRY to fight it, if we don’t LISTEN, then Nature comes back to bite us in the butt sooner or later. Nature hits HARD. Then maybe we get really sick, have an unhappy event, or even die.

Life is a complex web. I’ll never fully understand it. And it’s our important job to balance it. I’m convinced if we take time to WALK and LISTEN in NATURE, we’ll sooner or later find the highest path of balance in ourselves and the world. Without this, we are lost.

That’s really all I have to say. Your journey is unique.
Enjoy your day!


4 Replies to "Did you get to WALK and LISTEN in NATURE today?"

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    Kathleen Spike July 15, 2022 (12:06 pm)

    I LOVE YOU JANE! You live in your truth. I am NOW going to go for a walk. Kathleen

    • comment-avatar
      Jane Barthelemy July 26, 2022 (5:07 am)

      Hi Kathleen! Yay! Hooray and Barvo for you! I love you!!! Jane

  • comment-avatar
    Dianne July 15, 2022 (9:20 am)

    Thank you, Jane.

    • comment-avatar
      Jane Barthelemy July 26, 2022 (5:08 am)

      Hi Dianne, Blessings to Yooooo!

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