Paleo Dark Chocolate Truffles

These babies taste luscious, decadent and divine. I can't believe they’re so incredibly easy! The best dark chocolate truffles are made with pure coconut milk and 100% bakers chocolate. Creamy and dreamy inside, just like French "Truffes au chocolat", amazingly they're healthy and Paleo, free of gluten, grains, sugar, dairy, and GMO's. These won't spike your blood sugar 

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Paleo Spinach-Walnut Dip

Here's an easy dip that's bursting with flavor and nutrients. It tastes vibrant and alive, like a fresh pesto. Life force in food is not easy to measure, however we all know instinctively that fresh foods have lots of Qi and processed foods do not. So freshly harvested veggies, meats, and nuts are rich in life force. 

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My New Updated Website!

Hi everybody! You’ll notice some big changes to my website. Visitor traffic has been increasing so fast we had to update to a completely new version of WordPress. Here are some of the changes you’ll see: All the navigation is now on the top menu bar, using drop-downs – see photo. I hope this helps you quickly ...

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Glyphosate Health Risks: Surprising Data

Is non-GMO food safe?
The shocking answer is NO! Toxic pesticides and Monsanto's herbicide Glyphosate are widely used on both GMO and non-GMO foods. To be safe we need to look for foods that are Organic and Monsanto-free. This article shows surprising new scientific research, clearly linking many chronic diseases to Glyphosate. 

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Holiday Cookies with Non-Toxic Royal Icing

If you like to decorate cookies, but thought you'd have to give it up, think again! I loved holiday cookies as a child - it was an annual family tradition. A new concept in healthier cookies, these are free of gluten, grains, dairy, and sugar. I used my Paleo Holiday No-Sugar Cookies with Non-toxic Paleo Food Colors, and 

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Best Paleo Sweeteners

By Jane Barthelemy.
The spotlight is on Paleo Sweeteners
now, because we’re living in times when sugars and refined carbs in processed foods are causing epidemic health challenges worldwide. Many people are turning to the Paleo diet for guidance. What did our ancestors eat?

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Paleo Food Colors, Non-Toxic

Here's a healthy solution to commercial dyes. Artificial dyes are one of the worst toxins in our food, found in candies, ice cream, and Oh No! Christmas cookies! These poisons are linked to cancer, brain tumors, and child hyperactivity, yet USA food manufacturers pour 15 million pounds of artificial dyes into our foods each year.  

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5 Top Paleo Sweeteners

By Jane Barthelemy. Top ratings go to Raw Honey, Chicory Root, Lo Han Guo, Swerve Sweetener, and Stevia leaves - raw and unprocessedthe healthiest Paleo sweeteners. The criterion are based on purity, stable blood sugar, and balanced metabolism. With a growing epidemic of diabetes, obesity, and

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Paleo Thumbprint Cookies

Jane-Icon-2Whether it’s a holiday treat, a special day, or just because you want to bake them, everyone will give a thumbs-up to Thumbprint cookies. These sweet, crunchy morsels will melt in your mouth. Thumbprint cookies are easy and fun for kids to make. They look and taste just like my Mom's, however this Paleo adapted recipe is far more nutritious, free of

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Paleo Holiday No-Sugar Cookies

Yesss!! Now we can make crispy holiday cookies free of gluten, grains, and sugars. Are you wondering how the dough is so flexible and easy to cut in shapes? Aha! The secret ingredient is coconut butter, which is pure coconut meat, ground. It's unprocessed, low in carbs, and delicious. Time to get out your rolling pin and cookie cutters! 

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My Healthiest Pumpkin Recipes

By now you've probably noticed I love pumpkins. For me a pumpkin symbolizes goodness, fantasy and possibilities - a pumpkin can change into anything! The simple pumpkin represents prosperity, generosity, and the Fall season. But most pumpkin recipes are unhealthy, high in sugars, gluten, grains, dairy and industrial foods - leaving me feeling overstuffed and toxic.  

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Paleo Pumpkin Swirl Brownies

Jane-Icon-2Oooey gooey pumpkin chocolate brownies are a necessity of the season! What makes them so dark and rich? Pure cacao, pumpkin, apple and chia seeds all marbled together. Since there's no flour, sugar or dairy, they're pretty much guilt-free. A great snack, this recipe is Paleo, low-carb, free of gluten, grains and GMO's. It will not spike your blood sugar or cause weight gain if 

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  • Jane, I feel like I could cry right now! It’s so hard to find recipes that are gluten-free, dairy-free and nightshade-free! I’m in awe over all of your choices here. Avoiding those foods is necessary, or my asthma becomes uncontrollable. Perhaps my world can finally open up to more than beans and rice. THANK YOU!!!” Cristen