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My favorite Apple “Torta di Mele”, Paleo-adapted

My favorite Italian treat is also the easiest. This is "Torta di Mele Morbida" (soft apple tart), Paleo-adapted from my amazing friend Giorgia Pistellato in Venice. Not a fancy dessert - it's an everyday sweet made with apples and cinnamon that always pleases (and reminds me of my former opera career in Italy.) This Apple Torta is a perfect choice for beginning bakers and children, simply because it NEVER FAILS!  A luscious last-minute recipe like this can be a very useful resource ...
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When is a Search Engine NOT a Search Engine?

I value my personal thoughts. The process by which I form conclusions is unique and intelligent. I'd like my thoughts to be independent, unsullied by commercial goals. I use the internet as a library for factual health research. Sometimes I find subjective, opinion-based "science", when my searches for medical information are "guided" or skewed by pharmaceutical interests. "Seeding" ideas is manipulative and dangerous. It goes contrary to my belief that we think independently and are responsible to heal our own ...
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The TOP Forgotten Pandemic: Low Nutrients, Mineral Deficiencies

Hello friends! I'm featuring the TOP Forgotten Pandemic from my video series. Enjoy! Pandemic #1 is so invisible we almost missed it, yet it harms 7.5 billion people, everyone on Earth. Low Nutrient Food and Poor immunity, from eating food that has been processed, but loses nutrients each step along the way. We start with original food, but by the time we eat it, we’ve lost 70 to 90% of the nutrients. DNA modification, Farming chemicals, heat, milling, transport, storage, ...
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My Best Paleo Pumpkin Recipes

Here you'll find irresistibly delicious pumpkin recipes free of gluten, grains, flour, and processed ingredients! For me a pumpkin symbolizes goodness, fantasy and possibilities - a pumpkin can change into anything! The simple pumpkin represents prosperity, generosity, and the Fall season. But sadly, most pumpkin recipes are unhealthy, high in sugars, gluten, grains, dairy and industrial foods - leaving me feeling unsatisfied, overstuffed, and toxic.   ...
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Just Like Sugar Sweetener – Temporarily Out of Stock

Hello friends. Many of you are having trouble getting your orders of Just Like Sugar Tabletop Chicory Root Sweetener. I wanted to let you know that the company is temporarily out of stock, and will be back in production soon. I met the owner, Mike Sylver, when I went to visit his factory. I had to check it out, as I was in disbelief that it was even remotely possible to find a healthy sweetener in the USA. I am ...
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Did you know there are more Suicides than Covid deaths in the world?

Greetings to you all from Bali, where all is well. I'm so excited to unveil my new video series. I'm a peaceful person, however when backed into a corner, as we all are now, I take action. In researching the world health situation, I suddenly noticed that suicides are more than double Covid deaths this year. WHAT? It seemed unbelievable, but I checked and re-checked the figures on the W.H.O. website, and they're as clear as day. Check it out ...
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Winner! Best Healthy Food & Lifestyle Blog – North America!

Hooray! I just received confirmation from Corp Today Magazine, that this blog JanesHealthyKitchen has been selected in the 2021 Global Business Awards for "BEST HEALTHY FOOD & LIFESTYLE BLOG - NORTH AMERICA".  This is a joy and honor. I thank you all for your suggestions, subscriptions, your follows, and especially for taking deliciously good care of yourselves every day! Jane ...
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Coconut Mango Goji Berry Cheesecake

My passion for healthy sweets is shamefully wonderful. This luscious summertime dessert is refreshing and easy. Even better, it's a no-bake, dairy-free, vegan, and Paleo treat, without sugar or GMO’s. It won’t spike blood sugar or cause weight gain if you use the suggested non-glycemic sweetener. The perfect cream cheese flavor comes from blended coconut butter and lemon. Ha! Luscious mango and high-protein goji berries give it a colorful chunky texture ...
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How did Ancient Red Rice become Modern White Rice?

Rice is the #1 primary staple food for over half the people in the world – more than 3.5 billion people depend on it for nutrition. So maybe it's important. Researchers have discovered that the earliest prehistoric ancestor of modern rice was found in China. It was wild, dark red in color, and highly nutritious. Archeologists have found evidence that Paleolithic people gathered wild grasses and pounded them with stones in many parts of the world. Then about 10,000 years ago Oryza ...
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History of Breakfast, What Happened to Our Food?

By Jane Barthelemy.  In times of total uncertainty, we need to have a good laugh. What if you could trace our worst chronic diseases (and COVID-19 comorbidities) back to the discovery of the New World and industrialized food? Tongue in cheek, I'm not joking. This article examines the undeniable history of our beloved first meal, in light of world money and food addictions. Yep. Especially sugar. For sure, breakfast wasn’t always corn flakes or toast with jam. Nowadays, what we eat ...
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Strawberry-Rhubarb Upside Down Cake, Gluten & Grain-free

This humble cake doesn’t look like anything special, but it will blow you away with tantalizing flavor and simple preparation. A great summer dessert for picnics and gatherings, everybody loves fresh rhubarb with strawberries. To make it, put the strawberry-rhubarb mixture into a pan, spread the cake batter on top, and bake. The simple yellow cake is Paleo, grain-free, and gluten-free, with a rich and sumptuous taste that infuses with strawberry-rhubarb flavors while baking. Yum yum! ...
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10 Steps to Smart Anti-Viral Foods & Lifestyle

By Jane Barthelemy. Our immune system is our most precious resource. In the past century, changes in the global micro-biome have challenged our delicate internal eco-systems, precipitating many of the major health issues we face today. Our environment is continually infused with new chemicals, viruses,  ...
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