Paleo Blueberry Pancakes with Berrylicious Sauce
Guilt-free Chocolate Truffles
Zoodles, No-Tomato Sauce & Coconut Parmesan Cheese
Chicken Adobo on Grain-free Tortillas
Paleo Eggs Benedict
Paleo Mini Quiches
Paleo Mexican Wedding Cakes
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Paleo Keto Chocolate Mug Cake

You don't have to be Keto to love this cake! A fluffy nourishing snack, this easy mug cake is the smoothest and tastiest I've ever tried. The secret to its delicate texture is almond meal and whole egg. This cake won't raise your blood sugar if you use one of the zero carb sweeteners suggested. Yay! It tastes even better with Instant Coconut Whipped Cream. The Ketogenic diet helps your body burn fat as fuel instead of carbs.  ...

Time-Restricted Eating for Longevity and DNA Evolution

We live in a world of huge transition and challenge. Our bodies and minds must continually adapt to changing circumstances and new frequencies. In this era of enhanced microbial diseases and designer viruses, it's critical to make a major personal commitment to detox, build our immune system, and optimize our health. What is Time Restricted Eating? Exciting new research suggests that Time-Restricted-Eating helps us boost our immune system and longevity, when we attune our body to its natural circadian clock ...

6 Ways to Squeeze More Nutrition Out of Your Food Dollar

This won't be my most popular post. However it might revolutionize your health while saving you money! Ten years ago I suffered a terrible loss, and the emotional stress led to total digestive collapse. I'll save you the details, except to say I couldn't digest anything anymore. All the food I ate went straight through me, like into a black hole. I became emaciated, thin, and exhausted for months. Then a miracle happened. I met Will, a 6' 6" weight lifter who enjoyed clean food. It was a passionate ...

10-minute Fennel Leek Detox Soup

Are you eating your green veggies? Fennel bulbs with fluffy fennel tops are delicious, tender, economical, and taste wonderful with leek. I love blended soups, because they're so EASY to make. First boil the veggies while you're doing other things. When you're ready, heat and immersion blend to serve in minutes. We had it for dinner today, however it's also fantastic for breakfast or lunch! This Paleo - Vegan soup is rich and thick with nutrient-dense veggies like fennel, fennel tops, leek, celery, and parsley ...

Dark Chocolate Raspberry Rose Brownies (For Adults Only)

Let go. Release your mind. Engage in random acts of generosity and love. As the world spins in unknown directions, this recipe will be your safe buoy of romance, sanity, and comfort. Yes, healthy food can be deeply calming and reassuring. Please share this recipe with someone you love. Take a deep breath and enjoy. After all, romantic nourishment touches the senses and says 'I love you' in a way that words can never express. Fudgy, moist chocolate plays center stage in these bars, with a hint of raspberry and delicate ...

High-Protein Quinoa Olive Bread – YUMMY!

Are you sick and tired of high-carb breads that add to your waistline? This easy gluten-free, grain-free bread is just the opposite. It is full of nutrient-dense superfoods and black olives. It's a quick bread with baking soda, so there's no need to wait for yeast to rise. And the main ingredient is quinoa! Other high-protein ingredients are almond meal, chia seeds, hemp nuts, and pumpkin seeds. It tastes VERY yummy with real grass-fed butter, and also with my surprising homemade Non-Dairy Butter. Try it! Quinoa (KEE-no-ah) is an ancient Incan ...

Paleo Caesar Salad – Mamma Mia!

I can't keep my finger out of this authentic Caesar dressing – it’s that yummy! Made it in less than 5 minutes! There’s something magical about 100% natural ingredients like olive oil, lemon and garlic that make Caesar dressing irresistible. But this Paleo dressing is also Vegan, free of anchovies, eggs and dairy! Yet, it tastes just like authentic Parmigiano Reggiano dressing. Ha Ha! Instead of cheese, it uses lemon, nutritional yeast and coconut butter. It's so delicious, you won't ...


Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake Love Bites!

Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake Bars - You might just swoon at the sweet flavors in these romantic love bars! You'll taste 4 creamy layers in each bite - crunchy nuts, chocolate fondant, smooth cheesecake, and tart raspberry glaze. This is not a bar, it's a Paleo candy! A love bite! And a perfect healthy treat for someone special. It's Paleo, gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, and raw. Just a tiny piece puts me in a good mood. Makes one 9 x 9-inch pan ...

Top 12 Acupressure Points to Recharge Your Energy in 5-Min (Video)

Let’s take five minutes to re-charge your energy! The simple act of pressing these TOP 12 POINTS will reset your body so that Qi, health, and happiness can flow more easily. It’s a quick way to restore balance to physical - emotional issues. It’s even more important during times of big transformation. And it’s FREE! These are the 12 points universally needed by almost EVERYONE on EARTH. Just a few minutes will unblock your muscles release emotions, and give you mental clarity. Use gentle, ...

Best Depression Med? 100% Chocolate!

Pure 100% chocolate is my favorite food in the world. And for good reason. Pure unsweetened cacao gives me a lift! It is higher in antioxidants than grapes, blueberries, or green tea. Maybe that’s why ancient cultures called it “Food of the Gods.” Who needs meds when we have the REAL STUFF? But there's a catch! If it has sugar added, it's partly toxic. Why ruin the healthiest food by mixing it with the most unhealthy toxin? Sugar acidifies the body ...


Paleo Egg Foo Yong in 5 Minutes

My first teenage infatuation was a young Chinese man, an artist and close family friend, Fong Yiu Lee. He painted portraits and taught us to cook authentic Cantonese dishes. Our kitchen was always a creative center of wild experimentation and sumptuous flavors. This is one of my favorite dishes I learned to make at 14 years of age. Egg Foo Yong is a nutritious 5-minute breakfast, lunch, or dinner, with optional meat. It's a great use for leftover veggies, and you won't miss the sticky-sweet ...

Raw Milk is a Superfood! Milkshakes in 14 Flavors!

OK, I confess, I've been experimenting with raw milkshakes every day for several months, and guess what? My aches and pains are gone, I feel more energy, my skin spots have vanished, I sleep better. If you have not yet tasted the flavor of raw milk, you're in for a treat! Smooth, creamy, sweet, life-sustaining, deeply nutritious, and satisfying. It's delicious and subtly different from pasteurized milk.  ...

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