Paleo Blueberry Pancakes with Berrylicious Sauce
Guilt-free Chocolate Truffles
Zoodles, No-Tomato Sauce & Coconut Parmesan Cheese
Chicken Adobo on Grain-free Tortillas
Paleo Eggs Benedict
Paleo Mini Quiches
Paleo Mexican Wedding Cakes
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EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique: Tapping to Dissolve Negative Feelings Fast

Livid ANGER? Petrifying FEAR? Gut-wrenching GRIEF? Powerful emotions are a part of our human journey. When an emotion takes HOLD of you, you are not a victim of something outside you. You are a victim of your own REACTIONS. And your REACTIONS are 100% within your power to control. Yes, maybe you need a lawyer, but first better get control of YOURSELF... Here's how... EFT is a practical tool to reduce stress in minutes. Emotional Freedom Technique WORKS! Whether you’re ...

What Favorite Foods Convert to SUGAR in Your Blood?

Shall we do some MYTH BUSTING? We all know sugar is BAD. And whole foods are GOOD. Yep, we've got that. But WHY do many people eat a whole food diet but still end up with diabetes and heart disease? Maybe it's not exactly BAD vs. GOOD foods. Maybe it's about HIGH-CARB WHOLE FOODS that CONVERT immediately to sugar in the body? AHA!! These foods may not TASTE sweet, but too much of them CAUSES DISEASE because they IMMEDIATELY become ...

Drinking Fluoridated Water? Check your USA city!

Over two-thirds of US cities add fluoride chemical to drinking water - Click here to find your state and city.  Fluoride is proven to damage the brain and lower IQ in childhood development.  Despite ealier claims that fluoride lowers cavities, new research by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ National Toxicology Program AND MANY OTHERS, indicate that fluoride should be “presumed to be a cognitive neurodevelopmental hazard to humans." Fluoride is a potent neuro-toxin and endocrine disruptor that can ...

My Relaxing No-Coffee Ritual – Chicory & Dandelion Root

I’ll NEVER give up my coffee ritual EVER. Warm, rich, tantalizing, and SUPER rejuvenating! However THIS beverage is natural, unprocessed, lightly roasted roots of chicory and dandelion. Sorry, that familiar caffeine jolt you love may deplete your libido and take 10 years off your life. Keep the thought brewing… Now think about a delicious herbal coffee - uplifting, soothing, luscious, but it won't make you look old! It’s not habit-forming. It doesn’t jolt, agitate, or burn your stomach with acids. If you’re in love ...

Creamy No-Tomato Soup, NIGHTSHADE-FREE!

Just 5 ingredients and 10 minutes is all you need for this creamy potage. My guests slurped it down with delight! They couldn't believe it has no tomatoes! The tart tomato flavor is so convincing, no one will ever guess it's made with nourishing sweet potato, beet, lemon, and coconut milk. Yep. If you're one of the 40% of Americans that are nightshade-intolerant, this easy soup is for YOU. Just boil, immersion blend, and enjoy! ...

Time for a New Food Pyramid?

What's the BEST diet for ALL humans? Are we all different? Or should we LISTEN to the body, to discover what it needs every day? Should we all jump on the most recent diet craze? How about the latest US Food Pyramid? Is a Vegan diet healthy, or will it make you weak? Should we consider the Paleo Diet? Or is it Vegetarian best with eggs and dairy? What percentage of your food should be leafy green veggies? How much fat is best? How much ...

Top 10 Detox Smoothies

Wake-up your senses with these TEN superfood shakes! My Top 10 favorite easy smoothies will jump-start your day. Building our immunity takes time and patience. So today I'm giving you my secret stash of quick, nutritient-dense smoothies for a busy lifestyle. These recipes are flexible, so feel free to be creative and make any substitutions that inspire you. BTW I suggest warm smoothies, not cold. An icy cold smoothie may be refreshing for a moment, but after swallowing, it's hard ...

AVOID! Aluminum: Dangerous Neuro-toxin Linked to Autism & Alzheimer’s

Aluminum has been long known to be neurotoxic, with mounting evidence that chronic exposure and gradual bio-accumulation is a factor in many neurological diseases including Alzheimer's, Autism, ADHD, and Parkinson's disease. The best way to protect yourself is to be careful about your choices in food, personal products, to minimize your use of vaccines and other drugs that are often contaminated with aluminum. Despite the shortage of conclusive studies, mounting scientific evidence really leaves little room for doubt. Guest post by ...

Dark Sprouted Rice, Superior Nutrition! It’s all about the MINERALS!

Rice is the main food for 2/3 of the world. Which kind is best?  Check out this nutrition comparison!  It's all about minerals lost in processing white rice. It turns out dark red and black rice are not only tastier, they also provide complete minerals. The only requirement is that rice must be properly cultivated, hulled, soaked, and sprouted. Better quality precision hulling machines don't strip away the dark coating containing the nutrients. Good-bye disease! Red Rice has 5x the ...

How to Release Stress – Video Instructions

It's clear that we live in a world of constant stress, and sometimes it can accumulate inside us. Stress creates emotional highs and lows. How can we let it go and balance the nervous system in a few minutes? Many people live in a constant state of Flight-Flight, because our entire culture is keyed-into stress. Continuous tension creates tremendous pressure and suffering in the mind, emotions, and body, bringing us constant ups and downs. How wonderful would it be to ...

Strawberry Mousse, Young Coconut

Oh boy! This healthy, refreshing mousse can be ready in 3 minutes. However please be sure to use organic strawberries, as these berries absorb nefarious amounts of pesticides. It's a great snack or dessert - all you need is five ingredients including a young coconut, strawberries, and a banana. Opening a young coconut used to be a chore, however my new Coco Jack tool makes it super-easy! See how it works below. I'm going to be using this a LOT!  ...


Fermented Veggies 101

This is the easiest and healthiest superfood you can make! Your microbiome is the root of your immune system, your brain function, and therefore your health! Fermented veggies are a natural probiotic that build healthy intestinal flora. And since the immune system relies on plenty of friendly bacteria in the gut, this is central to your health each day. This is a great way to use up leftover raw veggies. Have fun experimenting with different vegetables and low-sugar fruits, creating new ...

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