Addicted to coffee? A healthy brew!

By Jane Barthelemy. 85% of Americans use caffeine on a daily basis. America's coffee obsession is a roaring $30 billion industry! We drink an estimated 400 million cups of Joe per day. However, if you're a daring soul like me that wants to be truly healthy, here's a delicious alternative. Hint: Coffee depletes the kidney energy in TCM, and that's bad news for your creativity, libido, hair, and FEAR. Yep. Are you addicted?  Do you drink more than 4 cups ...
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Curcumin and Quercetin! Boost Immunity with Yummy Golden Milk

Spike your day and uplift your immune system with this creamy 3-minute beverage! Turmeric health benefits are widely publicized, and Golden Milk is all the rage. Oh yes, we can gulp it down up in every flavor. However, turmeric is difficult for the body to absorb. Very few people understand how to prepare Golden Milk to optimize absorption. Sadly, the turmeric you're taking may not benefit you in any way. Curcumin, the active ingredient in turmeric, can clear inflammation, pain, ...
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Wild Salmon Zoodles alla Veneziana

Tonight I was craving a favorite dish I use to love in a trattoria near the Fish Market in Venice, Italy - Spaghetti al Salmone con Panna. The sublime combination of salmon, cream and fresh pasta makes a smooth, rich, sensational flavor experience, that is always satifying. This Paleo-adapted version is quick to make. It uses zucchini noodles and coconut milk, skipping the  wheat pasta with gluten and heavy cream. The flavor is every bit as delicious.  "Zoodles" are easy to make on ...
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10 Steps to Maintain Healthy Weight as We Age

By Jane Barthelemy. Is it normal and unavoidable for our bodies to expand every year? Nope. A large body is absolutely not a necessary part of aging. We sometimes think of midriff fat as negative only for our outer appearance. But in fact the midriff bulge hides invisible health risks inside your body in both men and women. There are myriad causes and cures for the expanding midriff. It's a poorly understood topic that affects millions. In this heavily researched ...
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Insomnia? How to Enjoy a Good Night’s Sleep

by Jane Barthelemy. We live in stressful times. Good sleep is the foundation of your health. Lack of sleep can literally drive you insane. Poor sleep weakens your immune system, increasing your risk of all disease. It is said that 10% of Americans take sleep meds. Prescription drugs for insomnia are dangerously addictive, yet over 60 million Americans rely on them. Sleep meds are no substitute for the real thing. Here are my favorite natural solutions to help you get the beauty rest you deserve every ...
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Lemon Berry Parfait, Dairy-free

It's berry season! This breakfast looks complicated but isn't. You'll be rewarded with luscious nutrition of fresh berries and almonds. If you have a blender or food processor, in 5-minutes your high-anti-oxidant treat can be ready! Powerful compounds in berries such as anthocyanins, quercetin, and vitamin C help to reduce inflammation and oxidative stress from free radicals. Almonds are an important source of protein and fiber, while being naturally low in sugar. You'll need a food processor, small blender, or ...
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Avocado Pesto

High nutrition and super-quick, whipped avocado is one of my top favorite snacks. For this 5-minute blended treat, you don't even need a recipe. An avocado dip that tastes yummy on everything, use it as a sauce for pasta or pita, sandwich spread, garnish for veggies, mayo substitute, topping for veggies, meats, or garnish for your eggs. Super-easy with a food processor, you can also make it in any blender, or mash it by hand. Makes 1 cup spread. Enjoy! ...
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Easy Paleo Quinoa Veggie Breakfast Bowl

Quinoa is a high-protein seed related to beets and spinach, NOT a grain. Therefore quinoa is Paleo. Hooray! So, you can decide for yourself if it is hunt-and-gather caveman fare. I find quinoa flavorful, high in protein, and oh-so satisfying. When I need a hot breakfast to hold me all morning, this easy Quinoa Veggie Breakfast Bowl is my favorite!  An ancient Incan superfood, quinoa (KEE-no-ah) is 100% gluten-free, loaded with iron and B-vitamins. Even better, it's a complete protein, a rare bonus in plants. The Incans call ...
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Homemade Mayo, Egg-free

Homemade mayonnaise is way better than store-bought. It contains real lemon juice, healthy oils, and tastes great in salads or dips. This is also a vegan mayonnaise recipe and a Paleo mayo, made without soy or eggs. So it’s perfect for picnics and packed lunches, as it can sit out of the refrigerator all day ...
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Paleo Mint Grasshopper Ice Cream

This is a rich and refreshing coconut ice cream with a light crème de menthe flavor. It's a vegan peppermint ice cream made with blended coconut milk and spinach leaves for color! I was amazed to discover that fresh spinach adds a beautiful green color, high nutrition, and a mild flavor with no impact on the refreshing mint ...
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Please Remember to Breathe!

Oxygenation is so important to your sanity. To your immune system. When all this craziness is over, you'll be glad you did your breathing. These techniques are top keys to maintaining resilient health - right after having a positive attitude. In a perfect world our cells are rich in oxygen, rejuvenated every night as we sleep. Optimum oxygen levels give you more energy, enhance brain function, and lower stress. You can overcome fatigue easily, you look and feel younger. A low oxygen environment deprives the cells of essential nutrients needed for ...
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Paleo Caesar Salad – Mamma Mia!

I can't keep my finger out of this authentic Caesar dressing – it’s that yummy! Made it in less than 5 minutes! There’s something magical about 100% natural ingredients like olive oil, lemon and garlic that make Caesar dressing irresistible. But this Paleo dressing is also Vegan, free of anchovies, eggs and dairy! Yet, it tastes just like authentic Parmigiano Reggiano dressing. Ha Ha! Instead of cheese, it uses lemon, nutritional yeast and coconut butter. It's so delicious, you won't ...
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“Jane, I just love everything I have made from your Paleo Desserts book (cookies, shakes, etc.) Just finished a piece of Carrot Ginger Cake w/ Cream Cheese frosting I made today. OH YUM!! Your pancake recipe is the best paleo pancake recipe I have tried. Thank you for authoring such an amazing Paleo book. It is a challenge to eat your desserts infrequently, they are so delicious. Warm regards, Tim (my wife Karen says “ditto” to all of the above)”