Paleo Blueberry Pancakes with Berrylicious Sauce
Guilt-free Chocolate Truffles
Zoodles, No-Tomato Sauce & Coconut Parmesan Cheese
Chicken Adobo on Grain-free Tortillas
Paleo Eggs Benedict
Paleo Mini Quiches
Paleo Mexican Wedding Cakes
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Time-Restricted Eating for Longevity and DNA Evolution

We live in a world of huge transition and challenge. Our bodies and minds must continually adapt to changing circumstances and new frequencies. In this Covid era of new viruses and experimental DNA-modifying shots, we need to take personal responsibility to build our immune system and optimize our health. What is Time Restricted Eating? Exciting new research suggests that Time-Restricted-Eating helps us boost our immune system and longevity, when we attune our body to its natural circadian clock. Our biological ...
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“Peanut Butter” Cookies with no Gluten, Grain, or Peanuts! Ha Ha!

I call these babies "No-Peanut Butter Cookies". They taste just like classic peanut butter cookies, crunchy on the outside, soft in the inside. They're Paleo, free of peanuts, gluten, grains, dairy, GMO's and sugars. Even better, they're incredibly easy to make, high in protein and ridiculously low in carbs. Hooray! Use ANY nut butter you like. I used toasted cashew, pumpkin, and almond butters, plus raw hemp butter. See my nut nutritional analysis. You'll need altogether 1 1/2 cups nut butter. You can also make your own ...
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Paleo Chicken (or Turkey) Enchilada Casserole

Try this authentic Tex-Mex dinner with turkey leftovers! Everyone loves its satisfying and slightly spicy flavor. I made it for a Santa Fe potluck dinner. It vanished and they were begging for more! No one could believe it's made from all original organic ingredients, and is gluten-free, grain-free, corn-free, GMO-free, organic, and dairy-free. Ay Caramba! There are four layers: 1) spicy chicken, 2) grated veggies, 3) tomato sauce, and 4) blended coconut crust on top. Try it with my yummy ...
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Best SEARCH ENGINES for Independent Thinkers

We live in a world on fire with differing opinions. What do you look for in a search engine? If you're intent on seeing all sides of an issue to make up your own mind, you'd better be VERY selective. Are you guided by your own inner compass and integrity? Or do you prefer a "sanitized" search that follows the government or MSM party line?  I'm keenly interested in health. When I'm doing in-depth research, which search engine should I use? ...
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Maple Syrup LOADED with SUGAR! The devil is in the details.

We LOVE to drizzle gobs of maple syrup on Paleo Pancakes! Because it's pure sap from maple trees - Right?  Uh Oh!  Sorry, the answer is NO!  But maple syrup is unprocessed - Right? The answer is again NO!  Maple syrup low in sugar - Right? NO NO NO! Maple won't acidify my body pH like sugar.  SORRY, IT ACIDIFIES THE SAME AS SUGAR!  As usual, the devil is in the details. This won't be my most popular post. Ha Ha! Here ...
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10-minute Fennel Leek Detox Soup

Are you eating your green veggies? Fennel bulbs with fluffy fennel tops are delicious, tender, economical, and taste wonderful with leek. I love blended soups, because they're so EASY to pre-make. First boil the veggies while you're doing other things. When you're ready, heat and immersion blend to serve in minutes. We had it for dinner today, however it's also fantastic for breakfast or lunch! This Paleo - Vegan soup is rich and thick with nutrient-dense veggies like fennel, fennel tops, leek, celery, and parsley ...
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How Healthy is Your Breakfast Cereal?

A healthy breakfast means a bowl of cereal. Right? After all isn't this an American tradition? Nope. It’s actually a very recent marketing invention. A tiny mistake in Battle Creek, Michigan in 1870 changed the face of breakfast forever. Harvey Kellogg (recognize the name?) was the director of a popular health retreat. Kellogg was said to treat his guests with many bizarre experiments for health improvement. One of his invention was a whole grain corn breakfast cereal served to his patients, which he dubbed "Granula" (Prounouced Gran-oo-la). The cereal was made of soaked, boiled corn kernels pressed ...
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BOMBSHELL! Cholesterol Does NOT Cause Heart Disease

WHY do so many people eat a "healthy" diet yet have high cholesterol? What exactly is cholesterol, anyway? Is it as BAD, BAD, BAD as we hear? Cholesterol is a waxy substance produced by every cell of the body. It holds our cell walls firm. In fact, without cholesterol we would be soft and fall apart. One of cholesterol's roles in the body is to travel to inflamed areas to repair tiny breaks or lesions that irritate tissues, internal or ...
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Pumpkin Golden Milk

This creamy rich Golden Milk is deep satisfaction in 5 minutes. SOOOOOO Delicious! Turmeric stimulates blood circulation. It is a powerful anti-inflammatory superfood that destroys cancer cells. Essentially turmeric helps to tonify the organs to keep the immune system in peak condition. But before you start sprinkling turmeric on everything, please know that curcumin (its major active compound) is poorly absorbed in the body. To boost curcumin absorption, always try to eat turmeric with black pepper. Add some fat, because turmeric is ...
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Paleo Turkey Tagine Stuffing

I’m in the mood for a new stuffing this holiday. Something with rich exotic spices! And crunchy textures. This Paleo stuffing is based on a Moroccan stew, slow-cooked in a Tagine clay-pot. That’s similar to baking inside a bird, right? This turkey stuffing is nothing like my mom's. It is gluten-free and grain-free, made with pure unrefined ingredients from Nature - onions, celery, squash, mushrooms, and toasted almonds, plus an enticing blend of Moroccan spices. The spice paste has a deep, mellow ...
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Living with Nano Bots. How to AVOID and CLEAR them!

More and more people are waking up to the realities that our modern world, our weather, food, air, water, and medicines are not what they used to be. How can we inform ourselves carefully without getting overwhelmed with fear and trepidation? It is now crystal clear that nano-particles are here in our bodies and our everyday environment. Since this topic is well over my head technically, I am posting a few videos and a composite article from The EveryDay Concerned ...
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What Favorite Foods Convert to SUGAR in Your Blood?

Shall we do some MYTH BUSTING? We all know sugar is BAD. And whole foods are GOOD. Yep, we've got that. But WHY do people eating a whole food diet per the government food pyramid, still end up with high cholesterol and heart disease? Maybe it's not exactly BAD foods vs. GOOD foods. What about nutritious whole foods that CONVERT to sugar in the body? They may not TASTE sweet, but we know they quickly turn into SUGAR: Wheat, Rice, ...
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