EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique – Personal Tool to Balance

Here's a practical tool to reduce stress in minutes. Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) WORKS! Whether you're dealing with a stressful family situation, a break-up, financial chaos, or just the stress of the year 2021, this tapping tool can be your best friend. With EFT, you need to know two things: 1) What's bothering you. And 2) You need to know the tapping points. (See diagram) That's it! Transitioning from miserable to happy, is as easy as 1-2-3. This article is about ...
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Strawberry Beet Superfood Smoothie

Today's smoothie turned out incredibly yummy! I was in the mood for something energizing, super-nourishing, rich, creamy, and anti-oxidant, with a bit of sweetness. Fresh strawberries were calling me, and a few minutes later I was enjoying my delicious shake! Strawberries are high in vitamin C,  ...
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Are You Taking Your Pine Tea?

Hello friends, this is excerpted from the article: PINE TEA: Possible Antidote for Spike Protein Transmission, by Dr. Ariyana Love.  Last April front line doctors and medical experts dropped a bombshell regarding spike protein transmission. It seems those people who have received the medical therapy, are able to transmit it to those who have not, causing adverse reactions in people who did not take it. Experts revealed that transmission is happening at a rapid rate and without skin to skin contact. The cells of the ...
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What’s Going on in your BONE MARROW?

Could bone marrow hold the secret to longevity? There's a miracle of life going on in your bone marrow every day. This may be the #1 TOP secret to health, cell regeneration, longevity, and immunity. Medical science is learning fast about DNA stem cell creation, differentiation, and how healing happens in the body. A great deal of medical industry literature deals with bone marrow stem cell replacement for the terminally ill. Much genetic research has been devoted to shots in ...
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Best Lockdown Ideas – An interactive list

We are living in tough times, as difficult as I ever remember. Still, the rules are simple. Please add your comments below. May the force be with you, and all of us! I came up with these five cardinal ideas. Be Happy No Matter What.  Get Healthy.    Meditate.  Offer Myself.  Open My Mind.  1. Be Happy No Matter What. If being happy is our primary job as humans, we'd better get busy. Ha Ha! Here are some ideas. Get ...
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Top 10 Detox Smoothies

Wake-up your senses with these TEN superfood shakes! My Top 10 favorite easy smoothies will jump-start your day. Building our immunity takes time and patience. So today I'm giving you my secret stash of quick, nutritient-dense smoothies for a busy lifestyle. These recipes are flexible, so feel free to be creative and make any substitutions that inspire you. BTW I suggest warm smoothies, not cold. An icy cold smoothie may be refreshing for a moment, but after swallowing, it's hard ...
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Paleo-licious Green Smoothie Pancakes

I woke up hungry, craving a high-protein nutritious breakfast. In the fridge I found berries, eggs, spinach, an apple. 15-minutes later I was eating a short stack of green flapjacks loaded with protein. They're gluten-free, grain-free, low-carb, and bright green! Some pancakes use high-carb ingredients like refined flour and bananas. However this recipe will cause no sugar spike or weight gain! The quick berry sauce is so delicious it will make your eyes roll ...
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Wild Dandelion Avocado Pesto

I went for a walk in the hills, and the wild forest dandelions were calling to me! So, I filled my backpack with bright green leaves. How to eat them? I love sautéed dandelions, but today I want them raw with all the precious un-sprayed nutrients and enzymes intact. Aha! How about a pesto? An hour later I was spreading this yummy pesto on crisp, organic rye crackers. Often considered a noxious weed, fresh dandelion greens are filled with healthy phyto-chemicals. In folk medicine, the dandelion is ...
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Fluffy Buckwheat Pancakes with Apple Butter

The easiest, healthiest, fluffiest pancakes I ever tasted. If you have whole buckwheat groats, an apple, and a blender, you've GOT this! The night I invented it, I lay wide awake staring at the full moon. I had just discovered that fine ground "flour" as we know it is neither healthy nor Paleolithic. I mean, how could they hand grind wild seeds on a stone on the floor of a cave? Suddenly I had a vision of fluffy buckwheat pancakes ...
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Addicted to coffee? A healthy brew!

By Jane Barthelemy. 85% of Americans use caffeine on a daily basis. America's coffee obsession is a roaring $30 billion industry! We drink an estimated 400 million cups of Joe per day. However, if you're a daring soul like me that wants to be truly healthy, here's a delicious alternative. Hint: Coffee depletes the kidney energy in TCM, and that's bad news for your creativity, libido, hair, and FEAR. Yep. Are you addicted?  Do you drink more than 4 cups ...
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Curcumin and Quercetin! Boost Immunity with Yummy Golden Milk

Spike your day and uplift your immune system with this creamy 3-minute beverage! Turmeric health benefits are widely publicized, and Golden Milk is all the rage. Oh yes, we can gulp it down up in every flavor. However, turmeric is difficult for the body to absorb. Very few people understand how to prepare Golden Milk to optimize absorption. Sadly, the turmeric you're taking may not benefit you in any way. Curcumin, the active ingredient in turmeric, can clear inflammation, pain, ...
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Wild Salmon Zoodles alla Veneziana

Tonight I was craving a favorite dish I use to love in a trattoria near the Fish Market in Venice, Italy - Spaghetti al Salmone con Panna. The sublime combination of salmon, cream and fresh pasta makes a smooth, rich, sensational flavor experience, that is always satifying. This Paleo-adapted version is quick to make. It uses zucchini noodles and coconut milk, skipping the  wheat pasta with gluten and heavy cream. The flavor is every bit as delicious.  "Zoodles" are easy to make on ...
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“Jane, I just love everything I have made from your Paleo Desserts book (cookies, shakes, etc.) Just finished a piece of Carrot Ginger Cake w/ Cream Cheese frosting I made today. OH YUM!! Your pancake recipe is the best paleo pancake recipe I have tried. Thank you for authoring such an amazing Paleo book. It is a challenge to eat your desserts infrequently, they are so delicious. Warm regards, Tim (my wife Karen says “ditto” to all of the above)”