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Dissolve stress with Chocolate Golden Milk and MCT Oil

You can dissolve your stress with Chocolate Golden Milk. Turmeric is an uplifting, anti-inflammatory supplement. But it is not easily absorbed in the body, and many people drink golden milk but totally miss the health benefits. This recipe includes ALL the essential ingredients to help you to get the greatest benefits from your turmeric. Make sure your Golden Milk is hot. It should contain some fat - such as MCT oil or coconut oil. Black pepper boosts assimilation or curcumin ...
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25 Ways to Increase Your Oxygenation

I'm posting this article once again because oxygenation is so important to the immune system. Oxygenation is a top key to maintaining resilient immunity - right after having a healthy attitude. In a perfect world our cells are rich in oxygen, rejuvenated every night as we sleep. Optimum oxygen levels give you more energy, enhance brain function, and lower stress. You can overcome fatigue easily, you look and feel younger. A low oxygen environment deprives the cells of essential nutrients needed for energy to clean and rebuild. As a result our ...
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6 Healthy Alternatives to Mashed Potatoes!

Everyone deserves fluffy mashed potatoes! But sadly, potatoes are a high-carb, low-nutrient trigger causing high blood sugar and weight gain. Nightshade intolerance is common. Here are six healthy alternatives to mashed potatoes. And they're ALL fabulicious! Top row: Cauliflower, Japanese Sweet Potato, Celery root Bottom row: Parsnip, Garnet Yam, Broccoli ...
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I Can’t Believe it’s Vegan Gravy

Amazingly tasty and rich, caramelized onions with mushrooms and herbs makes the best gravy I've ever tasted. I was recently invited to a gathering, and asked to bring a vegan gravy. This original recipe is a real discovery! Easy to make, it is both vegan and Paleo, made without broth or refined ingredients. The secret is slow-roasting the onions with liquid to conserve nutrients. This makes the most delicious gravy. Although it takes a bit of time to caramelize all those ...
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Vanquish Obesity & Diabetes, 6 Steps

Like two sides of the same problem, Obesity and Diabetes have similar roots. The six primary culprits work together to perpetuate a cycle that's tough to break. This article outlines the six culprits, and how to break them. These are the 6 roots of Obesity and Diabetes: Low fiber diet, High blood sugar causing glucose addiction, Refined grains (simple carbs = sugar), Empty foods, Mineral deficiencies from packaged industrial foods, Mental exhaustion, Emotional craving for sweetness and love. These are ...
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Hypertension & COPD Lung Disease, The Forgotten Pandemics

Hello friends, here is my brief video on how to conquer Hypertension and COPD, two top Covid comorbidities. I challenge a few myths, clarify the mystery cause of hypertension and explain how to reverse it. Comorbidity diseases increase the severity and risk of Covid. I'm featuring this 9-part video series to highlight the importance of taking responsibility for our own health and building your immune system. Hypertension, or high blood pressure, affects 1.2 billion people in the world! It is ...
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Pumpkin Rosemary Soup, Garlic Croutons

Right now is the most delicious time of year! Pumpkins symbolize prosperity, fertility, and the harvest. This EASY soup embodies all the richness of autumn. Quick to make, just heat, blend, and enjoy. Homemade garlic croutons are crunchy and easy with my Blender Bread or any of my bread recipes. I keep sliced bread on hand in the freezer so I can pull out a slice anytime. Use local organic ingredients to avoid glyphosate and other farming chemicals, which reduce nutritional value, harm the immune system, and damage ...
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Healing the Forgotten Pandemics: Osteoarthritis and Osteoporosis

This is part four of my video series on how to eliminate the Forgotten Pandemics (which are also the top Covid comorbidities.) This article is about Osteoarthritis and Osteoporosis which affect 550 million worldwide. This is all about flour, sweets and sugar. Bone diseases are a major health threat worldwide. Osteoarthritis, means "joint inflammation". Osteoporosis means "porous bones", or low bone density affecting many women. Ancient medicine regards the bones as the root of life-energy in the spine, our genetic ...
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Black Bottom Squash Pie

Here's a fabulicious twist on holiday Pumpkin Pie - make it with squash and add a crunchy chocolate crust! Chocolate and butternut squash taste luscious together. Butternut squash is much easier to prepare than fresh pumpkin - just peel, cube, and steam, for an easy pie from scratch instead of canned ...
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Authentic Borscht, Paleo-Style

I'm crazy for beets, a potent anti-cancer food. With its rich red color and satisfying Old World flavor, my Polish friends said they’d never tasted a better Borscht. I guess my old-world roots are coming out today! This is not just a root veggie soup with beets and carrots. The surprise addition of sweet potato and rutabaga give this soup a novel flavor twist. Feel free to make your own changes, ...
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My favorite Apple “Torta di Mele”, Paleo-adapted

My favorite Italian treat is also the easiest. This is "Torta di Mele Morbida" (soft apple tart), Paleo-adapted from my amazing friend Giorgia Pistellato in Venice. Not a fancy dessert - it's an everyday sweet made with apples and cinnamon that always pleases (and reminds me of my former opera career in Italy.) This Apple Torta is a perfect choice for beginning bakers and children, simply because it NEVER FAILS!  A luscious last-minute recipe like this can be a very useful resource ...
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When is a Search Engine NOT a Search Engine?

I value my personal thoughts. The process by which I form conclusions is unique and intelligent. I'd like my thoughts to be independent, unsullied by commercial goals. I use the internet as a library for factual health research. Sometimes I find subjective, opinion-based "science", when my searches for medical information are "guided" or skewed by pharmaceutical interests. "Seeding" ideas is manipulative and dangerous. It goes contrary to my belief that we think independently and are responsible to heal our own ...
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