Zoodles in 1-minute

How to make zucchini noodles? Zoodles are a guilt-free, no-weight-gain solution to authentic Italian dishes like Pasta AlfredoWay better than rice, corn, quinoa, and other high-carb, processed noodles, nothing beats fresh vegetable spaghetti! Once you try zoodles you’ll never go back! Find the best tools to make zoodles in minutes. These are delicious raw or lightly steamed. Be careful to look for organic zucchini, as non-organic varieties of zucchini are mostly GMO, genetically modified. Try zoodles with these yummy recipes: Pesto Pasta, Wild Salmon ZoodlesZoodle SoupLasagna, and Zucchini Spaghetti with No-Tomato Sauce. How many zucchini to buy? Figure about 1 medium zucchini for 2 people, or about 1/2 medium zucchini per person.

Spiral-Slicer-Spiralizer-zoodlesHand-held vegetable slicers are available from a number of vendors. Look for one that is stainless steel. Brands abound such as Kycen Spiral SlicerSpiroslicer, Gogogu, and Kitchen Supreme.


The Paderno World Cuisine Tri-blade Plastic Spiral Vegetable Slicer is my favorite tool for a large quantity of zoodles. This is the top of the line, costs from $20 to $40, and is widely available at stores like Walmart, Williams Sonoma, and Amazon. The first time you try it, have patience. After you get the hang of it, you’ll love it! Click here for detailed instructions on how to use it.


Cook zoodles briefly in any steamer with 1/2 inch water in a saucepan. Bring water to a boil, cover, turn down the heat, and allow noodles to steam 1-2 minutes – very briefly – to soften. If your have a lot of them in the pan it will take longer, and it will help to move them around a bit after a minute so the steam touches all sides. Zoodles will get limp and soggy very quickly if they’re overcooked, so watch carefully, and remove them from heat before that happens. Don’t have a steamer? No worries, just cook zoodles briefly – very briefly – in a shallow covered pan with 1/2’inch of water in the bottom. Dump into a colander and rinse with cool water to stop the cooking. I like my zoodles served hot, however they’re also delicious raw.

pasta-al-salmoneServe zoodles with your favorite sauce.

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