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Did you know there are more Suicides than Covid deaths in the world?

Greetings to you all from Bali, where all is well. I'm so excited to unveil my new video series. I'm a peaceful person, however when backed into a corner, as we all are now, I take action. In researching the world health situation, I suddenly noticed that suicides are more than double Covid deaths this year. WHAT? It seemed unbelievable, but I checked and re-checked the figures on the W.H.O. website, and they're as clear as day. Check it out. My last post was an earlier version. This one is a ...

Winner! Best Healthy Food & Lifestyle Blog – North America!

Hooray! I just received confirmation from Corp Today Magazine, that this blog JanesHealthyKitchen has been selected in the 2021 Global Business Awards for "BEST HEALTHY FOOD & LIFESTYLE BLOG - NORTH AMERICA".  This is a joy and honor. I thank you all for your suggestions, subscriptions, your follows, and especially for taking deliciously good care of yourselves every day! Jane