VIDEO: Detox & Vitalize Your Body Lymphatics

The best way to optimize your health is to watch the water! Why? Because your body fluids hold the key to wellness. Our bodies are 70 – 90% water. So, it’s no surprise that a clean lymphatic system is a top priority for wellness. These techniques will make you young for many years. If you wish to be truly alive and ascend to higher states of consciousness, then these detox tips for a healthy lymph system will prove even more essential. Your life force is electric. So, you’ll feel more energy and have a stronger immune system if you keep the fluids clear and remove unwanted toxins. The lymph system is like a network of salt water ducts that conduct liquid and electrical frequencies to keep your cells alive. WATER and ELECTRICITY together are the keys to health! Think about it. It’s almost too simple. Let’s take a look and see how that works in the body!

What are the Lymphatic – Glymphatic Systems? 

The Lymphatic system controls water flow through the body, like a giant body-wide drainage network. When YOU move, the lymph moves, and washes toxins out of your cells. The Glymphatic system is the brain’s own separate fluid circulation network. Its job is to detox your brain and cerebrospinal fluid. The Glymphatic system detoxes out via the nasal passages, the eyes, tear ducts, the post-nasal passages, eustachian tubes, skin, and blood. Craniosacral fluid continuously flows up and down the vertical channels of the spine, and penetrates all cavities of the brain.

The two systems, Lymph and Glymph, work together intimately connected. That’s why when you have a sneeze, a runny nose, post-nasal discharge, crusty sleep in your eyes, or even a swollen throat, it’s usually a healthy sign of detox, that your lymphatic – glymphatic systems are doing their job!

The Cisterna Chyli Lymph Sac
At the center of your abdomen at the solar plexus is the biggest lymph crossing point in the body, called the Cisterna Chyli, which just means “Tank of the Lymph Fluid”.

It is centrally located near the diaphragm emotional center, near your intestines which absorb your food, to your spine which holds your Kundalini energy, to your liver detox center, and to your large intestine which eliminates waste.

All fluids from your lower extremities pass through this major center. Then it goes upwards toward the heart and brain. Then it moves into the subclavian vein, which empties lymph fluids into the bloodstream, to be filtered and sorted for elimination. Since the Cisterna Chyli is a primary drainage center for the lymphatic system it’s really important that this is flowing freely and not blocked in any way.

How does the Cisterna Chyli get blocked?
If you’re sitting at a computer, or slumped over your phone, not pooping at least once a day, not doing diaphragmatic breathing, not getting regular exercise – if you’re eating a toxic diet, or have toxic emotions, then you’re a walking invitation for disease. You might feel tired, brain fog, disoriented, or general malaise for no apparent reason.

To free the Cisterna Chyli, MOVE your body. Take regular exercise breaks. Do yoga inversions. Stretch the muscles of the core. Sit at the computer with your back straight. Do low diaphragmatic breathing once a day. Drink plenty of clean water. Do not slump over your cell phone. That solves it!

Water, Fear, Joy, and Wisdom
The lowest level emotion associated with water is the emotion of fear. In Chinese medicine these are represented by the bladder and kidneys. But think about it – the flip side of fear is something so wonderful. When we move through the fear, we find ourselves crossing over into a higher wisdom of discernment and fearlessness. This is why healing the lymph system is a key to releasing fear and developing the wisdom of discernment in our lives.

Sometimes in modern life we become saturated with electronic frequencies that do not resonate with the earth or biological creatures. This gives us huge challenges. As we expand our awareness, we must shield ourselves from danger, and sometimes even embrace these challenges, transforming them into opportunities to find ways to improve our health as we age.

Aging is synonymous with dehydration.
But what we call aging is actually a combination of two things. Partly it is a lack of hydration. But it’s not always that we don’t drink enough water. It’s that the water somehow doesn’t get to the body tissues where it’s needed. We can remedy that today with brain balancing and tapping.

Summary: 6-Step Detox & Balance Body Lymphatics

  1. Tapping to Balance Hydration and Brain Cortices
  2. Walk Outside in Nature
  3. Qigong shaking – Shake it up!
  4. Daily Meditation
  5. Detox Your Water, Detox Your Food
  6. Inversions

1. Tapping to Balance Hydration and Brain Cortices

What’s the fastest way to detox the body and raise your frequency? I’d like to share a simple self-healing technique that can vastly increase your health – and joy in this life. What if your ONE job is to build your vital life force? Our life force is electric. Energy-medicine tells us we are electrical beings. And our bodies are made mostly of water. As you know, SALT WATER is a GREAT conductor of ELECTRICITY. Water and electricity work together. It’s almost too simple, and we forget.

2. Walk Outside in Nature

To stimulate lymph movement, nothing beats walking outside under the Sun in Nature. Walk with the hands loose at your sides. Breathe deep and feel the vertical meridians begin to come alive. The Yin Qiao Mai and Yang Qiao Mai are important energy channels that control craniosacral fluid movements in the brain and pineal gland. They vitalize your biorhythms to promote rejuvenating sleep patterns.

Walk directly on the earth if you can. Contrary to popular media hype, we NEED sunlight. About 55 minutes per day is plenty, and is especially beneficial for vitamin D. Take your pick, of Nia, jogging, bicycling, tennis, dancing, Yoga, Qigong, etc.

3. Qigong shaking – Shake it up!

Qigong shaking detoxes your lymph system. In just a few minutes it shakes out toxins, old patterns and releases emotional patterns. Shake it up every day! Other aerobic activities can move lymph. Walk briskly for 30 minutes, take an online class, run, jump on a trampoline, do Nia, or stretch. Two of the best lymphatic moving exercises are jumping jacks or rope jumping!

Be creative and do something different to challenge your energy patterns. Like brush your teeth with the other hand. Eat with the other hand. Walk in a different forest. Do a different yoga routine. Breaking old patterns gently shifts meridian connections and builds new synapses in your brain. Your whole body will adjust to a higher level of health. Meet a new friend. Take a break to have a picnic by the nearest body of water. Read a book in a new position with your legs up on a tree.

My first Qigong master had a 2-hour Qigong class. The first hour was just shaking – for the advanced students only. The second hour was for everyone, beginners and advanced. After the shaking class, we all did Qigong movements. So in your own practice, just have fun shaking. Gently build new brain connections during your day. Here’s a great video on Qigong shaking.


4. Daily Meditation

Meditation with the breath is a powerful way to detox the brain. This short version of the White Light Meditation will guide you to bring light into the third eye and into the pineal gland in the center of the brain. When we infuse light into the brain centers, we increase fluid circulation and raise our frequency.

Here’s a link to my 4-minute White Light Meditation. 

Meditation and chanting are highly effective methods to clear cranial fluids. Why is that? The brain is structured with large fluid-filled ventricles in the center and vessels all around the perimeter of the brain. (See the blue areas in the pink diagram) These are part of the Glymphatic system that conduct electricity and flush toxins out of the cerebrospinal fluid.

Do not underestimate the extraordinary electrical conductivity of the brain. The brain is effectively a potent conductor of electricity in saltwater fluid. The high fat content to neural cells, combined with fluid-filled ventricles and large vessels that traverse the entire brain make the brain a veritable powerhouse of electrical frequencies. The glymphatic system of liquid vessels help to drain the brain. Equally important is the brain’s ability to expel toxins through the post-nasal cavity, eyes, nose, mouth, and skin.

The third ventricle in the very center of the brain is a watery pool and seat of the pineal gland.  This is a very sensitive area for electrical vibration. Maybe that’s why the pineal is considered by many to be your spiritual connection to the cosmos. When we clear our brain fluids of toxins and allow the brain centers to vibrate freely, we can raise our frequency and know ourselves.

  1. Detox Your Water, Detox Your Food

Water has the meaning of JOY in the body. So, good hydration just means allowing passionate joy to circulate through the body. Many common diseases are actually a disease of the lymph system. For example, water retention, edema, cellulite, lymphoma, cancer and other ailments are accompanied by stagnation of the fluids. When the lymphatic system gets stuck, waste products and dirty fluids accumulate. This causes congestion called “dampness” in Chinese medicine. The build-up of gunk in the tissue destroys our immunity, leading to many other seemingly unrelated ailments like inflammation, swollen glands, stiff joint, dry skin, nasal congestion, sinusitis, brain fog, lethargy, sluggishness, and even sepsis!

How to Detox Your Water
In this modern age of viruses and bioweapons, it is very important to be sure you are drinking clean water. A good water filter is now an essential piece of equipment for every healthy home. Try to get a filter that removes toxic fluoride, pharmaceuticals, and noxious poisons dissolved in the water. Here is a link to a water filter source you might consider. Look for a carbon distiller

Consider water purification drops to assist your detox. I strongly recommend Clean Slate, a product by Root Brands. This was developed by expert scientists familiar with issues in modern pharmaceuticals, and they understand how to detox them.

How to take Clean Slate: Start with 1-2 single drops twice daily in your water. Slowly increase to 3-4 drops twice daily. Build it up to 10 single drops twice daily. Make sure to drink plenty of water.

Body Hydration is Critical.
Most people need to drink at least 2 ½ quarts of clean water per day for good lymph function. This is especially true for older adults, because aging is just acute dehydration. When our cells are properly hydrated, and the body can move around, water can flow everywhere. The DNA is activated by the sun, the cell neurotransmitters can conduct electricity through lymph and blood to the brain. And – guess what – cognitive function improves! Health improves!

Bless Your Water and Your Food
To raise your own frequency vibration, I suggest you bless your food and water before you consume it. This brings in higher prayers from multi-dimensional realms that uplift you as you eat it. Choose your favorite prayer in any language. I like to use a 4-line Tibetan prayer that I learned many years ago. It contains high blessings and protection from the elemental realms, and I feel better. There are many beautiful Christian, Hindu, Jewish, and Muslim prayers for food. 

Clean, Fresh Food is Necessary for Life. 
To clear our body fluids, the solution is usually right in front of our noses in our food and lifestyle. The quality of your diet and your body pH determine the pH of your body liquids and therefore the frequency of your health.

We need to eat clean original food from the earth that is nutrient-dense and anti-inflammatory. Processed foods are notorious for creating stagnation in the digestion. Processed foods contain many chemicals and toxins. When we eat less processed food, do regular body movement and a few minutes of inversion every day, our lymphatic system can flow clean to clear out toxins out every day.

6. Inversions – Turn it upside down!

Inversions are an easy way to move the lymph fluids in reverse. Usually, our lymph flow moves downward toward the feet. To reverse the direction for a few minutes, use your favorite inversion pose. In just a few minutes of inversion with deep breathing, the lymph fluids will begin to flow toward the upper body. Then when you stand up once again, gravity helps move the lymph fluids downward again. The result is a general stirring up of your whole electrical-fluid system. Inversion can also improve blood circulation.

Do your inversions gently and listen to what your body needs. Here are my favorite inversion poses. (I’m still working on the headstand and hope to accomplish it this year – ha ha!)

Water is the foundation of biological life. Salt water is a wonderful conductor of electricity. Water takes the shape and frequency of its container. Flowing water is best. When water sits, it quickly turns stale, inviting accumulation of toxins and microbes. This stagnation and lack of motion in our fluids is the root of many diseases. Keep moving! Release tensions and let the joy flow through you. I hope this article has been useful to you.

Jane Barthelemy is an intuitive medium, channel, author, and craniosacral therapist with over 50 years experience in Kundalini meditation, Buddhism, Qigong, Taichi, and Daoist sexuality. She has an MBA and was CFO of the original Rudi’s Bakery. Her life path followed many careers including opera primadonna in Italy and owner of a Venetian glass jewelry company. Serious health challenges led her to change her diet – lifestyle and write two cookbooks: “Paleo Desserts” and “Good Morning Paleo”. Her healthy food & lifestyle website recently won the 2021 CEO Magazine award for the “Best Healthy Food & Lifestyle Blog – North America”. Her upcoming books include: “Heal Your Past Lives”, “Buddha Speaks – Channeled Passages from the Master”, and “Sun Tzu, the Art of War for Young Minds”. She and her Bhutanese husband, Lama D, are on the faculty at the NewEarth University. They live in Bali where they offer meditation and healing workshops.

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