Brain Balancing Unifies Science & Spirit

Brain balancing may hold the key to the mysteries of higher awareness. By synchronizing both left and right brain cortices, we are able to re-charge the pineal gland to enliven the “SWEET SPOT” of Zero-Point consciousness. This 2-minute taping merges precise logic on the left with big-picture awareness. It’s as natural as breathing.

You can enhance both left and right brain functions, as they both reflect your innate abilities. Breathe quietly as you tap, to align the meridians, and find the sweet spot in the center. this is where your infinite multi-dimensional intelligence resides. By balancing the dual polarities of Nature equally, we discover our true potential to enjoy higher wisdom and joy every day.

#1 What is Brain Balancing? 

Brain balancing is a 2-minute technique to improve memory, calm emotions, sharpen your senses, and heighten spiritual awareness. We’ve all heard that we’re only using 10% of our brain. If that’s true, we’d be super-smart if we could use the whole brain.

Our left and right brain hemispheres are very different. The two halves of the brain are completely separate, connected by a nerve bundle called the “corpus callosum”.

Your left brain is good with numbers, details, words. You can measure time, which brings stress, so we feel urgency.  In modern society we tend focus on our differences. Your left hemisphere is aware that you are a single individual separate from others. The left-brain idea of “me as separate” is the source of the EGO. There’s nothing wrong with an EGO when it is in harmony with the greater universe. However, when the EGO is exaggerated, it becomes a myopic trap. You see everything from the point of view of your own needs and desires. Your selfish wishes motivate every action and every word. And this is the now the case for many humans. The problem is that we might miss the infinite joy of the present moment. We do need our left-brain precision, but it is very myopic and limited, so it is incomplete.

Your right brain is good at intuition, creativity, innate instinct, imagination.

Your right hemisphere sees the whole picture, the similarities, and what we share in common. The right-brain can visualize shapes, colors, flavors, and interpret meaning. It is your right-brained emotional intelligence that helps you understand yourself and be empathetic towards others. Right-brained emotional intelligence is like a sixth-sense in interpersonal relationships, so you kind-of “know” what is the highest path to choose in any situation. The right brain cortex already understands that we are energy. It sees all humanity as one beautiful family in this infinite moment. We need our right-brain intuition and wisdom, but it is very vague and unstructured, so it is also incomplete.

Which Side of the Brain is More Important?

Both sides are equally important. When either side is”in charge”, we are lost. Together they crate a perfect balance. We may drift every day between precise logic and daydreaming, and this is normal. We can expand our consciousness to integrate left-brain details and right-brain big-picture seamlessly.

When the body-mind is truly in balance, we find a SWEET SPOT of PERFECT HARMONY between two polarities. This is the seat of our personal power. 


Every polarity in nature represents a basic dualistic energy such as Yin-Yang, Male-Female, and Electric Positive-Negative. When these dual energies are in balance, there is maximum flow.  For example, electricity is determined by the positive and negative poles of the source. When an electrical current is flowing, the positive pole of the source will attract the negative pole to create a circuit. This will cause the electrons to flow in a specific direction, depending on the polarity of the source. When negative and positive are balanced, we have FLOW.

Are you left-brained or right-brained?

A common misbelief is that one side is better. People are either left-brained or right-brained by nature. Not so. In truth we need both sides in balance to to function as a total human being. If you’re a dominant left or right brain person, you’re actually shutting off half of your nervous system, half of your intelligence. However, when you do brain-balancing, you integrate WHOLE BRAIN thinking  to opens a window for super-learning, super high intelligence, in which you can just download information intuitively and process it most efficiently.

We have three choices in how to live:

  1. We can live in left brain binary logic and details,
  2. We can live in right brain intuition and emotional sensing,
  3. Or we can merge them to find the SWEET SPOT to live in the WHOLE BRAIN.

#2 Brain Balancing Synchronizes Body Harmony

Your brain balance determines the health of the whole body.

The left brain controls the right meridians and organs of the body, and vice versa. So, if you are brain-dominant on any one side of the brain, it negatively impacts your breathing, your muscle coordination, your blood circulation, and all body functions.

Brain Balancing Boosts Athletic Performance
Any trainer will tell you that top athletes and dancers excel because of superior brain speed and flexibility, to take in sensory information and translate it into muscle movements, not so much because of their bodies.

Brain Balancing Restores EMF Disharmony
Everyone on Earth is currently invaded and infused with new electronic systems from WiFi, radio waves, cell towers, phones, and satellite radiation. The nervous system and all body functions can become confused and disconnected. Our concentration becomes distracted, nerves on edge. Brain balancing helps to calm the effects of WiFi and 5G electric interference. This is especially beneficial for children. I recommend doing this on your children every day.

Brain Balancing Calms PTSD, Stage Fright
Do this 2- minute technique on yourself or another person anytime, before a stressful test, or athletic event, a performance, or reduce PTSD after a traumatic experience. Sometimes children out of control can be calmed with simple tapping. In some cases people have awakened from long comas with this simple technique.

Brain balancing opens new neural pathways.
We are creatures of habit. We tend to repeat our everyday neural patterns. However, Brain balancing helps us engage the WHOLE BRAIN and develop new connections in the nervous system. Your awareness becomes flexible. A resilient brain can change if you are open. Instead of just re-playing old programs over and over again, we can engage the WHOILE BRAIN, Millions of people are discovering that brain flexibility is part of our path to evolution.

The Left-Brain Sees Money as Value
When we are left-brain dominant, our EGO is more easily convinced that money is valuable. Our choices are likely to be based on a desire for money and selfish interests. We see this all around us. People are willing to give up their health, sacrifice their DNA, their family’s health, and their spiritual wellness just for the sake of money, financial security, or because we believe money is measure for VALUE. The problem arises when people accept money to willingly hurt others or damage the environment, and justify it as necessary and right to support their family. Is this an example of a society based on delusion, bribery, and blackmail?

Left-Brain Dominance is Difficult to Change
Frequently this transformation to balance is particularly hard for intellectuals, who must release left-brain dominance to pass through a barren landscape, sometimes called a “dark night of the soul”. We must step into darkness and unknown, leaving behind all previous certainties. However, in order to be whole, we MUST surrender ourselves to the “impetuous river” of inner truth. When we are ready. we will each begin to perceive the infinite eternal, crystalline universe, which infuses all nature’s bodies with life force.

#3 Grounding Balances the Brain to the Earth and Cosmos

Grounding is part of our original Qi, or personal energy field. Grounding is like an invisible column of light that links your spine down to the center of the Earth and up to the galactic center. Your column of energy goes straight down through the pelvic floor and out both feet like roots. It passes through and enlivens each chakra. This column is your HOME. Some indigenous cultures see it as an energetic totem pole connecting your presence between Mother Earth and Heavenly Father.

Chinese medicine sees this column as a long pole of Qi, or personal energy connecting all your meridians like an electrical system through the bones, joints, and chakras, into the center of the Earth and up into the heavens. Your personal column is connected and enlivened by your breath. It gives you strength and freedom. Everyone has this column or we wouldn’t be alive. This brain balancing technique helps to enliven it and cultivate your column mindfully every day.

4. How To Synchronize the Brain Hemispheres

This Brain Balancing technique comes from the healing modality BodyTalk. You use hand positions to make a sensory wave touching around your cranium with one hand and the other hand does specific tapping on three critical points from Chinese Medicine. This creates a wave of awareness around your brain to balance your entire energy body in 2 minutes.

How can the left and right hemispheres work together better to supercharge intelligence and harmony?

5. Western Society Teaches us Left-Brain Dominance

In modern society the natural balance of our two brains is suppressed through education and cultural norms. We are taught logic and intellectual thinking. We rely on rigid scientific materialism, which may lead us to believe we are a physical body with many independent parts something like a car or a computer. But maybe the human body is far more than a machine. Maybe your body is a universal communication tool for ascension and joy!

This question is a huge part of the current trans-humanist experiment going on in the world today. What path do you choose? Will you enhance your left-brain and be a slave to detail? Or will you cultivate right-brain intuition to become an emotional wanderer? Or will you choose to balance ALL your abilities and embrace your destiny as a WHOLE MULTIDIMENSIONAL WARRIOR of LIGHT?  So, every day, with every breath, each of us can choose how to participate in this cosmic experiment.

The current shift in human consciousness is forcing us to ask ourselves: What do we really value?

Do we play the money game? Do we allow ourselves to be bought and sold, sacrificing our health our DNA, and our spiritual life like so many whores in the temple? If so, we risk becoming mindless cyborgs and slaves. On the other hand, when we are ready to sacrifice any amount of money to defend life and health, we are free.

The Pineal Gland is the Antenna Third-Eye Receiver
It is located in the very center of the brain, between the two hemi­spheres. The Pineal Gland receives frequency vibrations of light much like an antenna. It pro­duces hor­mones that mod­u­late our biorhythms of day/night wake/sleep.

Where is the Pineal Gland?

Pineal Gland Calcification can damage your energy connections.
Symptoms of pineal calcification include depression, insomnia, mood swings, anxiety, neurodegenerative diseases, and Alzheimer’s disease. Primary causes of pineal damage are Glyphosate herbicide, fluoride, WIFI, EMF-smog, aluminum, chlorine, mercury, and pesticides. These dangers are all around us. As we become resilient spiritual warriors of light and harmony, I am sure we will resolve these issues.

6. CONCLUSION: Find the SWEET SPOT that balances the dual polarities within you.

Brain Balancing is a simple and deceptively easy technique that can be extremely powerful. Even better, the synchronizing effects are cumulative and FREE! When we do Brain Balancing every day it keeps us grounded in our WHOLE BRAIN, in the larger universe. We activate our energy body and enliven the pineal gland. We understand WHO we REALLY ARE. We know what we truly value. We continue to become resilient warriors of light, because we will never sellout ascension, the future of humanity.


More ways to synchronize your brain hemispheres every day:

  • Practice Qigong movements to works reciprocal opposite body parts.
  • Walk for 30 minutes in Nature, swinging your arms opposite your legs.
  • Use the phone with a different hand.
  • Open doors with the non-dominant hand.
  • Make a new friend and speak with your hands.
  • Eat with your non-dominant hand.
  • Take a different route home.
  • Try a new and different vegetable.
  • Find a new yoga routine.
  • Travel to another continent and learn the language.

When we are dominant in left or right brain, it becomes very difficult to integrate intelligent responses to our lives. A left-brain dominant person will focus stubbornly on the logical details but miss the big picture. The right-brain dominant individual will see the whole picture but cannot recall the details or express it in words.

Stop anytime. Take a walk, or go to the rest room. Do the 2-minute tapping. You’ll be more calm, collected, and intelligent, ready to express full awareness in all your words and actions. Thank you!

So, the moral of the story is to balance your brain. Use your WHOLE BRAIN, stay flexible, don’t get stuck in dominance of either side. Stay conscious, be mindful, and move out of your old patterns. Then your body meridians will also be in balance. You will be creating new patterns to stay vital every day, and you’ll have 100% of your brain available.

TIP: some say that Hemi-Sync sound therapy and binaural beats are a way to balance the brain. Hemi-Sync is a CIA program that produces audio files. I doubt this will bring you to your goal.

Thanks for showing up!

Jane Barthelemy, is a Paleo chef, medical intuitive, healer, and author with decades of experience in meditation, Kundalini, Buddhism, Qigong, Taichi, and Daoist sexuality. She has an MBA and was CFO of the original Rudi’s Bakery. Her life path followed many careers including opera primadonna in Italy and owner of a Venetian glass jewelry company. Serious health challenges led her to write two cookbooks: “Paleo Desserts” and “Good Morning Paleo”. Her website recently won the 2022 Corp Today Magazine award for the “Most Innovative Healthy Food & Lifestyle Blog – North America”. Her upcoming books include: “Heal Your Past Lives”, and “Buddha Speaks – Channeled Passages from the Master”. She and her Bhutanese husband, Lama D, are on the faculty at the NewEarth University. They live in Bali where they teach, offer meditation and healing workshops.

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