Brain Balancing, the Science Behind it

Brain synchronization may hold the key to the mysteries of human awareness. By balancing both left and right brain cortices, we are able to utilize our WHOLE BRAIN. We merge big-picture awareness on the right with precise logic on the left. In a healthy human, this process is as natural as breathing.

Forget extremes – the key is to live in the center, the middle path, ignited with passion. By balancing the dual polarities of Nature equally, we discover our true potential to experience higher intelligence and joy every day.

#1 What is Brain Balancing? 

Brain balancing helps to improve memory, calm emotions, sharpen your senses, and heighten awareness by using the WHOLE BRAIN. We’ve all heard that we’re only using 10% of our brain. If that’s true, we’d be super-smart if we could use the whole brain.

The right hemisphere looks at the whole picture, the similarities, and what we share in common. The right cortex recognizes that we’re just energy we’re just all these beautiful beings as one human family in an infinite present moment.

When we live in our left hemisphere we can focus on numbers, details, words, we are aware of times, which brings stress, so we feel urgency. We worry about the past. We stress about the future. The problem is that we miss the joy of the present moment. And that is the only place where we feel joy.

Your left hemisphere sees the differences instead of similarities. It is aware that you are a single individual separate from others. In modern society we spend more time focused on our differences, perhaps because this has language so we can talk about it.

The awareness of “myself as separate” is the source of the EGO. There’s nothing wrong with and EGO when it is in balance. However, when the sense of EGO is exaggerated, your mind becomes a myopic trap, as if you have limited vision. You will see everything from the point of view of your own needs and desires. Your selfish wishes motivate your every action and every word. This is the now the case in most modern humans.


Maybe we should ask: How can the left and right hemispheres work together to supercharge intelligence and harmony?


The human brain is wired for both left “detail” and right “big picture”. Ideally, we can choose how we want to live. We have three choices: 1) We can live in binary logic and details, 2) We can live in intuition and sensing, 3) We can merge them to live in the WHOLE BRAIN.

In modern society the balanced nature of our brain is suppressed through education and cultural norms, which teach us a rigid scientific materialism, to believe we are a physical body something like a machine is the sum of its parts. However, we now see a growing interest in the union of rational thought and spiritual inquiry. So, each of us can choose how to become explorers in this cosmic experiment.

#2 Brain Balancing Promotes Body Harmony

Brain synchronization is not just for the brain. It determines the health of the whole body. The left brain controls the right meridians of the body, and vice versa. So, if you are brain-dominant on any one side of the brain, it negatively impacts your breathing, your muscle coordination, your blood, and all body functions. 

We tend to repeat habitual brain pathways.

We are creatures of habit. So, we tend to use the same neural pathways in our everyday schedule. However, if we begin to engage WHOLE BRAIN activity, we can enhance our consciousness and our awareness to take control our lives. If you can balance your awareness and become WHOLE BRAIN, then you start to observe things holistically, and you’ll also get details to back it up. Your awareness is completely different. Instead of just playing recurrent programs over and over again using the same pathways, we start to engage in WHOILE BRAIN. We can enhance our ability as humans on this planet. Now millions of people are beginning to discover that.

How to Synchronize the Brain Hemispheres?

There are many ways to engage and activate the WHOLE BRAIN. The most obvious one is to do Brain Balancing from the healing modality BodyTalk. See video. You touch various parts of the cranium with your hand with specific tapping on three points from Chinese Medicine. This effectively creates a wave of awareness around your head to balance your whole body in 2 minutes. Try it!

Another great way to balance the brain is with Qigong, using specific exercises that move reciprocal body parts and cross limbs from one hemisphere to another.

Another great way to balance your brain hemispheres is to walk for 30 minutes outside in Nature. Since the right side is controlled by the left hemisphere and left controlled by the right hemisphere, simple walking with arms swinging in an opposite pattern, it activates the Qiao Mai meridians of the body, and will truly recharge your neurological wellness in no time.

Play fun games to synchronize your brain every day:

  • Use the phone with a different hand.
  • Open doors with the non-dominant hand.
  • Make a new friend and speak with your hands.
  • Eat with your non-dominant hand.
  • Take a different route home.
  • Try a different vegetable.
  • Find a new yoga routine.
  • Travel to another continent and learn the language.

We see WHOLE BRAIN activity often in young children. When both right and left hemispheres are engaged together simultaneously, it activates something like super-fast learning and mental agility. Both hemispheres working together gives us heightened neural function. However, after age seven or eight we start to express what is called brain dominance. This means that we allow one brain hemisphere or another to dominate, either left or right, and then we just stay there for the rest of our lives.

When we have dominant left or right brain, it becomes very difficult to integrate intelligent responses to our lives. Our left hemisphere is based on logic and details, and our right hemisphere rules unity and wholeness. This is very important because your left-brain dominant person will understand the logical details but miss the big picture. And the right-brain dominant person will see the whole picture but cannot recall the details or express it in words.

Sadly, if you’re operating from brain dominance of either left or right side, you’re actually shutting off one half of your nervous system. However, when you balance the brain, and engage both intellectual logic and holistic WHOLE BRAIN thinking, it opens up a window for super-learning, super high intelligence, where you can download information and digest it very quickly.

If you stop, take a walk, do the 2-minute tapping, or do some brain-balancing Qigong, you will be a much more calm, collected, and intelligent person, ready to express holistic awareness in words.

So, the moral of the story is to balance your brain. Use your WHOLE BRAIN, stay flexible, don’t get stuck in dominance of either side. Stay conscious, be mindful, and move out of your old patterns. Then your body meridians will also be in balance. You will be creating new patterns to stay vital every day, and you’ll have 100% of your brain available.

TIP: some say that Hemi-Sync sound therapy and binaural beats are a way to balance the brain. Hemi-Sync is a CIA program that produces audio files. I doubt this will bring you to your goal.

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