Seaweed – Hijiki or Wakame

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Hijiki and Wakame are my favorite types of seaweed. Seaweed is a traditional Asian food that has many health benefits. It is high in dietary fiber and essential minerals such as calcium, iron and magnesium. According to Japanese folklore, seaweed enhances beauty, and thick, black, lustrous hair is connected to regular consumption of small amounts of seaweed. Hijiki and Wakame have become very popular as part of a healthy natural diets such as the Paleo diet, Raw Food, and Macrobiotic diets. Both of these seaweeds are thin and stringy, deep green – almost black in color and used in making seaweed salads and miso soup.

Where to Buy:
Hijiki and Wakame are sold dry in the Asian section of most healthy groceries. Or you can buy them online at Amazon.  These seaweeds are different from Nori seaweed that is usually sold in sheets for rolling sushi.

How to use:
I use dry Hijiki and Wakame seaweeds interchangeably and keep them on hand, since dry seaweed keeps indefinitely. I crumble them into salads, soups and use them as a binder in certain baked goods. To soften, put one tablespoon of dry seaweed in a small cup. You can crumble it in your hands if you like. Cover it with hot or boiling water. Put a top on it and wait 10 minutes. It will swell and soften to a delicious tender texture. These seaweeds seem expensive, but they swell in size and a little goes a long way. Click to order:

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