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6 Healthy Alternatives to Mashed Potatoes!

Jane-Icon-2Everyone deserves fluffy mashed potatoes! But sadly, potatoes are a high-carb, low-nutrient trigger for elevated blood sugar and weight gain. Nightshade intolerance is common. Here are six healthy alternatives to mashed potatoes to breathe new life into our classic favorite. Six new flavors, ALL fabulicious!

Top row: Cauliflower, Japanese Sweet Potato, Celery root Bottom row: Parsnip, Garnet Yam, Broccoli


Wild & Chunky Salmon Chowder

This satisfying chowder is one of the most scrumptious ways to get your omega-3s, and it's a great way to warm up a chilly evening. Made with coconut milk instead of cream, this recipe is Paleo, free of gluten, grains, dairy, sugar, nightshades, and processed foods. I made it for a trip, took it frozen on the plane, ...