Traveling on a Healthy Diet?

By Jane Barthelemy. Anywhere you travel, whether it’s London, or Los Angeles, eating healthy is a challenge. If you’re on a special diet, or if you just like to eat decent food, planning ahead is a requirement! Tomorrow I’m flying cross-country to a family reunion. I have just a few minutes to prepare a good meal and snacks.

Here’s what I’m having:
Clockwise from upper left – Celery sticks, Easy Avocado Salad, Toasted organic nuts, Granny Smith apple, Organic red grapefruit, Quick salad – Wild Salmon with Greens, Paleo cake pops. (Seriously delicious!)

A few minutes of preparation can save hours of distress in the airport. As you walk calmly to your gate, you’ll know your delicious meal is in the bag, so you arrive nourished and rested. Airport food is high in carbs, sugar, chemicals, preservatives and GMO’s. Forget about packaged nuts in airports, as they’re usually fried in GMO oils and coated with corn syrup sugars. Bring an organic Granny-Smith for a low-sugar, pesticide-free treat. I must confess that I enjoy eating my gourmet lunch in the airport, as people watch with smiles of admiration…perhaps even desire?

Start with what’s in the fridge
, because it has to be used up. Today I had a leftover avocado, a grapefruit, a Granny Smith apple, assorted greens, celery, and my usual crisped nuts. There’s a piece of salmon and some un-frosted Paleo Cake Pops from yesterday. What can you make from that? I suggest planning enough food to last a day and a half, so that you don’t arrive starving – you’ll have time to get your new bearings.

Put together a quick meal – here’s mine:

Easy Avocado Salad
1 ripe avocado
2 green onions
a splash of olive oil
3 tablespoons lemon juice
unprocessed salt & pepper
leave the avocado seed in the container to keep it from turning brown.

Quick Protein – Wild Salmon with Greens
4 ounces wild salmon (Steam for 5 minutes in a shallow, covered pan in 1/4-inch water. Then remove bones, skin and dice.)
2 green onions
sunflower sprouts
diced cilantro
1/2 cucumber
juice of 1 lime

Toasted Organic Nuts
I have these on hand at all times. See my post All About Nuts for instructions on how to soak and toast the most delicious and nutritious nuts every time you buy them. They keep indefinitely.

Something sweet
Paleo Cake Pops! I had these left over. Oh yum!

Pack it!

Put the food in BPA-free containers if possible. Bring no liquids or nut butters. (I once had to surrender a full jar of expensive almond butter to TSA!) Enclose the containers in tightly sealed plastic bags, to prevent leakage into your carry-on bag. Throw in a tiny plastic spoon or fork if you have them – otherwise eat with celery sticks. Or you can find utensils in most airports.

That’s it, you’re packed! Have a relaxing flight…
Send your comments. What are your favorite healthy airport snacks?

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