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Warning! GMO-Free Foods Contain Glyphosate

Eating GMO-free? That's great! But if non-GMO is your main guide, here's a wake-up call flying under the radar. Surprise! A whole new generation of fake foods certified GMO-free has just arrived in your favorite grocery. Learn these four food types and how to recognize them:
  1. GMO foods are to be avoided of course. To learn them see the graphic below. These contain genetically modified ingredients, Glyphosate and the most chemicals.
  2. Glyphosate foods are toxic everyday foods, some GMO, some non-GMO that are raised with toxic chemicals allowed by the USDA. (Remember that Glyphosate or worse pesticides and herbicides are in all non-organic foods.)
  3. Certified Non-GMO foods with Glyphosate - Bad News. A whole new generation of non-GMO foods with Glyphosate is getting certified. The public is demanding non-GMO, so these toxic foods are getting approved. I see them filling grocery shelves and flying under the radar. Marketed as healthy, they contain plenty of herbicides and pesticides. Don't buy them. Let food manufacturers know we want CLEAN ORGANIC FOOD.
  4. Organic foods are free of GMO's, Glyphosate and other farming chemicals. Hooray! For health and long life buy Organic. You may pay a bit more, but you'll save even more on health costs, and benefit with a healthy mind and body.