Dairy-free Hazelnut Hot Chocolate, Mmm…

Whip up a hazelnut hot chocolate and it will change your whole day. My love affair with hazelnuts has gone to new heights of expression. Everyone knows that hazelnuts, coconut milk, and chocolate are a special combination, rich and satisfying. Even better, this is a super-easy, high-nutrition snack.

The creamy, real-food taste of homemade nut milk is so superior to expensive store-bought carton beverages, you’ll never want to go back. Why do we pay more for imported chemical dilutions, when we can have the original flavor in minutes? Real coconut milk gives it a richer, creamier flavor. I prefer toasted hazelnuts, because they taste richer and sexier than raw ones. To soak and toast them, see All About Nuts. For a lasting energy boost, try adding your favorite protein powder per the variation at the bottom of the page. To make this you will need 5 minutes, any blender, a saucepan, a nut milk bag for straining hazelnuts, and two large mugs. Serves 2.

choc-hazelnut-milk-blenderBlend hazelnuts in warm filtered water.

Pour the blended milk into a nut milk bag in a saucepan.

choc-hazelnut-milk-bagSqueeze out the liquid. Heat, stir in remaining ingredients, and drink.

Hazelnut Hot Chocolate




    Make Hazelnut Milk:
  1. In any blender, add hazelnuts, salt and warm water. Blend well for about a minute. Stop to rest, and blend again for another a minute.
  2. Place a nut milk bag into a saucepan. Pour the milk into the bag. Lift the bag out and squeeze out all the liquid into the pan.
  3. Heat and Serve:
  4. Add coconut milk, sweetener, cacao, vanilla, and cinnamon. Whisk well to combine. Heat to boiling but do not boil. Pour into 2 mugs and enjoy!
  5. High-Protein Variation:
  6. Stir in 1/4 cup of your favorite protein powder with the coconut milk.


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