The TOP Forgotten Pandemic: Low Nutrients, Mineral Deficiencies

Hello friends! I’m featuring the TOP Forgotten Pandemic from my video series. Enjoy!

Pandemic #1 is so invisible we almost missed it, yet it harms 7.9 billion people, everyone on Earth. Low Nutrient Food and Poor immunity, from eating food that has been processed, but loses nutrients each step along the way. We start with original food, but by the time we eat it, we’ve lost 70 to 90% of the nutrients. DNA modification, Farming chemicals, heat, milling, transport, storage, mixing, baking, packaging, every step costs us a little bit in valuable nutrients, especially minerals, until there’s nothing left. To make things worse, due to enzyme and micro-biome imbalance, many good nutrients aren’t absorbed in our body, and get eliminated.

Mineral Deficiencies bring low immunity and brain fog, an invitation to the next virus!
The result is a world of fear, brain fog, tired adrenals, and low resistance to disease. So, the surest way to reduce Covid deaths is to eliminate nutrient deficiencies, to shift toward holistic production methods, away from empty foods and chemical farming. Yes. A major change, which builds immunity and reverses risk of ALL diseases. Otherwise, our children and our grandchildren will be forever helpless in the coming surge of these other Forgotten pandemics.

To move into the new times, we’re going to have to eradicate these growing pandemics. Can we do it? Certainly. Do we care enough about our children to change our habits? Yes we do. And THAT, my friends, is the issue on the table today. Fasten your seat belts.

The #1 Forgotten Pandemic to eradicate is: Low Nutrient Food and Poor soil, causing low immunity in 7.5 billion people, everyone on Earth. A recent groundbreaking study compared original sprouted wheat and red rice grown in virgin soil to their modern industrial counterparts of white flour and white rice. They found a shocking loss of 70% to 90% in essential vitamins and minerals. Interestingly, the missing nutrients matched up to be the specific solutions to reverse low immunity, and eradicate our top Covid comorbidities.

But, Oh dear, these empty foods include some of our favorite comfort foods! Like candy, pasta and bread, noodles, rice, potatoes, crackers, cupcakes, and snacks that are stealing our energy.

Pandemic #1 is inviting us to care for the earth, and to care for our soil that is the root of health. The soil connects our physical life to the Earth we love. So, the solution to Pandemic #1 Low Nutrients is to eat original food grown in untainted soil. If we do that, everything else falls into place.

Nutritional deficiencies are now a huge epidemic in all countries.

Wheat and rice were once rich in nutrients, mankind’s primary food for thousands of years.

Prehistoric wheat once grew wild like einkorn. Hunter-gatherer tribes Sprouted the grain. Stone ground it by hand, and Baked it in rock ovens, BOY! was it loaded with nutrients!

It’s all about the MINERALS! Modern wheat and rice have lost over 70% of their original nutrients.

Through the centuries now we’re down to one standard modern genetically manipulated dwarf wheat. High in gluten, easily harvested with glyphosate, crushed with high heat rollers that destroy nutrients, we remove the nutritious outer layers of the seed. The new flour is quick to harvest, easy to ship, lasts forever, but sadly empty of flavor and nutrients. Freshly ground flour lasts only 2 weeks, before it becomes rancid and harmful. That’s why I do not eat any kind of flour.

DNA studies suggest that 10,000 years ago, before the advent of farming, all rice was dark red in color. Eventually we developed hulling machines, which polished the rice until it was shiny and white!

Every grain has four primary parts: The hull, The bran, the germ, and the white endosperm inside. When we remove the outer hull, bran, and germ under high heat, we lose over 70% of the nutrients, leaving only the starchy white endosperm inside.

Soon we had fluffy white flour and shiny white rice all over the world. Everyone LOVED the clean white look. But there were 3 unseen tradeoffs:

So, all this was very different from old-fashioned unprocessed grain that gave no sugar rush, satisfied hunger for many hours and the fiber left your guts squeaky clean inside.

Whole wheat flour is vastly more nutritious than white flour. Could this explain the rise in diabetes and other sugar diseases? Now, about 470 million people worldwide suffer from diabetes.

For example, this is a list of nutrients higher in whole wheat, that get stripped away in white flour. Are these our mysterious missing nutrients?

Everyone knows Whole Grains are More Nutritious. However, full absorption depends on two important factors:

1.) SOAKING – It is necessary to soak whole grains and beans 12-24 hours to remove indigestible seed coatings known as phytates. These are natural chemicals in seeds that irritate the sensitive intestines. Soak, rinse well, drain, and cook.

2) WE NEED TO BOIL Whole Grains and beans a LITTLE LONGER -as whole foods may require more cooking. Too much heat kills food. Cooking just right makes it more bio-available, and that’s good for health.

Notice that Over 70% of Nutrients are Lost in White Rice:

Every year vast farm acres are sprayed with industrial chemicals. When we poison our soil, we lose nutrients, we poison our water, it affects all life forms from insects to humans, birds, and plants. Our human micro biome is damaged. ?Could our widespread gluten intolerance be simply an intolerance to industrial food?

Pizza Tastes fantastic, even addictive. Nowadays all our crops are far lower in nutrients than the same foods 50 or 100 years ago. Wheat, tomatoes, milk, oils, olives, veggies all lower. Is there any real food here?

AND Here’s where the story gets very strange. The nutrients lost are known to be KEY in preventing certain diseases. These are the top killers that we see on the rise. I wonder, do our growing pandemics have anything to do with the nutrients we strip away?

Empty food causes low immunity, and disease. A few generations ago these illnesses were unknown. ?Could these missing nutrients be at the root of the forgotten pandemics?- the comorbidities of Covid-19?

Healthy immune function depends on balanced nutrition. A Low-nutrient diet gives you poor immunity and you’re a walking invitation to Covid-19.

Mary’s Gone Crackers always uses certified organic, whole-food ingredients free of gluten. But if they’re made with unsoaked hard-to-digest grains, ground and baked at high temperatures, their nutrition is LOST, like so many other rice crackers. And this is a serious problem for Japan’s 10 million diabetics.

*When YOU shop, what motivates your grocery choices? Is it desire? Memory? Knowledge? Color? What guides you to put THAT into your cart?

So, How do we eradicate Pandemic #1: Low Essential Nutrients?

Spend more money on food, and eat less! Better yet, plant an organic garden and eat for free. Eat clean, fresh, local, whole, unprocessed, organic, untainted foods. Soak whole grains and boil them longer. Forget packaged industrial foods.

Use Low Temperature Cooking Methods to Retain Nutrients

High temperature destroys nutrients. Raw foods are high in nutrients. But heat destroys nutrients, like deep frying, pan frying, grilling, microwave, and baking. Low temperatures such as Steaming and boiling can never exceed 212 degrees, which retains more nutrients.

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