Instant Fruit Slushies!

Everybody loves a slushy when it’s hot outside! Blend them in just 5 minutes with whole fruit, which is WAY healthier than juice! Store-bought fruit juices are heat processed, stripped of fiber, acidifying, glycemic, tasteless, and low in nutrients. These thick slushies use whole fruit including fiber, blended all together with ice. Commercial fruit slurpies are notoriously high in glycemic sugars. A good home blender is far better – it can keep everybody healthy and lower your sugar consumption. Choose your own non-glycemic sweetener – or skip it – in your homemade creations so there’s no blood sugar spike. The photo above is my Raspberry Apricot Slushie. Oooooh, it’s so, so good! I want you to create hundreds of your own luscious combinations from the basic recipe. See my suggested variations at the bottom. Makes two 8-oz. slushies. Or 4 4-oz. slushies.

Instant Superfruit Slushies!




  1. Place all the ingredients in a high speed blender such as BlendTec or VitaMix. Or a food processor. Process until it gets slushy. Stop and move the blender contents around if necessary. Don't overmix or it will melt.
  2. Pour into glasses and enjoy immediately.

Berry Cherry Slushy

Strawberry Papaya Slushy

Superfruit Peach Slushy:

Make your own variations and share them in the comments below!

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