Vanquish Obesity & Diabetes, 6 Steps

Like two sides of the same problem, Obesity and Diabetes have similar roots. The six primary culprits work together to perpetuate a cycle that’s tough to break. This article outlines the six culprits, and how to break them.

These are the 6 roots of Obesity and Diabetes:

  1. Low fiber diet,
  2. High blood sugar causing glucose addiction,
  3. Refined grains (simple carbs = sugar),
  4. Empty foods, Mineral deficiencies from packaged industrial foods,
  5. Mental exhaustion,
  6. Emotional craving for sweetness and love.

These are the 6 solutions:

  1. High fiber organic diet.
  2. Low sugar diet. Just say NO.
  3. Eat whole, organic, unrefined grains, pre-soaked for best digestion (or no grains).
  4. Eat no packaged foods, only original foods straight from the Earth.
  5. Cultivate inner determination and strength of spirit.
  6. Lavish sweetness and love on everyone around you. You’ll get it back!

Enjoy my video on The Forgotten Pandemics: Obesity and Diabetes.


Obesity affects 480 million people worldwide and is growing every year. The deep emotional roots that hold obesity in place, are asking to be healed now. In the US, Obesity affects 42% of Americans. That’s over 99 million people, and by 2030 it will increase to 50% or 164 million people.

Obesity loves sugar, carbs, low fiber, addictive foods, accumulated toxins, vegetable oils, junk food, and lack of moment. To eradicate obesity, that’s exactly what we are being asked to give up. Heal all emotional wounds and unravel the pattern once and for all! Follow the suggestions below.

  1. Eat only low risk foods that are high in fiber, low in sugar. Eat original unprocessed foods.
  2. Avoid high risk foods, which are low in fiber, high in sugar. Avoid packaged foods.
  3. Follow this food infographic below. You can do this!


Diabetes affects 470 million people in the world, one of our worst killers.

Americans love sugar. We eat an average of 152 pounds of sugar per person per year, up from almost zero 200 years ago.

Sugar takes a devastating toll on your health, causing body acidity and free-radical DNA damage. Sugar causes a vicious cycle of craving, acidity, DNA damage, and diabetes, triggering weight gain, premature aging, and sickness. This is the #1 root of all chronic disease.

Diabetes represents an invitation to change our whole idea of SWEETNESS.

WHY is our favorite flavor SWEET? Like a Mother’s love, SWEET is irresistible, a biological necessity. Sweet is Good. Or is it EVIL? Sugar gives you a quick fix of pleasure, but then pulls you down lower than you were before. It triggers the same brain centers of addiction just like cocaine and hard drugs.

Sugar addiction functions below the conscious level. We’ll do anything for sugar. We want it, and we’re uncomfortable until we get it. So, just remember modern food is addictive, and we’re all like alcoholics.

The truth is, sweetness is all around us, inside us and in everything we see. Why not turn THAT into the sugar fix you need ? And build on it, so the fix is permanent, not fake or temporary. Give it to others around you? Like the Buddha says, “It’s all in your mind”. A strong mind leads to a healthy body.


Refined foods have lost most of their original nutrients. Ever step in processing foods causes significant loss in minerals. If you’re mineral deficient, you will crave sugar. Instead, eat original food, organic vegetables, unprocessed meals. In time your cravings will fade. Hang out in the organic produce section of the store, and watch your health improve.

Most people are unaware that over half our sugar comes from GMO beets. It is innocently labeled “sugar”, used in restaurants and the food industry worldwide. Eating GMO beet sugar is a double whammy against your health: you get the glycemic blood sugar rush, plus the modified DNA risk of GMO food. When you eat in a restaurant or buy a snack, you’ll always be eating GMO beet sugar unless you insist on organic.

How will we eradicate Diabetes?
Eat high fiber, low sugar foods, Avoid flour and processed grains. Lavish love and kindness on yourself and others.

2 Replies to "Vanquish Obesity & Diabetes, 6 Steps"

  • comment-avatar
    emily August 1, 2023 (4:46 pm)

    will this get rid of my type one diabetes?

    • comment-avatar
      Jane Barthelemy August 6, 2023 (5:16 pm)

      Hi Emily, Thanks for your comment. I can’s say for sure if this will get rid of your type one diabetes. However it will be a positive step in that direction. Ask your medical practitioner or health coach, and design a personal wellness plan to kick diabetes. I believe these 6 steps can be part of your plan. Best wishes for your success! Jane

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