The Last Forgotten Pandemic: Suicide

When suicides exceed virus deaths, I am concerned. Shall we turn to look at this topic in a gentle and compassionate way? The World Health Organization has estimated that 2.5 million people would take their own lives in 2020. However, it is almost impossible to measure. As suicide is taboo in many cultures, I expect their numbers are understated.


Rising suicide underlines the loneliness and spiritual emptiness that many people feel. People who carry traumatic memories or have PTSD are more vulnerable to suicide, mental, or physical disease. A person is far more likely to take their own life during a crisis.

Suicide is now one of the top three causes of death in young adults. Opioids are the agent for most drug overdose deaths.
In the US, guns are the most common suicide tool.

Suicide can come after a period of depression, which is now infinitely higher than previous years. Depression is related to sunlight exposure, serotonin in the brain, exercise, and seasonal affected disorder.

Every world religion has a core concept of higher Truth that Values Life and Nature. Religion is highly personal and cultural. Have we lost trust in religious organizations? We are indeed our brothers’ keepers. Now we need to offer personal expressions of love and respect for others. When we teach young children how to connect with an inner force greater than themselves, call it Life, Nature, or God, this can help them make discerning choices. It builds an inner foundation of trust that can endure a lifetime. Any beliefs against life are dangerous and have no place in our world.

So how do we eradicate Pandemic #12: Suicide?
Cultivate Your personal internal practice! Extreme Kindness, Integrity, Spirituality, Sunlight, Practice love, Exercise, Walk in Nature, find something to feel gratitude, joy and hope every day. And especially I highly recommend 100% pure Chocolate always unsweetened, these are my favorite brands right here.

Series Conclusion and Population Control:

In summary, the Forgotten pandemics of the 21st century are already here, and they are even more threatening than a virus. Taking one statistic at a time, it’s pretty scary.

  1. Pandemic #1, Low Nutrient Food, Poor soil, and low immunity affects 7.5 billion, everyone on Earth.
  2. Pandemic #2 hypertension affects 1.2 billion people,
  3. Pandemic #3 is COPD Lung Disease affecting 560 million people.
  4. Pandemic #4 is Osteoarthritis and Osteoporosis that affect 550 million.
  5. Obesity is Pandemic #5, affecting 480 million and growing.
  6. Pandemic #6 is Diabetes, affecting 470 million people,
  7. Heart Disease is Pandemic #7, affecting 450 million people, the #1 cause of death
  8. worldwide.
  9. Pandemic #8 is Body Toxicity, 430 million people
  10. Alzheimer’s Disease 50 million people in the world
  11. Pandemic #10 is Cancer, 18 million worldwide.
  12. The 11th Forgotten pandemic is Electro-magnetic Hypersensitivity
  13. The 12th forgotten pandemic is Suicide, which we are unable to measure accurately.

These 12 trends are all growing fast and represent our MAJOR financial, medical, spiritual, and health issues of the 21st century. They’re far greater than covid-19 deaths down in the far-right hand corner. Until we face these and eradicate them, we are walking risks for the next virus.

I’m suggesting we focus our best individual and government resources on these larger trends that affect the majority of people directly. Covid deaths are insignificant in comparison and are a direct result of these underlying health problems. So, our best plan is to limit Covid deaths is to reduce the risks of the comorbidities, the 12 forgotten pandemics.

Is it within our power to eradicate these pandemics? Yes. The choices we make today will have a huge effect on the future of mankind. Just remember that what you do and how you think is extremely important and has a far-reaching effect in this world.

To resolve these pandemics, we need to bring up the question of population control. Like the elephant in the room, only one group has put a plan on the table, to eliminate 95% of humanity’s 7 billion inhabitants on Earth. They firmly believe they’re doing this for the general good, and are working very diligently to do that. If the virus doesn’t kill, I wonder what tool will they use next? I’m not angry, I’ll be leaving soon enough. Just asking, what’s our solution to all this killing? What is the best way to organize our society? Shall we give up and accept transhuman bots and controlled cyber intelligence at the expense of our heritage of DNA wisdom? There is no place for selfish answers anymore. We’re all in this together. And what a ride it is! Let’s make Earth a safe zone, a beautiful place to live. Do we have any alternative?

Our goal is to resolve our differences now, to build happiness and health over the long term, for everyone on Earth, plants and animals. To do that we must become healthy, strong and resilient to face the changes ahead. You can help. Your job is to deal with what’s in front of you in your life right now. That helps everyone. Whatever you’ve been avoiding, do it now, face it and resolve it forever. Above all, whatever you do best, please offer it now.

I will say it again:
Humanity is at a crossroads. The system is broken. To accept fear and “go with the flow” is no longer the best choice. The path of least resistance is now the enemy of Life itself. Instead of looking outside and fixing blame, we can change perspective to look inside. We can overcome our own karmic habit of spineless acceptance in the myriad delusions of the world. The iron law of cause and effect now requires that we find the strength to embrace each other with love and step into a new level of individual discernment, discipline and responsibility, to defend our DNA health and our destiny. The battlefield, my friends, is our bodies and our minds. Our challenge is to become the rulers of our own minds and be free.


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