The Skinny on Obesity – Video Series

By Jane Barthelemy.

The data is in. Sugar causes fat deposits and obesity. Sugar causes diabetes. It’s that simple.
Here’s an amazing new video series from the U of C showing clear scientific evidence that obesity, diabetes, and many diseases are caused by sugar and refined carbs in prepared foods and soft drinks.

Is sugar a toxin that’s fueling the global obesity epidemic? From UCTV by Dr. Robert Lustig, USCF endocrinologist and his colleagues.

In The Skinny on Obesity, Dr. Lustig and his colleagues tease out the science behind this alarming claim and the dire threat it poses to global public health.  Dr. Lustig’s 2009 video “Sugar: The Bitter Truth,” has gone viral on YouTube and and sparked a national dialogue about Obesity and Sugar.

Episode 1): An Epidemic for Every Body

Episode 2): Sickeningly Sweet

Episode 3): Hunger and Hormones – A Vicious Cycle

Episode 4): Sugar – A Sweet Addiction

Episode 5): Generation XL 

Episode 6): A Fast-Paced, Fast Food Life

Episode 7): Drugs, Cigarettes, Alcohol…and Sugar?

View Dr. Lustig’s 2009 video: The Bitter Truth
Here’s the science we’ve all been waiting for. In this detailed video he explains how all sugars destabilize metabolism, with over 2.7 million views.

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