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High-Fiber Old-Fashioned Dark Rye Blender Bread

A flourless blender bread - this one is my favorite! This has an authentic Eastern European flavor, amazingly easy and so delicious! It tastes like Old World dark rye with a hint of sweetness. This is a true comfort-food, delicious with butter or with my Dairy-Free Coconut Cream Cheese. No need for yeast or waiting. Just mix and bake. This bread has major health benefits including:
  1. It's High-fiber and Flourless, so it cleans your digestive tract, promoting healthy elimination, while preventing mucoid plaque and belly flab associated with flours. YAY!
  2. It is high in protein, Omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins, and low carb nutrition from sprouted rye, chia seeds, and eggs.
  3. Easy to make! Just blend, pour in pan, and bake. There's no kneading or waiting for yeast to rise. DOUBLE YAY!
  4. It's easier to digest because the grain is  pre-soaked. So it's free of saponins and indigestible coatings found in all seeds, grains, flours and commercial breads.
  5. The biggest advantage is, the FLAVOR of soaked or sprouted grains is out of this world! Commercial breads made with conventional flours just can't compare in taste.

High-Fiber Egg Drop Soup with Seaweed

Authentic Egg Drop Soup is hard to find, and so quick to make at home! In most restaurants, it will contain gluten, MSG, preservatives, GMO soy, and GMO cornstarch. How healthy is that? Here's a delicious traditional high-fiber recipe that you can make in minutes, with all natural (and Paleo) ingredients. Make it Vegan, or add meat, chicken, or shrimp. Traditional ingredients might include peas, chard, and seaweed. My favorite seaweeds are Hijiki and Wakame, as they add rich flavor ...