7 Reasons Paleo Desserts E-book is Better!

Try my Paleo Desserts e-book, or give it as a gift.
Imagine how you will delight someone giving them 125 Delicious Everyday Recipes Gluten and Grain-free! It’s a special gift for the person who loves to cook or has an alternative diet. It’s a perfect way to say “I care about you”. An e-book is the best choice for anyone with a reader such as the iPad or Kindle. It shows the same personal caring and love as a physical book or a boxed gift. But it is even more personal because it gives then this special book in the form they enjoy most. Preview the book at PaleoDesserts.com.  Order the e-book from Amazon.com.

7 Reasons Paleo Desserts e-book is the best choicet!

1. You can deliver a Paleo Desserts e-book to your recipient in 2 minutes flat. It’s quicker than going to the bookstore or ordering online. You can even specify a delivery date.

2. You get free packing and shipping on your e-book no matter where they live.

3. They’ll never ever misplace their cookbook because it’s inside their tablet.

4. An e-book saves space on their overstuffed bookshelf.

5. An e-reader with a screen protector is easy to clean. But those chocolate smudges on your favorite cookbook are permanent.

6. The Paleo Desserts e-book behaves in the kitchen. It stays flat so your hands are free for cooking. You don’t have to prop it open with one hand, risk a broken binding, or dog-eared pages.

7. The Paleo Desserts e-book is environmentally sustainable. There are no forests or trees used to print it, and no fuel or trucks needed for shipping.

Gifting a Paleo Desserts e-book is easy.

Kindle books also work on iPads, once you download the Kindle free app, from the App Store. You’ll need an Amazon account, and a credit card on file with Amazon even if you only download free books.

Anyone with an email address can give or receive e-books.  You can read e-books on either Kindle or iPad using one of Amazon’s free reading apps. If you have an iPad or Kindle Fire, they’ll even be in color. On the original Kindle they’ll be in black and white. E-books received as gifts can be exchanged for Amazon.com gift cards. You have the option to specify a delivery date. You can even have the gift email sent to you, so you can print and personally deliver it to the recipient.

The first step for anyone seeking to give an e-book is to find out what kind of device the recipient owns. This is extremely important because it is nearly impossible to get an e-book to display on a device if it isn’t specifically compatible with it. Once you know which platform the receiver uses, click on one of these instructions to learn how to gift an e-book:

Here’s a great article in the Chicago Tribune that explains how to gift an e-book.

Here’s a good explanation about how to download an e-Book to an iPad.

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