AVOID! Glyphosate in Whole Foods Deli Foods

It may be non-GMO, but they don’t tell us it’s infused with toxic herbicide Glyphosate. Whole Foods Markets recently changed to non-GMO canola oil. A very good move! But they don’t mention that the new non-GMO canola is sprayed with Monsanto’s toxic Glyphosate during harvesting. It’s equally toxic as the old oil! Whole foods knows better. Your healthy solution: Avoid Whole Foods Deli. Ask Whole Foods Markets to use organic oil in all their foods.

Whole Foods Market is working very hard with all of its national suppliers to encourage the use Non-GMO products. All canola oil used in the preparation of products made in its stores and kitchens is Non-GMO Project Verified. This is excellent. GMO seeds have toxic Glyphosate inside them before planting. The problem is that when you raise a non-GMO plant and harvest it by spraying with Monsanto’s herbicide Glyphosate, it is highly toxic to humans. Glyphosate-infused non-GMO canola oil is equally toxic as the GMO canola oil they eliminated.

Contact Whole Foods Markets, and ask them to use organic canola oil or organic olive oil in their deli foods.

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