Coconut Flour

Many people ask me why I don’t use coconut flour in my recipes. I try to use whole foods that are unrefined and Paleo. Unfortunately, the coconut flour we buy in the grocery stores has been refined and de-fatted with chemicals and heat to sell the oil. The resulting by-product is mashed and pulverized including the hull and husk, and dried into flour. Then it is packaged and sold for $8 to $13 per pound. I don’t see this as a Paleo whole food.

This mixture with hull and husk makes coconut flour darker in color, high-carb (71%), and very high fiber, but low in flavor and nutrition. In many Asian countries where coconut is a tradition, this mixture is fed to the pigs. I sometimes use it for flouring baking pans – it works great!

Instead of coconut flour, my Paleo Dessert recipes use pure white shredded coconut, ground in any food processor. Shredded coconut costs only $3 to $5 per pound. It is extremely low in carbs (27%), plus it makes the most delicious cakes and cookies! Learn how to grind pure shredded coconut into Sweet Coconut Powder, the basis for my Paleo cakes and cookies.