How Much Life Force is in Your Food?

Is your food glowing with life force? Or is it lifeless? When a food has just been picked, it’s ALIVE with life force and nutrients! Life force is vital energy or Qi. After harvesting, the life force gradually declines. At the very last stage of decline, microbes take over, it disintegrates, dies and gets recycled back into the earth. When food is processed at high heat, it loses life force, so high temperature baking, frying, and irradiation cause a loss in nutrients. When raw foods are dried or dehydrated, they can be stored for long periods without losing life force or nutrients. If you live mostly on organic fresh veggies, fruits, and seeds and nuts, you’re getting the best Nature has to offer. But if you’re eating packaged foods which are designed to last for months, the life force is much lower. For examples, crackers made of ground flours of a certain age, and baked at high temperatures, will have a low nutritional value, and negligible life force.

Which is best? Raw Food? or Lightly Cooked?
I’m not saying that we should eat a raw food diet – quite the contrary. We should eat food prepared in such a way to optimize its nutritional value, and maximize our nutrient uptake from it. Ancient Chinese medicine holds that while raw food is loaded with enzymes and living nutrients, it is more difficult to digest, and hence not fully absorbed. It is far better to cook vegetables lightly, such as steaming, so that the nutrients are most available to your digestion, and this will depend on your personal system. Fruit can be eaten raw. The raw food diet has positive benefits, and many of my clients have healed from grave diseases eating only raw food. However a major benefit of the raw diet is the elimination of processed foods, and this can really facilitate healing.

Living foods high in life force are alive with flavor, such as fresh berries, fruits and veggies.


Dead foods are processed, heated, designed to last for months, low in nutrition and life force.

When the ingredient list is clean, is it healthy to eat?
Not necessarily. Beware that many so-called “health foods”, even those labeled “organic” or GMO-free”, may be so ridiculously low in nutrition and life force, it’s a waste of your time and money. If they’ve been processed at high temperatures or extruded, the finest and most expensive organic nutrients may be lost. If they contain lots of sugars, then there’s much less benefit. A few examples of organic, nutritionally empty foods with no life force are Barbara’s Organic “Honest O’s”, “Mary’s Gone Crackers”, “Kashi Chocolate Chip Quinoa Bars”, and “Organic Corn Chips”.

Extruded foods, are those that have been processed and forced though a tiny hole at high heat to make crunchy chips, breakfast cereals, or pasta. Don’t be fooled. The nutritional value is nil. Some GMO-free and organic snacks are high in sugars, an invitation to metabolic imbalance. Many so-called “healthy foods” are hardly better than their “Monsanto family” counterparts (In fact, they’re likely produced in the same factories). We have to think for ourselves and purchase intelligently. We’re voting with our food dollars, and the companies are listening.

Did you ever wonder what ingredients are not disclosed?
It’s a good habit to read ingredient lists. However remember also that legal loopholes allow that not all ingredients need to be listed. Therefore in packaged foods the best approach is “buyer beware”.

Plant your own!
The very best is to plant your own garden to enjoy foods just picked, at their very peak in life force! Grocery produce is not fresh. Sadly, the fruits and veggies we buy in groceries are already 1 week to 6 weeks old. Their life force is declining.

Buy fresh foods from local farmers you trust.
Look for organic living foods in their original form as close to the Earth as possible, even though they may not be certified organic. Stay out of the middle grocery aisles and hang close to the produce section. There’s a LOT of life force there! Shop at farmers’ markets and ask for for foods without pesticides or herbicides.

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