Mint Chocolate Mousse

I’m not Irish, but I love Ireland and I especially love GREEN. Here’s an absolutely delicious, INSTANT and refreshing mint mousse that will make your taste buds AND your blood cells tingle. It’s so easy, just blend and enjoy in 5 minutes. I would NEVER use food coloring, so I had to come up with a HEALTHY way to create the perfect color of green. Well, why not chlorophyll, the original phyto-chemical that makes plants green? Cholophyll controls photosynthesis, AND it is a powerful body de-toxifier. You should probably be taking this in your breakfast smoothie, because it increases the oxygen available to the cells, which is the KEY to preventing or healing every disease under the sun. I have a dropper-full every morning. Find it in most healthy groceries next to the green powders.

But I digress… I layered unsweetened chocolate nibs into the green mousse, for a delicious mint chocolate chip taste. But make sure they’re unsweetened, as many nibs are laced with sugar these days. The mousse is marvelously easy and yummy. Blended with avocado, it makes a great snack or dessert. I suggest you enjoy it immediately, as the avocado will slowly turn from green to brownish after a few hours. It will still be yummy, but the color won’t be quite as green. Serves 4.

Mint Chocolate Mousse




  1. In any blender, combine the coconut milk, sweetener, peppermint extract, vanilla, and salt. Blend well until smooth creamy. Add ChlorOxygen drops until your desired color is reached. I used 24 drops.
  2. Add the barely warm coconut oil and avocado. Blend again until thick and creamy. Sweeten to taste if necessary, as your need for sweetness will depend on the avocado.
  3. Layer into dessert cups with unsweetened cacao nibs, and garnish with some on the top. Enjoy immediately or chill briefly to thicken even more. This is best enjoyed immediately, as the avocado will slowly turn from green to a brownish color.

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