Raw Yacon Syrup

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Raw Yacón Syrup comes from a South American root. It has a delicious natural flavor something like caramel or molasses. The sweetness comes from fructo-oligosaccharides, which have a sweet taste but are low in calories and carbs. Hooray!

Since there is little standardization in the industry, some types of Yacon are more processed, cooked at high temperatures, and therefore higher in carbs. So I suggest care in buying it, especially if you are sensitive to sugars. Always ask for raw Yacón, which is significantly lower in carbs and sugars. Yacón syrup is optional in my recipes and you should use it at your own discretion. While it is expensive, just one tablespoon adds a distinctive flavor, and a small jar lasts me several months.

I love raw Yacón syrup in Chocolate Chip Cookies, Pumpkin Bread and Fudge. If you try it I think you will enjoy the rich caramel taste.

You can find raw Yacon syrup at a good whole food market, food coops, Whole Life Superfoods,  Navitas Naturals or Amazon. Click below to order.

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