A Paleo Traveler’s Secret – Healthy Meals in a Hotel Room

Some people say they can’t eat healthy away from home. Every frequent traveler knows the challenge of eating well on the road. If you’re doing gluten-free, Paleo, GMO-free, or any healthy diet, you can solve that with a bit of planning. It’s all in the preparation. I recently took a trip and photographed my hotel kitchen set up. Here are my 6 steps to eating healthy in a hotel room: 

  1. Pack frozen meals 2 per day, in well sealed containers and resealable bags. (Make sure they are not liquidy or TSA will take them. No one said anything to me. You can bring a doctor’s letter. Use the key word “essential” if asked.) I checked one carry-on-size suitcase for frozen items, and a carry-on bag for my clothes.
  2. Pack organic fruits, veggies, and powders for a breakfast smoothie every day.
  3. Pack a small rice cooker, electric water heater, and personal blender with lid.
  4. You’ll also need a cutting board, tea cup, hot cup for soup, spoon, stirring spoon, glass drinking water container, dish sponge, small bottle of dish soap. A cutting knife goes in checked luggage, or borrow one.
  5. Pick up bottled water on your way to the hotel. Ask the hotel for a mini fridge.
  6. That’s it! You’ll enjoy 3 gourmet meals a day, and never have to settle for fake food. Here are the photos:


I always start my trips with a cowboy boot shine. This is essential for a positive attitude. They do a great job in Denver!


After you arrive at the airport, pick up a container of drinking water at any grocery store. Set it up by the sink.


Stock your mini fridge with ingredients for 4 breakfast smoothies. Lunch and dinner selections were Salmon Chowder, Vegetable Borscht, Curried Chicken, Green Goddess Soup, Mushroom Bone-Broth Soup, and Beef Stew, all frozen. Snacks were Carob Raspberry Brownies, No-Honey cake, and Sweet Potato Muffins. Don’t forget Fermented Veggies. It fit perfectly!


Set up your kitchen area, left to right: sundry items, hot soup cup, Mason jar for drinking water, cutting knife, stirring spoon, soup spoon, blender lid, Aroma mini rice cooker (Walmart), hot water heater, personal blender, tea cup, cutting board, fresh fruit, fermented veggies.


Set rice cooker on “warm” before you leave, so your meal can defrost slowly. When you’re ready to eat, set it on “cook” for 2 minutes, and your hot meal is ready. I even had a guest for dinner!


Lunch today is Salmon Chowder with Japanese sweet potatoes – Yummy!


A personal blender does a great job for breakfast. I can even put a lid on it and bring it with me!


Thanks for joining me on my trip. Here’s to your health on the road!


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