How to Eat Monsanto-Free in Restaurants

Eating out is a time to enjoy a meal with friends. A few leading edge restaurants serve GMO-free, local, organic, or Monsanto-free food. If they don’t, they might be interested to learn how. Remember that eating GMO-free is nice, but it doesn’t rule out toxic pesticides and herbicides on conventional crops. To protect yourself from all industrial food chemicals, you’ve got to ask for 100% Organic. If you’re in Los Angeles or NYC, just use the handy Clean Plates App on your smartphone to find an organic meal! Monsanto claims that Glyphosate targets enzymes found in plants, not in humans. But further research reveals that Glyphosate targets enzymes in bacteria, so our friendly gut microbiome is damaged – the root of the immune system. GMO foods target the brain and endocrine glands in the center of the brain, the pituitary, hypothalamus, and pineal. When these glands get cloudy or out of balance, your senses can’t integrate as clearly. Brain fog is a common result. Brain function and especially intuition, your 6th sense, are lower. GMO foods also damage the body biochemistry and microbiome, the root of brain function and the immune system.

Tips for Eating Out Monsanto-free
Most restaurants order ingredients from large national suppliers and are not aware of GMO’s or Glyphosate. Ask for what you need. Your pleasant questions and gently teaching them about new options is a first step. Here are some suggested strategies for eating out Monsanto-free.

  1. Smile a lot and be clear about what you need.
    Don’t be a difficult customer. Be a compassionate teacher for the server and for the kitchen. I patiently ask for “local organic sugar-free”. They may have to run back to ask the kitchen, however they ALWAYS find something I can eat.
  2. Know the restaurant before you go.
    Check the online menu for fresh ingredients, local, organic, grass-fed, pastured products and chefs that know the best sources. Does anything say organic, sugar-free, or GMO-free? 
  3. Give them a call before you go.
    Ask what organic dishes they offer. Ask if they use stainless steel pans and cookware. Avoid aluminum pans that are common in restaurants, and a major source of heavy metal exposure.
  4. Beware of desserts and sweets
    Almost all restaurants use standard big food service suppliers. To them “sugar” means GMO beet sugar. Uh Oh! GMO beet sugar hits your health with a “double whammy”. First you get a sugar spike, and then the GMO brain fog too!  Just smile and ask if they have any sugar-free or non-glycemic desserts. If not, ask for sweets made with non-GMO sugar. That will send them back to the kitchen in a flurry, and they’ll probably come back with a “NO”. I just say thanks and skip dessert. Hopefully everybody learns. 
  5. Be creative!
    For example, in a Mexican restaurant, order the Naked Burrito Bowl, and skip the rice and GMO chips. In American restaurants, order the grass-fed burger with no wheat bread. In Asian restaurants skip the rice, and ask for no MSG, no sugar. Let the server know specifically what you need, non-GMO, Monsanto-free, Organic. Don’t be afraid to make your requests. Ask if the fish is wild or farmed. Ask for salad dressing without GMO oil. Simple olive oil and lemon is a delicious and easy dressing
  6. Eat light. Appetizers can be a great meal.
    Sometimes appetizers are your best choice. Or you could combine an appetizer with a salad. Eat slowly and eat less. That way if there’s something that doesn’t agree with your digestion, you won’t suffer so much.
  7. Order wine by the glass
    If you love wine, make it special – order a glass instead of a bottle.
  8. Savor every bite
    You chose to eat out for the pleasure of it. So enjoy it! Eat slowly and love every mouthful. Even if you’re breaking your diet, enjoy every bite!

If a restaurant knows you value local, organic, sugar-free, Monsanto-free food, they’ll understand your future patronage depends on that quality. When your questions are clear and pleasant, everyone benefits.

Possible Sources for Local, Organic, Sugar-free in Santa Fe:
If you live in Santa Fe, here’s a list of restaurants that claim to be organic. In most cases that means they might have one or two organic dishes. In some cases the whole menu could be organic – but you’ll have to ask. Beware of GMO sugars, GMO-fed dairy, meats and eggs. Ask for organic vegetables. Look for non-GMO oils. Beware that most of these restaurants are unfamiliar with healthy non-glycemic sweeteners. You’re in charge now. Just ask for what you need.

  • Love Yourself Cafe (100% organic)
  • Modern General
  • La Montanita Coop
  • Izanami – at Ten Thousand Waves
  • Sweetwater Harvest Kitchen
  • Cafe Pasquale’s
  • Tune-up Cafe
  • Rasa Juice Bar / Ayurveda
  • Annapurna’s World Vegetarian Cafe
  • Vinaigrette
  • Joe’s Dining
  • Shohko
  • Jambo Cafe
  • Cafe Fina
  • Raaga



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