TOP-10 Tummy-Shrinking Tips

I used to dream of having a flat tummy. Now I have one, and yes, it makes me happy. The big step was to stop following the crowd. All those “healthy” cookies and crackers are for other people to enjoy, not me. Nope. It’s a tiny sacrifice. It hurts a little bit for just a moment, and then I’m fine. For me happiness is simple. Happiness is feeling an even metabolism, smooth digestion every day, and a flat tummy. I’m going to tell you how to do it right now. But sadly, this won’t be my most popular post – ha ha!

10 Steps that might surprise you:

1. Eat real food, mostly vegetables. This gives you delicious nutrition and natural fiber to clean the intestines.
2. Avoid ALL chemicals, GMO’s, pesticides, herbicides that cause bloating. Processed food with chemicals is the #1 culprit in weight-gain and bloating, as it gives you poor nutrition and destroys the friendly gut bacteria.
3. Skip ALL sugar, refined flours, bread, cookies, pasta, junk, crackers, chips, white rice, and sweets. These commercial over-processed foods are your deadly enemies. They may taste wonderful but they give you zero nourishment and destroy your metabolism. Finely ground flours cause slime and plaque to accumulate in the intestines, which makes a big belly.
4. Use coconut oil, which helps weight control. Extracted vegetable oils are mostly GMO and not your friends.
5. Eat some high-fiber food every day, such as soaked brown rice, soaked chia seeds. Eat this alone, as a fibrous layer that cleans and vitalizes the intestinal wall. See Fiber below.
6. Qigong Shaking 10-20 minutes a day for vital lymph system. See Qigong Shaking below.
7. Do body inversion against wall to remove lymph stagnation. See Inversion below.
8. Abdominal exercises to strengthen spine and core every other day.
9. Eat on time. Small dinner 3 hours before bed. NO carbs for dinner, or you’ll put on weight as you sleep.
10. Walk outside 30 – 60 minutes every day with deep breathing. This activates your meridians, which helps every function in your body. It vitalizes your organs and resets your biorhythms.
Eat some high-fiber food every day, such as soaked brown rice, soaked chia seeds. Eat this alone, as a fibrous layer that cleans and vitalizes the intestinal wall.
Brown rice is a very nutritious high-fiber food. 1/2 to 1 cup of cooked brown rice per day helps keep the intestines clean. Make sure you first soak it for 12-22 hours, to increase the protein content, reduce carbs, wake the seed up, and make it more digestible and quicker to prepare. Then cook it in water for 45 minutes.
Chia seeds can be used as a fibrous gut cleanser. I do this every day by soaking 1 1/2 tablespoons of chia seeds overnight. Then add hot water, stir well, and drink. Do this away from other foods so that the chia is alone in yoru intestinal tract and can gently clean away old debris.
Qigong Shaking:
This is an easy way to move the lymph. It also improves brain function.Qigong-shakingYour lymph system is made of water. The lymph is dependent on you to drink lots of clean water, and to move your body to clear toxins. Qigong shaking is my favorite easy movement, as it gently cleanses the lymphoid tissues, vitalizing the joints and body fluids. Sitting around makes your cleansing organs sluggish and ineffective. Here’s a link to a video of instructions.

To put your body upside down for a few minutes helps to move the lymph system and carry away old debris. Hold one of these positions for 5-10 minutes, if it is comfortable.

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  • comment-avatar
    Dahlia Cummings January 10, 2022 (7:19 am)

    These are such sensible and doable guidelines. I will let you know how it goes! Thank you Jane

    • comment-avatar
      Jane Barthelemy January 26, 2022 (12:21 am)

      Hi Dahlia, Well, yes! And thank you for your kind words. Health isn’t really all that complicated. We just have to follow Nature, instead of going against her. right? Thanks again. Best wishes for your continued health! Jane

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